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Low Ovarian Reserve And Blocked Fallopian Tubes

by Tiana McLaren
(Australia )

I am 30 years old and have been TTC for just on 12months.

I have a low AMH level of 3.7 (14-37). My Left tube was heavily blocked and my Right slightly.

I have had them unblocked surgically in December. Do you know if you ovulate with low ovarian reserve?

As I have a 38 day cycle and ovulate every month. Are the success rates high to fall pregnant after unblocking the tubes?



Hi Tiana,

Surgery to unblock fallopian tubes can be successful in some cases depending on the reason for the blockage.

The main reason for blocked fallopian tubes is infections that cause increase mucus and fluid buildup. Unblocking fallopian tubes with surgery, when it works, it will guarantee a pregnancy provided that the you are ovulating regularly and that your hormonal levels are in balance.

The problem of having surgery for blocked fallopian tubes is the most women with blocked tubes seem to get blocked tubes again within a few months of surgery.

This is because the real cause of blocked fallopian tubes has not been addressed.

In my opinion high levels of toxicity causing hormonal imbalance are the true cause. Toxicity also causes poor egg quality and irregular menses.

Natural health tries to go to the source of the problem and addresses health from a perspective that supports the natural healing process of the body. This type of natural method also provides a preventive approach producing long lasting health and fertility.

Natural medicine supports the entire reproductive system and addresses weakness that a woman may have acquired as form of toxicity during her life.

If a poor ovarian reserve is part of the picture, unblocking the fallopian tubes maybe successful but insufficient to produce a pregnancy if ovulation does not occur regularly.

It is possible to improve egg quality naturally but it takes a number of months.

At least 4.

This is the time the body needs to develop a healthy egg at ovulation starting form an antral follicle. When AMH levels are low, the number of antral follicles available decreases, that’s why it is so important to do something as soon as possible about this problem.

If you are interested in following a natural approach, consider cleansing first and then follow the Fallopian Wise Kit in conjunction
with Improve Egg Health Kit to help maintain your fallopian tubes healthy while improving ovarian health.

When the ovarian tissue receives the necessary nutrients, anti-oxidants and increased blood flow, it is stimulated to support follicle development and egg maturation during the monthly cycle.

With an AMH level of 3. 7 and a long ovulation cycle of 38 days you can still have ovulatory cycles, but they may not be frequent leading you to poor fertility.

The best natural course of action is to:

1. Follow the Fertility cleanse for two months to cleanse both the liver and the uterus.

2. Follow the Improve Egg Health Kit until you conceive to support the body in making healthy eggs.

3. Follow The Fallopian Wise Kit until to make sure the fallopian tubes stay clear.

Within a few months of following these natural protocols you will notice an improvement in your ovulation cycles as your cycles will be more regular allowing you to detect ovulation accurately in order to conceive.

When there is a problem with ovulation, the best way to get pregnant in my opinion is to use a fertility monitor like Ovacue.

This monitor measures the electrolyte levels in your saliva that correlated with estrogen surge leading up to the development of the dominant follicle 7 days before ovulation. Women with poor ovarian reserves tend to have small underdeveloped follicles that cannot mature a healthy egg.

To confirm ovulation, make sure to use the vaginal sensor that detects the shift to progesterone dominance by measuring the electrolytes levels in your cervical mucus. This is the only sure way to confirm ovulation. Long mentrual cycles may indicate delayed ovulation. If you don't ovulate when you think you do, you cannot easily plan inercourse to achieve pregnancy.

For most women this is worth the effort as they are capable to conceiving faster and never missed a chance of conception each month when they ovulate.

Consider that women who are fully fertile at 30 years of age have only 25-30% changes of conception, even if they do everything right.

If ovulation is not regular, this percentage can decrease dramatically. You can surely appreciate why knowing what's going on in your cycle is so important when trying to conceive.

I hope this information helps you get pregnant soon.

Fertility Blessings!

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