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Low AMH and Low Progesterone

by Heather
(North Carolina)

Hello. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 19 months. I was on birth control for 15 years prior due to hormone imbalance. After stopping birth control, my progesterone levels were extremely low. I was then placed on Clomid for 8 months. After having no success with Clomid, my husband and I sought out advice/help from a fertility specialist. I just had my initial consult with them and they ran several lab tests. All of my tests came back normal except for the AMH. My AMH level is 1.4. I am 33 and my husband is 32. He has been tested and all reports came back good for him.

I just discovered your site and am feeling more encouraged about our situation. I guess my main question is do we still have hope to conceive naturally? Also, I saw your suggestions for increasing low ovarian reserve, but will that also help with my low progesterone levels? Or is there something else I need to do to raise those levels? Progesterone cream has been recommended, but I haven't been able to find a doctor willing to prescribe that to me.

Thank you so much for your site. My husband and I felt very discouraged by my AMH levels and the thought of our only option being IVF since that is not the route we want to take. Your site has given us renewed hope.


Hi Heather,

Clomid manipulates the endocrine system in such a way that the body perceives a low level of estrogen, which results in increased FSH release. Increased FSH level causes growth of more ovarian follicles, and subsequently rupture of follicles resulting in ovulation.
If you get pregnant, all is well as the pregnancy will rebalance your hormones by producing progesterone naturally. If you don't get pregnant, you will be left with side effects like estrogen and progesterone imbalance and high follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to luteinizing hormone (LH) imbalance leading to anovulation cycles.

It's natural for your ovarian reserves to drop as a side effect of Clomid. Your case is very common. Conventional medicine would routinely recommend IVF, but your chances of having a successful IVF cycle also diminishes unless you work to restore your ovarian function first.

Fertility drugs like Clomid (clomiphene) hyper stimulate the ovaries to release eggs, until your ovaries become completed depleted and need a rest. Severe side effects of taking Clomid even put women on early menopause where ovulation cycles are no longer present. Another important side effect of Clomid is poor fertile cervical mucus. Not having enough of this fertile mucus during ovulation hinders conception.

If you are under 45, you can be reversed low ovarian reserves and poor egg quality naturally with herbal medicine, vitamins, and fertility foods. Having acupuncture weekly can also help.

You are only
33 and your chances of success are really high provided that you follow a specific protocol for 4-6 months consistently. If at that point you do not conceive naturally you can either chose to wait a little longer and continue with the protocol or you can choose IVF. This will ensure that you will produce healthy eggs and that the IVF cycle will be successful right away.

The protocol consists on eating a healthy diet. Follow the guidelines of the Fertility Diet. If you feel stressed out, you should be aware of the negative effects of stress on your hormones as high levels of the stress hormone cortisol will further cause hormonal imbalance and decrease ovarian function. You should find ways to release your stress by doing fertility yoga and by listening to the mind-body natural fertility audio program.

The next step is to follow 1-2 months of fertility cleanse. This is very important especially in women who have been given Clomid for many months as the residual hormones will stay in the body and continue to cause problems. The sooner you cleanse your liver the faster you will regain hormonal balance. I would recommend doing the Fertility Cleanse Kit for women. This cleanse also helps clean the uterus in preparation for conception and healthy pregnancy.

Make sure not to try to conceive while doing this cleanse as the release of toxins from your body can affect the embryo.

After the cleanse, you can actively try to conceive while you follow the Improve Egg Health Kit protocol that includes: women multivitamin, L-arginine, antioxidants, maca, and royal jelly.

In order to support your body in making more progesterone, the Pregnancy Preparation Herbal Remedy is excellent in supporting progesterone production and counter acting the negative effects of fertility drugs like Clomid.

Follow this protocol for 3-4 months before retesting your AMH levels.

While trying to conceive, make sure to monitor your cycle by doing fertility charting.

If you feel like you are having problems detecting ovulation, I would recommend using Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

When you have low ovarian reserves, you need to know if the treatment is helping you ovulate each month and when. Couples with low fertility, find this monitor very useful as it tells them 5-7 days in advance when they are about to ovulate.

OvaCue works by measuring changes to electrolyte levels in your saliva that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. This method of predicting ovulation is over 98% accurate and is FDA approved.

Using the vaginal sensor will confirm ovulation as it detects the change from estrogen to progesterone dominance. This is the most important aspect of ttc with low progesterone levels a low ovarian reserves. Once you detect these changes taking place in your body you will know everything is fine.

I hope this helps you get started.

Fertility Blessings!

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