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My name's Maria Gioia Atzori and I specialize in energy clearing and natural fertility, learn more about me.

If you are interested in having an energetic fertility assessment regarding your issue, please request yours here. I try to answer as quickly as possible, but it is not always possible.

Please note that NOT all submission will be answered right away, due to overwhelming demand. For medical related issue, please talk to your Doctor or health care practitioner. If you are taking any prescription drugs for fertility talk to your doctor. With this website my job is to educate and support you in learning more about natural therapies and energy healing that can help boost your fertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy. I also help women and couples understand the emotional connection with their fertility issues. Please do not submit medical tests or results. Those types of submissions will be automatically dismissed. 

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The information on natural conception is not meant to substitute medical care, diagnose or cure any disease. This is only for information and education purposes. Please, understand that medical questions regarding diagnosis, medical test results or prescription drugs will not be answered. This is beyond the scope of this website. If you have any symptoms, it is your responsibility to consult with your family physician. Here you will obtain more information on natural health therapies, energy imbalances, products and advice that it is hard to find otherwise. You are free to use these recommendations based on your own will and judgement. It is important that you form your own opinion through investigation and research as to the suitability of the information provided. You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health, as well as how you use this information. Natural therapies are safe and effective and can help many infertile couple regain reproductive health and achieve healthy conception. If you are taking any prescription medication, please consult with you prescribing physician before taking natural remedies. Also, do not take herbal remedies if you are taking fertility drugs like Clomid and talk to your doctor. It is also not always recommended to take herbal remedies if you are menstruating or if you might be pregnant. As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test stop taking any herbal remedies and talk to your doctor about prenatal care. It is Ok to take prenatal vitamins before conception, especially folic acid, which is known to prevent birth defect.
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