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Missed Period For 6 Months

by Rosa carballido
(Bloomington , Illinois, Mclean )

I am a 33 year women with 2 children. The girl is 16 years old and my son is 13 years old. I haven't had my period in about 6 months and that's how long the it takes to come too. I am not using protection with my husband at all as we have been trying to get pregnant for a while but nothing happens. I been going to the doctor and they say I have nothing and I tell them that i don't get my period in the dates I have to get it. It's not regular for my period to come every 6 months.

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Herbal Remedies For Absent Periods And Irrgular Periods
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Sometimes hormonal levels seem to be fine on blood tests, but turn out to be unbalanced when doing saliva testing. In fact, many women with delayed and very irregular periods may have very low saliva levels of either estrogen or progesterone, or both.

Estrogen can be low if there are premenopuse symptoms of hot flashes and missed periods.
Low progesterone causes delayed periods, PMS, anovulatory cycles, early miscarriage, etc.

Most holistic doctors prefer saliva testing over blood testing of these hormones. It is possible to do this tests online as well as at your holistic practitioner's office.

This website offers this type of service at a very affordable price.

A natural health approach to missed and irregular cycles using herbal remedies can be very helpful. Herbal remedies like Fertile XX do help those women with hormonal imbalance regain natural regular ovulation cycles safely and naturally.

This herbal remedy is also specifically designed to increase fertility and prepare women for conception.

Fertility Blessings!

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