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Male Fertility Cleanse

Hi, My husband is 33 with low sperm motility and low morphology. He was been recommended to try an antioxidant blend 2x/day, L-carnitine, Vit C, zinc and a multi-vitamin daily. We also switched to organic meats, no microwave cooking and organic cleaning products.

We were assured that this would work, but he tried this for 16 weeks with no difference in his semen analysis.

Would a cleanse or anything else help?

We spent so much money on supplements, if there is no hope, we need to save up for fertility treatments.



I believe that a fertility cleanse for men would help eliminate toxins from his body thus helping achieve better hormonal balance needed to support healthy sperm production.

I understand that the cost of supplements can become high, but in my opinion they are worth as they will increase the success rate of IVF with ICSI treatments, if necessary.

Many human and animal studies have found a strong correlation between sperm morphology and toxicity. Additives in fooods, pesticides in fruits and vegetable and work-related chemicals are the main culprit of poor sperm morphology in men these days.

The good news is that many studies have also found that it is possible to reverse poor sperm morphology by supplementing with
anti-oxidants, like CoQ10, Zinc, natural vitamin E and vitamin C.

Other important nutrients like L-.carnitine, tribulus and Maca have also been studied for their ability to reverse male infertility due to poor sperm quality.

Natural treatments take time and 16 weeks may be enough for some men, while others need twice as much. The time required to treat abnormal sperm naturally depends on the level of imbalance, toxicity, and constitution.

Doing a fertility cleanse is a little bit like creating a blank slate to start over, thus boosting fertility and supporting better hormnal blance.

Consider that emotional stress can be a factor. If your husband has stress in his life, he should avoid it as much as possible (including the stress of not been able to conceive and the possible financial expense of the fertility treatments).

Men who have poor sperm morphology should also avoid electromagnetic pollution from computers and appliances by not keeping a cell phone or any electronic device near his reproductive organs. If your husband uses a lap top, this should be placed on a table not on his lap.

He should also wear 100% cotton underwear and not tight to his scrotum. Keeping the testicles nice and cool can make a big difference in sperm morphology.

Fertility Blessings!

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