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More Regular Cycles, But Fear Of Miscarriage

by Sara

Hi Maria,

I love your website. It gave me a valuable information and guide and really helped me a lot in my fertility issues like low progestron level and maintaining irregular cycle.

I started taking organic Maca with whole food supplement for woman since january 2013. Now I am having very positive results like regular cycle with some thermal shifting around ovulation. With getting fertile cervical mucus. I would like to try for second baby after along time.

I am quite happy with my results, but there is still a fear in my mind that if I successfully conceive then my progestron level might drop in early pregnancy and cause any type of abortion.. so I just want to be assured or want to maintain my progestron level throughout the pregnancy naturally.

My question is that should I use natural progestron cream during pregnancy without any prescription of doctor????? or
If I am not be able to get natural progestrone cream then just getting synthetic progestron injection by doctor would be enough and safe choice for me??????????????

I am extremely concernned about my health and specially about my future pregnancy. I really dont want to take any risk and wanna make my pregnancy safe and healthy because natural progestrone cream is not as common in use in Pakistan like westeren countries.

I am 40 years old with 16 Antral follicle count some good improvement in my progestrone level, although I have not got any new test of it? but my symptoms are saying I am improving.

Actually I am terribly afraid of the word abortion and DNC. So please help me, and suggest me the best solution to get rid of all these fears and make my pregnancy such a wonderful experience like my first pregnancy.
I am looking forward to your sweet response.
please reply.

Take care.
All the best



Hi Sara,

If you are able to increase your progesterone levels naturally without synthetic drugs is would be best. If natural progesterone is not available in your country, then consider homeopathy or herbal medicine.

It sounds to me that your body is telling you that you are getting better, but your fears are preventing you from listening.

Trust your body!

All the remedies in the world will not help you unless you chose to listen, not to a doctor, or outside influences, but to your inner guidance.

Your mental state is very important. Consider meditation and yoga. If you can, do yoga every day to help connect mind and body to work together in trust of each other.

Trust Your Body
Allow Your Inner Self To Guide You

To help you, I woul recommend listening to circleBloom guided meditations.

Vitex agnus castus is a herbal remedy used in Europe during the first trimester to support the corpus luteum make progesterone and prevent miscarriage. After the third month of pregnancy the placenta takes over and Vitex is discontinued.

Not all practitioner would recommend taking Vitex agnus castus during the first trimester of pregnancy as there are no sufficient studies done on safty of this herb in pregnancy.

In order to take vitex during pregnancy, you need to be under the care of a qualified holistic doctor.

Another option, which I would recommend best, is to look for a good homeopathic practitioner near you.

Homeopathic remedies are very safe during pregnancy and they can be selected to match your mental emotional and physical state.

In my opinion, given your fears and anxiety about miscarriage, homeopathy would be more suited for your situation at this time.

Homeopathy also can help prevent miscarriages and treat your unique situation before and during pregnancy.

I hope this helps you.

I know you are almost there. Remeber, tust your body!

Many Blessings!

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