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Low Ovarian Reserve & Failed IVF -Is E gg Donor My Only Option?

Have been diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve, had severe endometriosis (I wasn't aware of), which resulted in part of my bowel being removed and most of my left fallopian tube, left ovary extremely small due to scarring.

Have had numerous cancelled and unsuccessful IVF treatments, have been told egg donor only option left.

I am now 38 and wondering if anything you offer can help as I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never conceive.

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What To Do After Failed IVF
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Having low ovarian reserve is not a sign of infertility it is a sign of reproductive imbalance related to these factors:

1. Lack of anti-oxidants in your diet

2. Lack of important nutrients in your food

3. Environmental pollution causing chemicals been present in your water, air and foods

4. High toxic overload

5. Hi levels of stress & inability to express your creative gifts

Having been told that egg donor is your only option re-enforces my personal view that conventional medicine is not at all interested in creating balance and wellness in patients, but simply provide solutions and treatments.

By achieving balance, you will be able to hopefully make your own healthy eggs!

This may take some time, at least 120 days possibly more. This is the natural biological cycle of your ovary.

If I were you I would relax and let go of all that has happened to you before and start over.

Focus on creating balance within your body.

Follow the fertility diet and especially prepare yourself a daily fertility smoothie.

Since you had endometriosis, the lining of your uterus may contain debris that need to come out.

For this I would recommend doing castor oil therapy and self fertility massage. There is a great DVD that explains exactly how to do this.

The next step would be to follow fertility detox to eliminate the side effects of the fertility drugs and to support you liver in hormonal balancing.

At 38 years of age, low ovarian response is reversible!

The keys factors to making good eggs are taking anti-oxidants to prevent DNA damage, increase blood flow to the ovaries and take fertility foods to build healthy eggs and stimulate ovulation.

I would strongly recommend the Improve Eggs Health Kit.

To read more about how this works, read my article of How To Treat Low Ovarian Reserve Naturally

Fertility Blessings!

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