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Natural Fertility Drugs

My name is Mrs Neze-Bassey from Nigeria I took a chemical called JIK thinking I was pregnant, just to abort. Please I need an advice on what to do. I took the chemical since 2010 July since then I have been trying to get a child.

Please, I need advice on what drugs to take.


I advocate using natural remedies in order to get pregnant and following a healthy diet. These should be your first step in achieving healthy conception.

Begin by downloading by FREE Guide to Fertility Charting and Natural Conception to learn more about how to detect ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. A natural approach should always be your first choice. Fertility drugs pose serious side effects and should only be the last resort under strict doctor’s advice.

If you choose to follow a natural approach, the best way to start is by taking fertility supplements like FertilAid.

FertilAid helps balance your hormones and create the necessary condition to ensure conception. Please, note that fertility drugs should not be taken at the same time as fertility vitamins as this can create drug-supplement interaction.

Since you live in Nigeria, I know that most company don’t ship there, but FertilAid products are distributed in Nigeria by:

Divine Fertility Drugs
21, 15th Crescent Gwarimpa
Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 08133943373 or 07038886978

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Natural Fertility Drugs

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by: Anonymous

I used raw egg so as to aid my hubby's sperm. Cos i don't have cervical egg white mucus. Hope its not harmfull.


Hi Ewn,

Raw egg whites should be fine, make sure the eggs are fresh, or use pasteurized raw egg white to prevent salmonella bacteria. These bacteria are often present in raw eggs. It is rare, but still it is better to be safe.

Many Blessings!

irregular menses
by: Dave

My wife last saw her menstrual period on 5th August, 2013. All effort getting pregnant is abortive. What do you suggest?


Hi Dave,

It is very important to understand the cause of secondary amenorrhea your wife is suffering from. In most cases the reason for this can vary depending on each woman. There are physical caused, which are usually due to hormonal issues like high prolactin levels, high FSH, PCOS, etc.

Mental and emotional causes should also not be discounted. Shock, trauma or shock can also trigger absent periods as low and high body weight.

Stress, poor diet, lack of certain minerals and vitamins can also affect ovulation.

Herbal medicine can also be beneficial. Vitex agnus castus is a commonly recommended herb for amenorrhea a premature menopause. Vitex is also contained in fertility vitamins like FertilAid to support ovulation.

I recommend you consider all the possible causes and seek advice from a homeopath or naturopathic practitioner near you.

Many Blessings!

cant concieve
by: jixxie

I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2009 and an abortion in 2010,since then cant conceive and I have my monthly flowevery month, my dates, for my mp changes. It is not stable. I need to have baby help!!


Hi Jixxie,

Talk to your doctor to see if your hormones are all right. Often irregular menses can be cause by poor hormonal balance, poor diet, stress and other factors, including toxicity.

The best way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy is to follow charting
your cycle to learn if and when you are ovulating.

Fertility Blessings!

Low sperm count
by: Sola

Please, I have low sperm count. Which remedies will be suitable for me?


The best way to address low sperm count is through diet, yoga and relaxation. Your diet should be rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins like C, E and minerals like zinc and selenium.

Yoga helps increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs. Relaxation is important as stress is capable of affecting reproduction, especially the quality and count of sperm.

Also, avoiding electromagnetic frequencies closer to the reproductive organs like laptops, tablets and smart phone will help. Never use a laptop or tablet on your lap if attached to the electrical cord.

Fertility vitamins for low sperm count, are recommended to help the body increase the quality and the quantity of the spermatic cells.

Fertility Blessings!

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