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Low Sperm In Hubby

by Shubha
(India, Karnataka)

What is the cause for low sperm release and how to overcome it since my hubby is 39yrs old. We are planning to have a second kid and during the intercourse the penis is not hard and gets exhausted very soon. Please advice!


Hi Shubha,

As far as sperm production in men, your hubby is still young and his situation can be easily improved with fertility vitamins and herbal remedies that stimulate male sperm production.

The most likely cause for low semen volume is low levels of testosterone. Your doctor will be able to run some tests to find out the reason for poor sperm production and correlated that with your hobby’s hormonal profile.

The male body uses testosterone levels to determine how much semen to produce. Basically, the more testosterone your husband produces, the more semen he will release during ejaculation. This means that the best treatment for most men that are experiencing low semen volume, low sperm count and poor sperm quality is to increase their testosterone levels.

The first place to start is by following a healthy diet. Make sure both your and your husband follow the guidelines of the Fertility Diet as this will help you make healthy eggs and him produce healthy sperms.

It is important for your husband to drink lots of water
and avoid alcohol and coffee or stimulants.

He should also add L-carnitine and maca to his diet by supplementing with fertility vitamins,as these help the body improve sperm volume, motility and count.

Most men with poor sperm quality find that supplementing with FertilAid vitamins for Men for at least 3-4 months helps improve sperm production. This is the time the male body needs to mature new sperm cells, but they can be taken until conception is achieved.

The reason why many men have found improved fertility with fertility vitamins is because they contain all the necessary nutrients proven by scientific studies to improve sperm quality.

Results from a recent independent clinical study on FertilAid for Men indicate significant improvements in sperm health, with marked increases in the "total number of motile sperm".

Reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. J.E. Ellington, and pharmacologist, Dr. G.D. Clifton, conducted a randomized, double-blind FertilAid for Men study in 2006 over a three month period to determine the effects of FertilAid on men with "abnormal sperm parameters", as defined by the World Health Organization. This study was published in the American Society of Andrology's Annual Proceedings 2009, pg 41.

You can find the complete male fertility kit from FertilAid here.

I hope this answers your questions and helps you and your husband conceive a healthy baby soon.

Fertility Blessings!

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