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Maca and Vitex Together

by Debbie
(New Zealand)


I'm 46, have 10 children and really would love another child. I had baby no. 9 at 40 and no. 10 at 42. We have several miscarriages since then.

The first miscarriage was because I used vitex and progesterone cream at the same time. The second time I stopped taking the vitex as soon as I ovulated and started using the progesterone cream we went to 11 weeks and discovered our baby had died just a week before.(I was under considerably stress, since we were selling our house and I was exposed to many toxic chemicals especially mouldy underlay under the carpet, while we were laying new carpet).

The other pregnancies since then have not gone past 4 weeks 3 days, I kept taking the vitex and did not use the progesterone cream.

I love how vitex helps me ovulate, but it seems useless for past ovulation. I also love the general effect of Maca. My question is can I use vitex and maca together for the days before ovulation and then after ovulation use Maca and progesterone cream.


Hi Debbie,

Maca with Vitex do not counteract each other. Maca supports progesterone production without having hormonal effect on the body.

In fact, Maca is indicated also for male infertility problems as well. Maca is considered to be more of a fertility food than an herb and can be added to any diet. In fact, Maca is a food eaten in Peru.

In order to make sure your eggs are as healthy as possible, make sure to add CoQ10 as supplement, which works as a great antioxidant.

Also, if you have been exposed to toxicity in the past, I would consider learning more about doing a fertility cleanse. Learn more here.

All the best!

One More Question:

I have discovered Fertilaid, CM and OvaCue, since my first question. OvaCue has been most helpful, but
I have discovered that my progesterone levels are high and and the estrogen levels low for the whole cycle, with having no CuePeak.

I'm currently taking Fertilaid, CM and Maca 5000mg per day. Is this too much Maca, especially considering my last pregnancies were achieved with vitex for the first part of the cycle then switching to progesterone oil from ovulation.


Hi Debbie,

I am a bit puzzled by your question as it seems like in your previous pregnancies you were deficient of progesterone and now it is high. Is there a possibility that you might be pregnant now?

The other reason for high progesterone and low estrogen could be perimenopause. Depending on your age, I am not sure if this can be an issue.

Maca has been clinically used for treating perimenopause symptoms caused by low estrogen as well as progesterone imbalance. So, I do not think Maca is the problem. Maca is a food and have incredible nutritional properties. The people in Peru eat it to increase overall vitality, adapt to stress, and increase fertility and libido.

Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popivici is a biologist from the University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru. She has done extensive research on maca root and discovered that it promotes optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland stimulating overall hormonal balance.

It is important to note that maca does not contain any hormones, but its action in the body stimulates the pituitary to produce the precursors of hormones. These are then tranformed into the necessary hormones as the body needs them. The result is balancing of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenal and thyroid hormones.

My advice is to continue using Ovacue and the remedies for another month and see if you ovulate and when. It may take 2-3 months to learn how to use Ovacue.

For more info dowload the Ovacur Manual on their site.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Maca and Vitex Together

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Maca and Vitex for Coming off the Pill
by: Laura

I decided to come off the pill recently because of decreased libido and Migraines after being on the pill for 7 years. I do not want to get pregnant and recently started charting my cycles.

I went to a holistic medicine doctor and she recommended I take Maca and vitex to help balance my hormones when getting off the pill. When I came to her I was worried about quitting the pill because I got extreme acne and my body reacted very strongly to the change once before. So my main question is, do you think this is a good combination of herbs for coming off the pill?


ANSWER: Maca and Vitex After Coming Off The Pill

Hi Laura,

Yes, Maca and Vitex are excellent herbs that can help women who come off birth control regulate their hormones. Maca supports the hormonal system including the endocrine glands,thyroid gland and ovaries. Maca is excellent for women who are experiencing irregular cycles.

Vitex works well with Maca because it supports the pituitary gland produce LH hormone which supports the second half of the month. As a result Vitex helps women with high FSH and high prolactin levels.

If you are concerned about acne, there is an excellent homeopathic remedy that I would recommend for cases of hormonal acne especially after giving birth or coming off birth control. It is called MediAc. This remedy helps prevent and treat acne breakouts naturally.

Ultimately, acne depends on your level of toxicity and the best way to prevent acne is to do regular cleansing. The Detox drops herbal remedy is an excellent addition to the MediAc to help prevent and clear acne.

Many Blessings!

Maria Gioia

by: Debbie

Thank you Maria for your help. I'm now 47 years old and 38 weeks pregnant!


Hi Debbie,

What a great news! I am so happy for you!

It is so encouraging to all the women who are TTC after 40 to know that it can be done!

I wish you, your baby and your family lots of joy!

Thanks for sharing!


by: shells

I used vitex for less than 6mths and got pregnant . it really works for pcos.

ANSWER: Vitex for PCOS

Hi Shells,

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your success story. Vitex really works for a nuber of conditions like PCOS, low progesterone, short luteal paese, and high FSH. I am so happy for you!

All the best !


I have a question not comment
by: Dez

I was wondering if I can take vitex and maca together and will it help me ovulate and get pregnant. I'm also taking a prenatal to help as well is that okay. And how long will this whole process take to work.


Hi Dez,

Yes,Vitex will help having regular ovulation cycles each month. This herb is a slow acting herb and depending of your level of imbalance it may take a minimum of 3 months to provide beneficial effects. Some women need to take Vitex for 6 months to regulate ovulation.

Maca can be taken together with Vitex as these two herbs work well together and complement each other. Maca supports you adrenal glands, thyroid glands and your ovaries helping you support your cyces each month. Maca is an adaptogen and hormonal regulator herb and works within one of two cycles.

Taking prenatal vitamins is great, continue until you conceive because your body needs additional minerals and vitamins while trying to conceive (TTC).

How long this all process may take depends on how well your body will respond to the remedies. The weaker your reproductive system and the stronger your hormanal imblance, the longer the time necessary to reach balance.

In general women need at least 4 to 6 months of preconception time beforebeen able to TTC.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

Fertility: Taking tons of pills!!!!
by: FallonA24

I am currently taking all of these medicines:
Prenatal vitamin daily
Thyroid 30 mg daily
Tenuate 75 mg daily-appetite suppressant
Probiotic daily
Metformin 850 mg twice daily-insulin resistance
Calcium 500mg daily
Magnesium 250mg daily
Maca 500mg three times daily-hormone balance/fertilit
Coenzyme q-10 100mg three times daily
Cinnamon 500mg twice daily
L-Arginine 500mg three times daily
Vitex 400mg 2 tabs twice daily
Omega-3 fish oil three times daily
chromium polynicotinate 200mcg daily
Vitamin-b complex sublingual solution.

I am DESPERATE to get pregnant. (Obviously) are all of these safe and effective and can they all be taken together? I have tried femara in the past with no luck. I have also lost 40lbs in the past 2 months. I have 40 more lbs to lose and I won't stop till I've lost it but I want to be trying to get pregnant at the same time.....any thoughts?


Hi FallonA24,

Everything looks fine!
If you have weight to lose, wait before trying to conceive (TTC). Use this time to chart your cycle by taking your basal body temperature (BBT) each day. You should be able to predict your most fertile days by using this method. When you are ready to conceive, I would recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor to maximize your efforts.

Fertility Blessings!

Using Maca with Vitex
by: pretty

Hi, my aunt is 40 years old woman with mild irregular cycle and severe hair loss for five months. Can she use maca magic capsule with mega food women over 40 one daily (it contain some hormonal balancing herbs, eg vitex and others

If yes then how to take them safely throughout month?

Please reply in detail.


Hi Pretty,

Yes Maca would be very beneficial to your aunt. She can take highly concentrated Maca of 750 mg 1-2 times a day. The average recommended dosage is between 3000 mg to 4500 mg of Maca Root daily.

Vitex and other herbs will be able to support her irregular menses, but if this problem has been going on for 5 months she needs to consult with a doctor to make sure her thyroid is working fine and to exclude other imbalances.

Many Blessings!

Taking alot, what else am I missing or is it too much?
by: True Believer46

Good Day I'd really appreciate much insight and assitance! :)

I am 35 y/o (brief history: PCOS &fibroids dx for years, yet very regular menses little pain/pms...thanks to DIM! I do have an autoimmune disorder. O-negative blood type so BP is normally very low like 103/77. I'm about 8-10 lbs over standard ideal weight. Eat very healthy: gluten free,low carbs, tons of veggies. Oddly had TIA in 2010.)
We are TTC baby number 3. after a miscarriage at 6 weeks with our last pregnancy in Dec 2012. Our first two "babies" are now 15 and 9 y/o. We are currently in the 2ww.

consistently,I currently take:
400-800 mg of magnesium
whole food organic prenatal
a whole food based "exotic greens"
kelp for iodine
50mg of B6
fish oil
apple cider vinegar caps
flaxseed oil
use/need b-12 in afternooon
(found out my vitmain E is not good for my specific blood type so just recevntly stopped.)

prn=holy basil
anything else I treat with homeopathics.

SN: since ttc, I've completely stopped the d-ribose, astragulus, milk thistle and burdock root, which used to help me very much with my autoimmune disorder. (bitter sweet)

Now since TTC, Preovulation: I've taken Maca, Vitex and DIM (historically my absolute favorite an most effective for healing cysyts and fibroid issues!), EPO, ashwaganda.... then I cease all of those immediately at ovulation...
Is this necessary or wise, especially with regards to vitex/maca??

and with reviewing all opf my provided factors, is there ANYTHING else that you could suggest I start/stop? or something else to consider?

I'm really very careful and research alot and attend trainings, etc... I just really looking for other expertise, as this means so very much to me and my entire family :)

Merci, gracias, Thank You in advanced!



You can take Maca, Vitex, ashwaganda, and DIM after ovulation. You should stop only when you have a positive pregnancy test.

The only remedy that it would recommend stopping is evening primrose oil because it is known to cause uterine contraction and increase risk of miscarriage in women who have an history.

Overall, you are doing many things correctly to support your ability to conceive.

Many blessings!

maca root an vitex an dim an prenatal vit
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm 41 years old and my husband is 10 years younger than me. I am desperate to give him a baby, I just had a miscarriage, will maca root and vitex, prenatal vit, dim help me to have a healthy pregnancy an to aviod miscarriages and can I take maca root while I am pregnant.

PS: I also take dim for three 5cm fibriods.


Vitex, Maca, prenatal vitamins and DIM will help you achieve pregnancy. Maca root is non toxic and can be safely taken during pregnancy, but double check with your doctor before taking any herbal remedy once you are pregnant. Maca contains many phytonutrients that support the endocrine system. Women in Peru eat Maca as part of their diet with no reported side effects. Most manufacturers and doctors warn about Maca during pregnancy because there are no many studies done on Maca and pregnancy. Maca is primarily a food and does not contain any hormones.

Many Blessings!

Trying to Conceive - Maca and Vitex
by: Anonymous


I've read these posts and they are really interesting... My question is, if I am trying to conceive after a missed miscarriage and subsequent hormonal imbalance, how do I take them and in what dose?

I have Vitex Capsules and Maca Tablets @1500mg. I am unsure whether I am only meant to take Vitex on certain days, or the whole of my cycle? I think it's ok to take Maca all the way through?

Many thanks.


Vitex can be taken each day, except during your periods. Maca can be taken every day.

If you have 1500 mg, they can be taken once a day.

Many Blessings!

how may tablets to take each day?
by: princess

I've been taking maca, vitex and royal jelly capsules for a month now just taking 1 a day all together but id love to know should i read the stated dose to take on each jar or is 1 of each enough to take? I suffer pcos so dont know if taking more would help? just hoping ill be pregnant in nest year ;D


Hi Princess,

It is best to take the recommended dosage for fertility in order to obtain the desired results, especially if you suffer from PCOS because your ovaries will need extra support.
Not all royal jelly products are made the same, get only high quality ones.

These dosages are often the standard recommendations to boost fertility:

Maca: 500 mg twice a day

Vitex: 300 mg three times a day

Royal Jelly: 1000 mg twice a day

I hope this helps you.

Fertility blessings!

Irregular period due to high lh level
by: Anonymous

My problem is that i'm having a high lh level,leading to a cycle of 27 and sometime 32 days, so my question is should I take vitex and maca together,and will it work for me?
I was once pregnant (15week) but happen to be an induce abortion. Since then i'm experiencing this problems.
suggestion pls desperetely in need of having a baby.


If you are not taking any other allopathic drug to lower high LH levels, Vitex and Maca can be worth trying for a period of 6 months minimum. Vitex should be taken daily 1,000 mg to make a difference. Vitex can be taken for long periods of time 6-12 months or longer.

Make sure to monitor your cycle to know if you ovulate.

Many Blessing!

by: candy

I am taking maca capsules and I am trying to get pregnant I am taking one in the morning and two at night can someone help me I what a baby.


Hi Candy,

Maca supports the entire endocrine system, le adrenal glands, the ovaries and the thyroid gland. Maca should be able to help you within 2-3 months after taking. 1500mg a day is the standard dosage. Make sure to monitor your cycle by doing fertility charting to see that you ovulate each month. If you have irregular periods or hormonal issues and do not notice improvement within 3 months, you may need additional herbal support.

Many Blessings!

First time Herb Taker :) for Fertility
by: Nsinker

Hello!! I have just gone through a missed miscarriage, it was my first ever pregnancy and my husband and I have been trying for 26 months. I have done 6 rounds of clomid to no avail and my first round of Femara resulted in pregnancy but not a "sticky" one :( I have JUST bought Vitex, and Red Raspberry leaf along with B6 and my prenatal vitamins. I am on Cycle day 6 is it too late to start the medication for hopes of a BFP this cycle?

Thank you so much!!


Hi Nsinker,

If for medication you mean Clomid or other fertility drugs, you need to know that Vitex should not be taken with Clomid or other hormonal drugs. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any herbal products before taking any medication to help you conceive.

My advice is to try and see what Vitex can do for you. Also you have been taking many allopathic drugs and your body may need a bit of a break.

I encourage you to learn about the side effects of Clomid and Femara. A natural approach may be what your body needs! Some women, who have been taking too many drugs to help them conceive and end up having a miscarriage, often chose to have a fertility cleanse to help their body eliminate the excess synthetic hormones.

Many Blessings!

maca/vitex for ovarian cysts
by: Lauren


I was wondering if you have any recommendations for ovarian cysts. About ten years ago I had laproscopy twice to remove large cysts from my ovaries. I was previously taking birth control for about nine years to control my cysts but had terrible side effects including mood swings and migraines.

I have taken maca and vitex to help regulate my hormones to get off birth control but no longer are taking these herbs. I recently have felt some pain that may be related to cysts but I do not want to go back on birth control.

Should I resume taking maca and vitex to prevent ovarian cysts? Do you have any other recommendations for preventing ovarian cysts?

Thank you!


Maca and Vitex can be taken for long periods of time. They help you support your hormonal balance.
Ovarian cysts can be treated naturally and a natural approach is always the most safe and effective.

The best natural protocol I know for ovarian health is the following:

1. Follow the fertility cleanse to eliminate toxins that often stimulate grwth and create imbalance.

2. Do self fertility massage with castor oil packs to increase blood flow to the ovaries.

3. Take DIM to help reduce excess estrogen responsible for stimulating ovarian tissue.

4. Royal Jelly, Maca, and CoQ10 to help you make helathy eggs.

5. Do Fertility Yoga daily to relax and increase circulation to the ovaries.

6. Use guided meditation to help you relax and eliminate stress.

7. Use of natural progesterone cream to shrink the cyst.

8. Vitex agnus castus to support progesterone production.

Progesterone cream can be very effective in helping shrink and eliminate functional ovarian cysts. This type of natural method is used to supress ovulation for a period of 1-3 months and allow the natural reabsorption of the cyst.

Before taking progesterone cream it is a good idea to do a saliva test to know if you are deficient. You can learn more about saliva testing here.

I would not recommend taking natural progesterone cream longer than 3 months and in conjunction with Vitex.

Let's put it this way, natural progesterone helps you short term to shrink the cyst, but then you need to continue with herbal remedies like Vitex that can be taken for many months up to 18 month without a break for prevention.

If you are looking into a natural protocol for ovarian health, I would recommend the OvarianWise Kit.

Many Blessings!

Starting a new path for healing
by: Vanessa

I recently came upon the effects of maca and vitex. I am overweight which i am starting a new way of nourishing my body. Removing plastics, toxins, conventional vegs & fruits & everything else i read and introducing castor oil packs.
My dilemma is that I am confused about which herbs and vitamins to take to start the healing of pcos. I suffer from hirsuitsm and saw palmetto didn't cut it for me. I know it will take a few months of taking herbs and supplements to start seeing results. I want to know what can be taken together and how many milligrams for an overweight girl. I am 27 and hope to have these symptoms decreased and also be able to conceive one day. I believe that everything we need to get our bodies back to normal God has placed on this earth. I spent $$ on a program called insulite and actually delayed periods, i never got one on the program. I rather buy everything separate and know exactly what is going in my body. Any referable sites to get the best quality of products? Thank you for any information you can give me!


Hi Vanessa,

PCOS is a condition that can be managed naturally and that should always be managed on a continuous bases until balance is reached. This is not the same of everyone. Herbs can really help, but not two women are alike. So, working with a practitioner can be useful, but consider that you will be needing time to learn how your body responds.

Diet and exercise are very important. Mind-body connection is very important. There are many approaches.

If you feel stressed out, I really recommend the PCOS for Fertility Program.

In terms of remedies and supplements for PCOS I do like the HormoneWise Kit because it has all a woman needs to get started. The Harmonize Phase 1 & 2 Program is part of this kit and it a herbal formulation that contains different herbs for the two phases of the female cycle. It has been designed to help women with PCOS balance their hormones. It does contain Saw Palmetto, but often when herbs are taken together in a formula they help better than if taken alone. This formula also contains White peony to help lower high testosterone, which is the cause of hirsutism. It also contains Gymnema, which really helps maintain blood sugar balance and supports those women who have PCOS associated with insulin resistance conditions and weight gain. Other herbs present in this formula are Vitex, Maca, licorice, Don Quai and others.

You can learn more about this formulation here.

Many Blessings!

Maca and Ovulation tests
by: Anonymous

I recently started taking Maca supplements. I also use Clearblue easy ovulation monitor. Will Maca supplements affect the results of the ovulation monitor?


Taking Maca, will not affect the results of you Ovulation monitor because Maca has no hormones. It helps nourish your endocrine system thus helping you ovulate, release stress, etc.

Many Blessings!

Maca and Vitex after hysterectomy
by: Anonymous

I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago. My estrogen levels are low which have caused me to gain weight and get severe migraines. Is it ok for me to take both together and will it aid in increasing my estrogen levels to assist me with weight loss?


Since you had an hysterectomy, I recommend working more closely with an herbal medicine practitioner. There are many other herbs that can be more indicated to help balance estrogen levels.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

Can I take vitex while my cycle on and can I take vitex maca and a prenatal together?


Yes, it is all right to take Vitex, Maca and Prenatal Vitamins during the pre-conception time. Once you get pregnant, just continue with your Prenatal vitamins.

Some practitioner do say that it is Ok to take Vitex during the entire cycle. Some say that it is best not to take anything during the periods. The idea is that the periods are a cleansing time for the female reproductive organs and that it is best to let nature do its job.

I say that if you can suspend Vitex for the first 3 days of your cycle, it will be OK.

Many Blessings!

Just wondering
by: Anonymous

Brief history. .. 31yrs old, hypothyroid, over weight and pcos.. I lost over 100lbs about to yrs ago became pregnant had a miscarriage gained 80lbs back since then now my periods are back to being irregular so I take progesterone 200mg, vitex 500, fertility aid, and levothyroxine 100mg daily. . I want a healthy baby so bad I'm I on the right path to success please help me and tell me what I should do.. besides lose weight I know that much..


Hi There,

You are on the right path, you are doing everything all right. The only thing that I would add is to relax. Stress affects you weight gain, your hormones and your ability to conceive. Consider doing fertility yoga. Yoga helps you relax, supports your metabolism and your weight los. Yoga also helps massage the internal organs, including your reproductive organs.

You can do yoga at a local studio near you or you can use the fertility yoga DVD. This article can help you learn more about The Fertility Yoga DVD I recommend here on my site.

I am wondering if stress is a factor in your case. If you feel that it is this CD can really help you. It has been designed specifically for women who are TTC with PCOS. I know that many really love it and have been able to conceive naturally this way. You can learn more here.

Fertility Blessings!

TTC - Maca & Vitex
by: Celeste

I'd really appreciate assitance :)

I am 39 (brief history: PCOS & irregulare periods need tigger shot to ovulate) O-Positive blood type so BP is normally low. We've had 1 miscarriage at 9wks and been TTC for 5+yrs. last pregnancy in July 2012.
I just started taking the below about 1 day ago.

525 mg of maca root 2x a day (am & pm)
500 mg of chasteverry vitex 2x a day (am & pm)

Can you tell me if Im taking the currect dosage and if I need to add anything to this?


Hi Celeste,

The dosage for Maca and Vitex is correct. The OvaWise Kit can be an excellent addition to support your body in making healthy eggs in preparation for pregnancy. This kit contains anti-oxidants, CoQ10, L-Arginine, etc. to prevent free-radical damage and maintain DNA integrity.

You can learn more here.

Fertility Blessings!

TTC @ 40
by: Gina

I am the proud mommy of a 16, 12, and 9 year old. I have remarried and we would like to have a child together. We have not been careful for the past 2 years with no happy accidents. We are both essentially very healthy, we do not smoke, we only drink alcohol on occasion. I have recently become privy to the advantages of taking Maca powder. I have been taking Chaste Berry for the last year with no success. I have immediately noticed a difference in my hormones since I began taking Maca Powder 3.5 weeks ago. I am beginning to lose hope, I am open to any suggestions one might have.



Hi Gina,

Do not give up hope. Many women are having kids in their forties for the first time.
My advise is to consider doing a fertility detox to prepare and then work on supporting your body in making healthy eggs.

I would recommend learning more about the OvaWise Kit in conjunction with Self-fertility massage.

Your body when over 40 may have accumulated toxins that can affect ovulation and the quality of the eggs. Antioxidants are real important in this because they support egg production as well as protect cell DNA.

Many Blessings!

Cyst Acne
by: Anonymous


Im taking prenatal vitamins and Maca and I am getting cyst acne? How can I get rid of my ugly Cyst acne?

we are trying to conceive and my husband semen analysis came up very low.. Can he take maca ?
what about FertilAid?


If cystic acne is often associated with hormonal imbalance due to toxicity.

Maca can be taken by both men and women to help support fertility because it does not contain any hormones in it. Make sure the quality of your Maca is really good and that the supplements you are taking do not contain other ingredients you may be sensitive to.

FertilAid with FertileDetox can be a good combination for both you and your husband.

Fertility Blessings!

Need help
by: Tonya

I'm 44 years old an have been trying to get pregnant for 4years now, I had fibroids removed, think they mite have come back, still been trying to get pregnant, no luck! Plus I had a tubal reversal in 2010 ! I already have to adult children never had a problem in the past with getting pregnant, I had my tubes tied for 10 years before I had it reversed. I don't know where to start!


Hi Tonya,

There are many aspects of fertility that you can improve on your own:

1. Follow the Fertility Diet and add supplements that support your eggs, like the Ovawise kit.

2. Follow a Fertility Cleanse program.

3. Do Self-fertility Massage with Castor Oil Therapy to support you fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries.

4. If you can, add Fertility Yoga to your exercise routine. Yoga helps release stress and increases circulation to the reproductive organs.

5. Relax. The Cycle and Bloom Mind-Body Program is an excellent way to do that!

The most important thing you should do is to chart your cycle and see if your are ovulating. At 44 this is very important. I would recommend using Ovacue. This fertility monitor is very accurate and will tell you in advance when you are about to ovulate in order to nor miss your chance of conception.

Many Blessings!

Maca, Vitex and Raspberry Leaf Tea
by: Gabriela

Hi, I'm 28 years old, and i've been trying to get pregnant for 6 yrs. recently my Dr. told me that my progesterone level is low, and i've drinking the raspberry leaf tea, now im starting maca, and i read that Vitex is a great help, my question is, Can I keep taking Maca, Vitex and Raspberry Leaf Tea??

Thank you!


Hi Gabriela,

Yes you can take then all together. There are not known interaction and actually these herbs are known to work well together. Vitex supports your pituitary gland to secrete LH, which supports the formation of the corpus luteum, which is a temporary organ that produces progesterone during the second half of the menstrual cycle. During a study done on 45 women, Vitex was found to help normalize or improve the levels of progesterone in 86% of the women in the study.

You can chose to take it as an herb capsule or as in a herbal tincture, which ever is more easy fro you.

Fertility Blessings!

Wanna have a baby
by: Lady T-44

I have been trying to get pregnant since 2010, no luck yet! I have a small issue with fibroids an I had a tubial reversal in 2010. I had a HSG test to make sure my tubes was open every thing is clear I did do a fertility cleanse early this year, still no luck I'm thinking about getting a d&c to clean out any excess tissues. But I jus recently started taking royal jelly,maca root, probiotics, blood builders for my anemia, natural fertility prenatal pill, vitex, dim, coq10, natural fertility antioxidants, fermented cod liver oil. I'm thinking about adding on progesterone cream. So tell me what u think or suggest. Thank you. I'm 44years old.


To answer your question, you need to know:
Do you ovulate? And how long is your luteal phase?

Progesterone cream helps those women who have very low levels of progesterone and have a short luteal phase (shorter than 10). The luteal phase should be around 14 days and it is the number of days after ovulation.

If you are TTC, make sure to apply progesterone cream after ovulation.

Another use of progesterone cream is to apply it for 3 months from day 12 (2 days before ovulation) until day 28. This will keep the ovaries at rest. This is done in the hope that the ovaries will then begin making healthy eggs and kick start ovulation once again.

When to start applying natural progesterone cream depends on the length of your cycle.

For example:

If your cycle is 21 days long, you ovulate on day 7.

If your cycle is 28 days long, you ovulate on day 14.

If your cycle is 36 days long, you ovulate on day 21.

(provided that the luteal phase is normal 14 days long).

The best type of progesterone cream to use is the one that contains bio-identical progesterone hormone and that is free from parabens or other toxic ingredients often present in creams.

The fertility cleanse really helps cleanse the uterus, especially if you add Self-fertility massage and Castor oil therapy.

Many Blessings!

Maca and fertility
by: Alex

I ma 46 years old and have one child. i would like to have one more but I have not get my period for las 6 months (it is very irregular for a two years now) and I started to take Maca tablets (Femmenesence). Is there any hope to get my period back and to start ovulate using Maca? I am for 3 weeks now on Maca - do not have problems, I feel a lot of energy, but do not know how I will see if there is any difference coming - for example that Maca works on my cycle? Is it ok to take Maca with clomid (I am not taking clomid right now)?
Thanks for any help,


Hi Alex,

Maca alone may not be enough if you are 46 and are trying to bring your periods back. Due to your age, I would recommend seeing a naturopath and acupuncture near you to help develop a more comprehensive protocol for your situation.

Many Blessings!

Need help to get pregnent
by: Linda

Hi, I been married for 10 years now and no luck with having any babies. I was diagnosed with pcos and my period are never regular. I'm a little overweight but been on a diet for 2 months now and already lost 20 pounds. I need to lose 30 more but anyways. What would u recommend for me? Thanks so much!


Hi Linda,

Congratulation on your weight loss so far! If you are doing a program to help you lose weight, continue doing what you are doing as it is working for you.

What I would recommend is looking in supporting your hormones and metabolism with herbal remedies.

The HormoneWise Kit is an excellent way to support the body while TTC with PCOS. The herbal remedies in this program support hormonal balance, while supporting the metabolism of sugars helping decrease cravings.

Many Blessings!

I need. your advice
by: favour

I did abortion 2 years ago and decided to be on postinor 2 contraceptive to prevent pregnancy,
Now me and my fiance have decided for a baby and is not coming forth, what can reduce the induce contraceptive or please what will I take to get pregnant or should I order for vitex? Or fertility blend.


The best way to begin is by following a fertility cleanse to help the body eliminate the harmful effects not only of contraception, but also other drugs you may have been taken during your life. If you have never had a herbal cleanse before this will be a very beneficial step. This will take about one month. After this make sure to chart your cycle.

If your cycle is regular, you may not necessarily need Vitex, but vitamins rich in anti-oxidants to support egg quality will help. OvaWise Kit helps improve egg quality when taken for 3 months or more.

Many Blessings!

Vitex & Ovacue
by: Amber K

So I'm 30 y/o and was diagnosed with PCOS & hypothyroidism in my early 20's. I haven't taken birth control for a very long time.

I'm an RN, but had looked into the natural remedies because I knew that the fertility treatments have a lot of awful side effects & wanted to see if the herbals had any benefits. My GYN had told me when I was diagnosed with PCOS that my hormone levels were close to three times the normal levels & I was not ovulating at that time.

A few years ago I decided to try to get pregnant. I decided to take Vitex & Saw Pametto based on what me GYN had told me & research online. I took the herbs for 5 months with no luck. Then I broke down & bought the Ovacue for the 6th month. I got pregnant on the 6th month. Everything I had read online said that stopping vitex abruptly can actually cause a miscarriage, so I slowly weaned off the vitex by the end of my first trimester & I quickly weaned off of the Saw Pametto. I had no complications with my first pregnancy.

I also want to say that I've many intravaginal ultrasounds over the years & every time they say each ovary has between 12-20 eggs maturing at a time.

I started trying to have baby #2 this month. So far, the Ovacue has confirmed ovulation 2 times & is predicting a third ovulation in the next day or so.

So I have a couple questions:
1) Is the Ovacue reading the signs wrong because of the herbs, or is it right because my body is trying to go back to normal functioning & thereby my body is releasing a ton of eggs?

2) If I do get pregnant, should I wean off the herbs like I did in the first pregnancy, or was that unsafe & I just got lucky previously?



Hi Amber K,

Congratulation on your first pregnancy! I am happy to know you did you work and own research and took your fertility in your hands and made the changes that you needed to achieve you goal.

This can be a great inspiration to many women who are TTC with PCOS.

Going back to your questions:

1) Ovacue, may take up to 3 months to adjust to your fertility signs. The herbs should not affect its readings. Sometimes it may need to be calibrated. I would recommend to contact the manufacture and I am sure that they will be able to help you.

2) It is perfectly fine to wean off Vitex slowly. Some herbalists consider Vitex safe during the first trimester, even though it should be limited. In Europe some herbalists do use it to prevent miscarriage. In North America this is not considered to be safe as there are no significant studies done on Vitex during early pregnancy. I would recommend to slowing go off Vitex once you know you are pregnant.
Saw palmetto berry should not be used during pregnancy.
When in doubt, make sure to consult with a Naturopath or Master Herbalist near you.

Many Blessings!

Maca, Royal Jelly, Pill
by: JQ

I am 43 and trying to concieve for the past 2 years. My medical history includes fibroids, endometriosis and blocked tube. Currently my doc has put me on the combined pill to regulate my periods as they had become irregular. This is the first month of the pill and i have to take it for three months. I have also started taking the following:
Royal jelly
Herbal tea..raspberry leaf, nettle, peppermint, rosehip and green tea...all togather.
Green juice including barley, spinach and kale
Is it safe to take all of this with the pill.

Thank you


When taking a prescription medication always double check with your prescribing physician before taking any natural remedies as he or she knows your medical history, blood work results, etc better than anybody else.

The type of remedies you should avoid when on the pill are those who have an hormonal effect on the body that will interfere with the pill.

Also, some women when on the pill have a higher mineral and vitamin requirements like B vitamins, especially B-6, folic acid, and riboflavin, vitamin A and C, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, etc.

A naturopathic doctor will be able to help you.


Abbreviation Q
by: Anonymous

Please tell me what DIM stands for.


DIM stands for diindolylmethane. It is a compound that comes from plant sources like cruciferous vegetables. The following are rich in DIM:
Kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

DIM is recommended for those who are sensitive to excess bad estrogen in the body interacting with estrogen metabolism. This product helps the body maintain normal levels of estrogen and eliminate excess bad estrogen coming from chemicals.

Maca and vitex
by: Michelle

Hi! I have been doing tons of research on maca and vitex and just started taking them 2 days ago. So I'm now taking maca 2x a day, vitex 2x a day, a daily prenatal and a fish oil. I am also drinking red raspberry tea leaf 2x a day. So my concern is am I taking too much or is there something I can add to my daily herbal supplement? We have been trying to conceive for 2 years and will try anything.


If you are not sure of the dosage, you can find more info here on Vitex and here on Maca.

The best way to know if you need these remedies is to chart your cycle and see if you are ovulating.

Vitex helps regulate the menstrual cycle if irregular.

Maca supports the entire endocrine system including adrenal glands, ovaries and thyroid. This remedy is more a supporting herb than a treatment herb per se.

Other things you can look into to help boost your fertility is doing self-fertility massage.

This is a great way to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. It also helps boost fertility through reflexology and castor oil packs.

You can find out more here

Fertility Blessings!

PMS got me batty
by: Anonymous

I am 27 and have had hot flashes for the past 3 years. I had a medical abortion one year ago, now I cramp almost all month since then (no other pregnancies). Normal PAP. My PMS symptoms for the past 4 months are mood-swings, depression, more hot flashes, concentration issues and low sex drive. All of which I have never experienced together and so intense.

I am regular, my cycle is 5 days every month, the last two I had brown discharge (yet another new symptom).

I tried EPO for two months and it gave me strange cramps, like a knife slowly entering my cervix/uterus and took up to 1 min to dissipate.

I stopped taking EPO and now for one week I have been taking Vitex 3 x's a day (500mg) and for three days so far MACA 2 x's a day (5,000mg).

I do want children however I know I need to get my body together before then.

Please let me know if MACA and Vitex will be of any assistance in your opinion.

I have been thinking about your Fertility Cleanse kit. Would I continue Maca and Vitex while on it?
Thank you.


A natural approach to hormonal support is always a more gently way to help your body adjust.

The Fertility Cleanse is an excellent way to reboot your system because it supports the liver eliminate toxins and excess hormones.

Vitex and Maca are great choices because they help the body increase the production of progesterone and support a normal ration of estrogen to progesterone.

You may want to consider the possibility of talking to your doctor and have your hormonal level tested to see if estrogen/progesterone ratio is high or low.

Another herb that is often recommended by herbalists for hot flashes is Black cohosh (Cumicifuga racemosa).

Black cohosh has been studied for its ability to support hormonal levels in the body and works well with Vitex and Maca.

RecoverWell is an excellent herbal remedy, which contains Vitex, Black Cohosh and other herbs to help the body recover from loss.

Many Blessings!

Trying to have a baby!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I read the comments trying to see if someone had ask the same question. I just started today taking Maca & Chasteberry my question is if I have intercourse while taking Chasteberry or should I wait until I have my first period?


The choice is yours. Waiting to have your period will put you on a new ovulation cycle. At this point I would strongly recommend charting your BBT or bester use a fertility monitor like Ovacue.

Vitex and Maca will take a few cycles to provides the results you are expecting, that's why charting your cycle is so important. But this does not prevent you from TTC.

Many Blessing!

Herbal supplements and endometriosis
by: Anonymous

I've had Really painful periods from as long as I can remember. Just thinking it was normal. About 7 yrs ago after I had an abortion the pain was more intense. I began having excruciating pain when trying to move my bowels. Shaking sweating crying almost passing out. All of my gynos said it was most likely endometriosis and to either go on birth control or get a laparoscopy.

None of which I wanted to do. I've tried the pill and came off of it bc it made me crazy. I've just dealt with the pain ever since. Sometimes I thought my bowel was so blocked that something would rupture inside of me. My dr didn't offer a sono or ultrasound said my blood test came back fine.

I all of a sudden realized I was treated for chlamydia AFTER my abortion. (Reading and doing research) I told my dr bc I read that having chlamydia during an abortion will give you PID.

She did a test for PID and never spoke to me about it again. I felt helpless so I became my own dr. I started eating healthier. I started dim plus. Vitex and wobenzym N. Along with a ton of vitamins... And for

The first time in years and years these past few months i I am pain free. I feel it's a miracle. My question is this...

Ever since I've started taking these supplements my endo pain is almost none existent but I've been breaking out on my back really really bad!

Also a bunch of neck pimples will pop up out of nowhere a new one each day. And chin pimples out of nowhere and temple as well. And they hurt!! And some in my hairline.

What am I taking that is causing this and how
Can I stop it?! Could it be the vitex or dim plus?

Thank you so much for listening and hearing me out. I feel helpless with doctors. :/


Thanks for posting your experience. It is so great that you have found benefit from a natural approach to your situation.

And , it is so great that you are feeling better from your symptoms.

Skin eruptions after taking herbal remedies can be related to a bit of a detox. This is called the healing crises in alternative medicine. This is temporary and may only last 1-2 weeks.

The herbs like Vitex are known to help balance the hormones and can be helpful in hormonal acne. DIM help balance estrogen metabolism and known to help for the issue you are experiencing.

Make sure to drink lots of clean water (not tap water that has been chlorinate) to help your body flush out toxins and make sure to eat a healthy diet. Smoothies and fresh juices are a great way to help with this.

I would recommend considering doing the fertility cleanse.

You can also be sensitive to other ingredients in the products you are taking. My advise is to learn how to muscle test your products (look online for videos on how to do this).

I hope this answers your question.

Many Blessings!

Maca and Vitex
by: Anonymous

I'm 44years, I have my regular period but low progesterone. What can I take to conceive? I need to have additional baby.


Having regular periods is a good sign, but you need to know if you are also regulating regularly. Having low progesterone can lead to corpus luteum insufficiency and cause early miscarriage.

If your progesterone levels are really low bioidentical natural progesterone cream may be a better option in the first 2-3 months to support the body.

Some doctors recommend continuing progesterone cream also during the first trimester of pregnancy in cases when low progesterone is an issue. Talk to a natural health practitioner or your doctor.

All The best!

I need help
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 29 years old. I'm trying to conceive . I never had this problem before I have two kids now. One boy 11 and a girl 4 . These past three month I been having long n heavy periods.. So I when to my doctor n he gave me birth control pills to regulate my period. He told me that I wasn't ovulating that why My hormones were not balance and the long and heavy periods. Which I'm thinking about birth control twice because I want to get pregnant . So I been doing research on vitex and order them online my concern is that I haven't been able to stop bleeding to start the vitex . Can I just take them now instead of birth control ?


If you have long heavy bleeding, ask your doctor to do more investigative testing like ultrasound to rule out fibroids and hormonal profile.

Hormonal imbalance can be resolved naturally and Vitex can help in most cases.

Also, some women do have side effects from birth control. The best way to support this issue is to consider doing a fertility cleanse for one month. This may be of great support.

All The Best!

Can take maca, vitex and dong quai together
by: Aishah

Hai.. I am from Malaysia.. I 32years old and i have endometriosis.
now i take serrapeptase, vitex, maca,dong quai and multivitamin.. I use wild yam progestrone cream too..
My question is, can I take serrapeptase, vitex, maca and dong Quai together.. tq for your help to answer my question..


Hi Aishah,

Vitex, Maca and Don Quai are herbs that work well together. In fact, they are often found together in fertility formulas.

Serrapeptase is an excellent supplement for endometriosis and other fertility issues women have while TTC. Serrapeptase is an enzyme found in the gut of the Japanese silkworm This enzyme is used by the worm to digest cocoon.

When used as a supplement, it has anti-inflammatory action on tissues and dissolves protein debris the produces during the inflammatory process. Because of this property, Serrapeptase helps women with endometriosis, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, fibrocystic breasts, bowel issues, and more. It dissolves fibrin, the major component of scar tissue.

The best way is to take Serrapeptase away from food or other supplements.


Fertility Cleanse Side Effects
by: Rose

I stared taking the Fertility Cleanse on CD 7 and am on CD 16 now. I am almost positive I do not ovulate every cycle due to the fact that I do not always experience EW quality cervical fluid. I am ovulating now because I can feel the cramps like before however the amount of cervical fluid is beyond anything I have ever experience. Is this normal? It is EW quality jut a lot.

Also having a pressure type feeling on my cervix, something I only feel just before my period, but I am having it all day for two days now.

Thank you for the recommendation so far I feel all of the symptoms you have warned about and yet I do feel oddly better.


Hi Rose,

It is normal to experience cleansing symptoms while doing the Fertility Cleanse. Things usually get a bit worse before getting better. This is called the healing crises in natural medicine.

If the symptoms become uncomfortable, ease off or stop doing the cleansing. Having lots of EW mucus around ovulation is usually a positive think.

During this time it is very important to chart your cycle to correlate to monitor the situation.

All The Best!

Vitex/Maca for long cycle TTC
by: Ashlee

I have a 46 day cycle, with ovulation occurring on day 23, and my period lasting until day 10. This is consistent every month, but was very irregular until I began taking vitex 1000mg daily- about 2 years ago. It took about 7 months for me to see regularity. I am thinking about introducing maca to boost chances of conceiving. We started ttc over 2 years ago, and have had 4 miscarriages in that time, with the last being June 2014. I have seen a physician and was tested for everything under the sun along with having two ultrasounds to check for irregularities and everything came back normal.This was 2 years ago after my 2nd miscarriage.

Is there anything else I should consider and do you think my cycle seems normal?

Thank you so much.


Hi Ashlee,

Maca is a good choice to support reproductive health.

Have you considered following the fertility cleanse and self fertility massage? This would help you get started in the right direction.

If you can start a fertility guided relaxation/meditation program like Circle & Bloom, it will be very helpful.

Fertility Blessings!

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