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Male Fertility And Medications

by Rita

My husband has just suffered an infection in his testicles is it possible for us to try to conceive whilst he is still on medication.

Please help me out I really want to know.


Hi Rita,

What kind of medication is your husband taking? I assume it is antibiotics as he is treated for an infection.

Not all antibiotics are safe and you need to ask your doctor about the safety of the medication your husband is taking and his fertility.

Some infections can interfere with sperm production and sperm health and ultimately to fertility. Infections of the testicles can lower male sperm count, motility and overall quality. When sperm is weak, conception rate goes down. Also, men who have had an infection in their testicles are at higher risk of developing sterility due to scaring and blockage of the seminal ducts.

Medications like antibiotics can be harmful to the development of the sperm and can even stay in the body for a number of months after the medication is stopped. Before conceiving it’s always best no tot take any medication. Ideally, 4 months before trying to conceive for both partners.

My advice is to wait to conceive until your husband has completed his medication.

After that I would recommend doing 1-2 months of the Male Fertility Cleanse Kit to help the body get rid of possible by products left behind by the medication.

Cleansing also helps the body eliminate toxins that cause poor sperm count after infection.

To help support healthy sperm production in men after infection, taking specific vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and male fertility herbs can increase the quality of the sperm and facilitate conception.

I would recommend following the Male Factor Formula Kit after doing the cleanse to prevent any negative effects of the infection on his fertility.

Fertility Blessings!

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