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Low Egg Count At 38

by Rania

I am 38 years old married since 3 years diagnosed with early menopause as I have no eggs my ovaries size is normal but no period for 7 months hot flashes are not that much hard 3 times a day I really want to be a mom can I do anything would this help I used to smoke but I quitted.


Hi Rania,

Having low egg count at 38 may be resolved naturally but a few considerations must be made.

What is Ovarian Reserve?

Naturally women over 35 begin to have less supply of eggs. This gradual decline is normal and leads to a period of about 10 years that is called perimenopause. During this period the hormones fluctuate causing irregular periods, hot flashes, poor egg quality, spotting, etc.

During this time women expereince low fertility due to hormonal fluctuations and other factors like lack of important nutrients, toxicity, stress, and improper life style.

Around age 50 the eggs are completely depleted and menopause sets in.

Even if it is expected that the ovary will eventually age, it is possible that it happens too soon like in your case, this is called premature ovarian failure with low egg count and premature menopause.

The term "ovarian failure" refers to the inability to ovulate regularly every month decreasing the chances of conception.

This can be caused my many factors, but in my experience the main one is toxicity leading to hormonal imbalance and lack of fertility nutrients like maca, royal jelly, L-arginine, etc.

If you want to help improve your situation naturally, consider following these natural therapies to boost your fertility and egg quality:

1. Follow the fertility cleanse to eliminate toxins and support the liver in balancing the hormones. It is recommended to follow this cleanse for 2 months. Avoid trying to conceive while cleansing.

After the cleanse:

2. Do self-fertility massage to increase blood circulation to the ovaries and reproductive organs?

3. Take specific nutrients to improve the health of the ovarian tissue to promote healthy egg production. I would recommend the Improve Egg Health Kit.

4. Support hormonal balance with herbal remedies like Pregnancy Preparation Herbal Blend.

Fertility Blessings!

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