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Low AMH Results

by zoe
( liverpool, england,uk)

Hi, I am 34 years old and I have just received my results from my AMH test it says 2.6 my consultant suggested IVF treatment would you agree??




Hi Zoe,

I know how you must be feeling, you are probably asking yourself if IVF is your only option or if there is anything else so you should do before resorting to such an invasive type of fertility treatment. The question is not if I agree, but if you agree. It seems to me that by your asking this question you have some reservation about doing IVF without trying something less invasive first.

So, if you want my personal opinion I can tell you that I do not agree with trying IVF without having done something natural to prepare for it first. Also, women with low AMH test results may not respond well to IVF unless they work on building ovarian health naturally first.

This is because a low AMH test result is telling you that your ovarian reserves are low and the ovary is under-functioning. You are too young to be going through menopause, so your situation is most likely due to toxicity, lack of important nutrients and hormonal imbalance.

In natural medicine, a low AMH test result doesn't mean you will not be able to get pregnant, it simply means that your ovaries need support to achieve ovulation and conception.

Medical treatments utilize ovarian hyper-stimulation through fertility drugs in order to get as many eggs as possible to fertilize as many embryo as possible. There are many cases where after this procedure, women go through perimenopause earlier than expected. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects of IVF.

Natural health has the power to help reverse ovarian insufficiency and help you conceive naturally or help you produce healthy eggs and have a successful IVF.

This is where conventional and alternative medicine should come together.

So, what can you do? I would recommend following a natural approach
that is tailored to helping you make healthy eggs and have healthy ovulatory cycles first. This should take 3-4 months at least (6 months will produce best results). You are still young and your ovaries should have no problem on achieving balance. After this time you should re-test and re-evaluate your situation.

Most women are capable of conceiving naturally, while others chose the IVF route, but they will have higher chances of success.

Low Ovarian Response Natural Program

In order to reverse poor ovarian reserve naturally, these steps should be followed:

1. Follow the fertility diet and do a fertility cleanse. Clearing out any toxins that may be present in the body is so important when it comes to support the ovaries. A fertility detox helps the release of toxins through the liver to improve hormonal metabolism. It also helps to cleanse the uterus from toxins. In some cases, the uterus is not able to empty its entire contents every menstrual cycle, causing congestion, clots, heavy menses, inflammation, accumulation of toxic debris, and infertility.

2. The next step is to take multivitamins and powerful antioxidants to prevent egg damage. A blend of antioxidants helps to improve egg health as well as protect cell DNA to make genetically healthy eggs. Multivitamins and anti-oxidants also help prevent serious deficiencies that can affect pregnancy.

3. In order to support healthy egg production, the body needs super foods like Maca, Royal Jelly, and L-Arginine. These nutrients stimulate ovarian response, help increase egg quality and support hormonal production.

4. The final step is to increase blood flow to the ovaries through self-fertility massage. This natural fertility therapy helps women apply the fertility massage techniques for themselves. It helps stimulate relaxation, bring fresh oxygenated blood to the ovaries and uterus, clear blocked fallopian tubes and boost overall fertility.

In order to get the natural support you need with all these natural supplements and techniques, the Improve Egg Health has been designed to specifically improve low ovarian response.

Fertility Blessings!

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