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Low Motility

by Ali
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I am 40 years old my first wife died on 2005 I have I child and alive in 2008 I have 2nd marriage but still no child. My wife test is all clear but my sperm test motility is low. So please suggest what the treatment is.


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Increase Low Motility Naturally
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Sperm motility can be addressed naturally with vitamins and nutrition.

According to fertility experts, free radical (unstable compounds derived from the breakdown of oxygen in the body) damage to sperm cells decreases sperm motility. Stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, and chronic exposure to environmental pollutants cause an increase in the production of free radicals. And, regrettably, the diets of many men lack sufficient amounts of the antioxidant nutrients that the body uses to battle free radicals. When the free radical load in the body exceeds the amount of available antioxidants, these unstable compounds cause devastating harm to cells. Unluckily, sperm cells seem especially vulnerable to free radical damage. Fortunately, an ever- expanding body of scientific research suggests that supplementation with key antioxidant nutrients can improve sperm motility.

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