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Boost Male Fertility

Male Fertility Energy Assessment

1 Male Fertility Energy Assessment eMail Report

Male Fertility Energy Assessment: Evaluation of your Mind-Body's energetic connection by determining how well the energy is flowing through your reproductive organs, glands and body systems.  This session includes assessing limiting beliefs and the release of negative trapped emotions.

Male Fertility Energy Clearing Package

3 Male Fertility Energy Clearing eMail  Sessions 

Emotional Detox for Fertility: Clear the emotional, mental and physical blocks to your infertility issues. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the process of getting pregnant, this package will help you let go of all your mental limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions.

Regular Price: $420

NOTE: The way these sessions work is via distance. You don't need to be present with me. It all happens via eMail. You can be simply going about your daily tasks. At the end of the session I will send you a written  report via eMail and an audio file where I explain your session.