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Mssing periods but not pregnant

by Susan

I haven't got my periods for 41 days......I had a pregnancy check on 37th day which came negative....can I be pregnant?

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Missed Periods or Pregnancy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Depending on when you ovulated and had intercourse, you can still have a small possibility of pregnancy, but most women do expereince dealyed mentrual cycles do so due to anovulation, PCOS, stress, travelling, low thyroid, etc.

So, depending on your situation, if there are any factors that could have affected your ovulation to be either supressed or delayed your periods can be late.

By now a pregnancy test should acurately show a positive pregnancy, but some tests may also give false negatives. I would recommend to try again to test in 48 hours, just to be sure.

All the best!

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