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My Eggs are so Small and not Growing

by mrs,mehmood

My eggs are so small and not growing and not come to my utrus i want become pregnant now what I do?



In order to conceive the follicle containing the egg should have a size of about 18-22mm. Smaller size follicles may indicate infertility and polycystic ovaries. Most doctors will recommend medications that may have severe side effects, so make sure you are aware of this.
Natural health has a lot to offer to women with poor follicle size without any side effects.
Make sure to eat a very healthy diet and exercise regularly.

To naturally improve egg quality, follicle size and stimulate ovulation, consider the following steps:

Fertility Cleanse

Do the fertility cleanse for two consecutive months. Toxins in your body affect your hormonal balance and your ability to ovulate regularly each month. Toxins also affect the genetic material within the egg cells and may lead to mutations and birth defects. Many scientific studies have shown how toxins cause poor egg quality and affect pregnancy during embryo development. Eliminating toxins before getting pregnancy is the best way I know to help create hormonal balance, cleanse the uterus and prepare for healthy conception.

Improve Egg Health

Follow the protocol of the Improve Egg Health Kit for a minimum of 2 months or until you ovulate regularly.

This kit contains
all the nutrients your ovarian tissue needs to support follicle and egg growth. At the beginning of your menstrual cycle a number of follicles begin of develop and growth. Around day 7 only one follicle continues to grow and the others degenerate. This follicle becomes the dominant follicle and continues to grow until it reaches ovulation. When this maturation process is complete, the egg is released. Your ovarian tissue needs increased oxygen rich and nutrient rich blood to nourish the growing follicle and the maturing egg. The Improve Egg Health give has been designed to give you just that.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies like Vitex will help stimulate and support ovulation. Vitex is used by herbalists to treat conditions like irregular menses, PCOS, short luteal phase, amenorrhea, high FSH and high prolactin levels. This herb needs to be taken regularly for a minimum of 4-6 months before seen results and it can be taken for long periods of time safely to support ovulation and facilitate conception.

Increase Blood Flow

Self-fertility massage is the easiest and most effective way to bring blood flow to the ovaries to increase egg and follicle size. Self-fertility massage is so easy to learn and can be done 3-5 times a week up until ovulation to increase blood circulation to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tube sin order to facilitate conception.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for My Eggs are so Small and not Growing

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Dominant follicle seen
by: Pooja

Hi I am pooja and I have had an ultrasound on 14th day and I noted my follicles in the right ovary is 1.3*1.1cms and left ovary is 1.0*0.8. Can you please tell me can if I get pregnent or not?


Hi Pooja,

The dominant follicle is the one that will release the egg. All the antral follicles begin to grow under the influence of the hormone estrogen. Around day 7 it is possible to see the dominant follicle, which continues to grow until ovulation. The follicle grows in your ovary at about one or two mm each day. At ovulation, around day 14 of the me trial cycle, they reach normally 18 to 25 mm in size. Their growth can be monitored through ultrasound.

10 mm is 1 cm, so your follicles are about 13*11mm (right) and 10*8 mm ( left). They are on the small size if day 14 is your ovulation day, if not your follicles can grow up to 2 mm each day until they reach ovulation.

Talk to your doctor about these results and what it means in your specific case.

The ovarian tissue that surrounds the follicles is responsible for the size and quality of the follicles. This tissue nourishes them to grow. It is very important to provide blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to your ovaries in order to support healthy follicles to be produced.

To improve the size of your follicles, I would recommend doing self fertility massage, yoga, acupuncture. These types of therapies support blood flow to the ovarian tissues and support the nourishment of the follicle stimulating their growth. Also, make sure to supplement your diet with antioxidants liked CoQ10, Maca, Royal Jelly, and L-Arginine. I would recommend the OvaWiseKit.

Many Blessings!

Small Folicle
by: Mustafa


I would like to discuss with you about my wife's pregnancy issue. Actually we have been married since 2006. Since then we are trying for conception. For first couple of years doctors suggested her to take 6 cycles ovulation boosting medication. Meanwhile we both have carried out some tests. I have sufficient sperm counts. My wife's ultrasonic report is ok but after taking TVS test some poly cystic overry syndrome identified. Doctors gave her medicine and after several months it was overcome. But no hope for conception.

Her follicle size measured in 12th day of cycle was 16-17mm. Her menstrual cycle are regular. Average cycle is 31 day. Last two months she is maintaining BBT chart. In April she has some symptoms of pregnancy but later, period has been started as usual. In this month her due date was yesterday and she is experiencing prediction of period. Though she had ovulation on 19th day. After 9DPO she was experienced implantation and her BBT shows that she is going to be conception. But we doubt based on past history.

Everyday she is taking a folic acid supplement. Could you please suggest me what is the good advice for us towards the conception. Do we need to take some more tests or any other medication?

I am eagerly looking forward.

Thanking you!


Hi Mustafa,

It would be a good idea to have a pregnancy if her BBT is still high.
I think you are doing everything you need to. Maybe you just need to relax.

I would recommend fertility yoga, if your doctor says that it would be ok.

Also, there is a great meditation CD that I would recommend for PCOS. You can find it here.

Other self help therapies would include the self-fertility massage. Here you can find more info.

Many Blessings!

Polycystic Ovaries
by: Anonymous


I just want to know, if eggs are small in size, not growing properly. Getting pregnant with small eggs is possible or not?


The size of the follicle is what determines the ability of the egg to mature and ovulate. This is because the follicle and the surrounding ovarian tissue nourishes the egg to develop. All this also happens under hormonal regulation.

In PCOS, the follicles remain small and they do not mature. This is caused by many factors. Stress, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients and toxicity.

If you want to follow a natural approach the best way to start would be to follow fertility cleanse in conjunction with self-fertility massage.

Doing self fertility massage heals increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs, including the ovaries. This fresh, oxygenated blood helps stimulate follicle regeneration and development. Self-fertility massage also helps relax and reach an more stable state of balance at every level.

You can find more info here.

If you have hormonal imbalance that causes PCOS, the HormonalWise kit can help balance the hormones and re-establish healthy ovulation.

Consider that your diet is also very important in helping your ovaries make healthy eggs and follicle.

If your hormones are fine than all your body needs is anti-oxidants, and healthy foods to support your egg production. In this case, the OvaWise Kit is a good companion to your preconception plan.

Many Blessings!

I have irregular periods
by: Anonymous

My fsh level is very high my ovaries size is very small and periods are clear until I take medicines. What to do I can't understand. I m taking lots of treatments from last three years. But no results im not conceive. Please help me I m very upset.

Have any solution like any exercise of my problems.


Irregular periods can be related to many factors, hormonal imbalance is the most important one. Other factors to consider are:

1. Your age
2. Your stress levels
3. Your diet
4. Your life style

To begin I would recommend doing a fertility cleanse to give you a clean slate to start from.

Fertility yoga and self-fertility massage with castor oil are also great way to begin boosting your fertility.

If you have tried already many approaches, consider working with a naturopath or homeopath to get a more specific approach for your case.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I have low AMH an high FSH. I went for an ultra sound today after not getting my period for 45 days. I have 2 follicles growing. One is really small and 1 is about 1cm. Any suggestions on what I can take or do to get a higher AMH and lower FSH, a regular period and ovulation? I have been in acupuncture for a month and taking Chinese herbal teas.

p.s. Im not good at swallowing so I prefer anything liquid, powder etc.


The Harmonise Phase 1& 2 is a herbal preparation designed to help maintain hormonal balance and support the body's ability to ovulate regularly.

Doing self-fertility massage with castor oil packs is also a great way to increase the blood flow to the ovaries.

If you like smoothies, I would recommend having a daily fertility smoothie. This is a easy nutritious way to support your ovaries and your overall fertility.

Many Blessings!

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