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Male Sex Problem

Ejaculation is very early and there is always tension of not satisfying my partner. Even if I see some nude pics drops start coming and underwear gets dirty. Some times feel pain during intercourse in penis head. Very low count of discharge. Feel very dizzy and tired and could not be ready for 2nd attempt. Sex desires are very high but could not satisfy my self.

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Increasing Male Virility
by: Anonymous

I would recommend consulting with a homeopathic practitioner that can assist you in selecting a homeopathic remedy suitable for your case.
Here you can learn more about homeopathic remedies for men

For example:

Lycopodium clavatum
This remedy improves men sexual performance for the man who feels self conscious about his performance. There is premature impotence in young men with no erectile power due to an inability to perform under pressure. Premature emissions is typical of men needing this remedy.

Selenium metallicum
The man who needs this remedy may have sexual thoughts accompanied by dribbling of semen during sleep with loss of sexual power. On attempting intercourse the penis becomes relaxed. Increased desire mentally, but decreased physical ability.

This remedy helps in cases of increased desire with decreased powers. Sexual nervousness with very weak erections. Effects of suppressed sexual appetites. Testicles enlarged and hard. Mentally, he has not inclination to do things. This remedy has great potential for improving fertility in men.

This remedy is for increased desire for sex but there is a sexual debility that causes to have an aversion to perform sexual intercourse. The erections come too early with no ejaculation. Mentally there is a great inability to make decisions and the person can be very shy. This remedy can also help in genital herpes cases.

This remedy helps for involuntary loss of sperm. Itching in the genitals made worse by the warmth of the bed. Ejaculations come before erection is complete. Great weakness and tired feeling that prevents sexual vitality. There can be mental depression and irritability.

Calcarea carbonica
Premature ejaculations but increased desire for sex. Sexual intercourse is usually followed by weakness and irritability. Cannot be pressured into sex and he has fear of failure or performing (in bed and at work). Nocturnal discharge of spermatic fluids.

Herbal Remedies
Herbal remedies can also really help produce strong erections and prevent premature ejaculation. I would suggest learning more about Ikawe for Men. This remedy promotes strong erections and helps maintain sexual arousal, sex drive and sex desire. It also supports circulation for healthy penile blood flow increasing sexual energy and stamina. It contains all natural herbal remedies that do not have side effects and are safe when trying to conceive.

All the best!

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