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Is A Natural Fertility Treatment Worth?

Having difficulty conceiving can be related to many factors. The most important is unbalanced hormones leading to poor egg quality, uterine lining problems, and luteal phase defect.

More and more women are unable to conceive as a result of having medical conditions like endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary disease, underactive thyroid, pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic vaginal infections, just to name a few.

The male factor is emerging as causing 40% of infertility in couples nowadays. Men are often diagnosed with low sperm count, poor sperm motility, sperm agglutination, impaired sperm morphology, and oligospermia. All these reasons for infertility can be addressed by using a natural fertility treatment such as homeopathic medicine.

If you are considering following a fertility treatment plan either with natural health or with medically assisted conception like IVF, you need to make sure you find the type of treatment that is right for you.

You need to ask yourself: Is it worth the investment in my time, energy and money?

To help you find the answer, let's dig a little deeper and find out...

My Top 7 Questions to Discovering If Natural Fertility Treatment Is For You

1. Do you have inherited or acquired reproductive weaknesses?

If your mother or grandmother have endometriosis, fibroids, miscarriages, still births, you may have inherited the very same weaknesses that are now affecting your fertility and your chances of carrying a pregnancy full term. Homeopathic medicine calls this inherited weakness a miasm that can be removed through specific homeopathic prescribing.

2. Are you suffering from negative effects of the oral contraceptive pill?

This is the number one question for the modern infertile woman. If you have been on oral contraceptive that suppresses ovulation or on drugs that hyper-stimulate ovulation like Clomid, you may be at risk of suffering from poor egg quality and lowered fertility.

Many women do not know that their fertility issues are related to having been on the pill. A natural fertility treatment that uses homeopathic remedies, detox and herbs can kick start your ovaries into healthy ovulation cycles.

3. Do you have an underlying pathology affecting conception?

If you are suffering from any condition that causes infertility like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, you need special treatment to solve this problem in order to increase your chances of conception.

There are many ways to address these issues with natural therapies, like homeopathy, herbal medicine, natural progesterone cream, self-fertility massage, acupuncture, etc...

4. Are you ovulating?

Many fertility drugs over stimulate your ovaries to produce many eggs. This drains your ovarian reserves leaving your with poor egg quality and in peri-menopause.

The quality of your eggs is essential either in natural fertility or IVF. If you do not ovulate effectively as a result of polycystic ovary or other conditions, you need to reset you menstrual cycle and be able to ovulate regularly once again.

Herbal remedies, cleansing, acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathy can assist in helping you regulate your menstrual cycle and ovulate in order to conceive.

5. Is your menstrual cycle irregular?

Natural remedies are very successful in regulating the menses. Women who use a natural fertility treatment such as homeopathy or herbal medicine notice a regulation of their menstrual cycle right away.

This is a always a sign that the therapy is working because the goal of natural medicine is to create balance.

6. Do you have lots of poor quality of fertile mucus?

Within the first month of taking remedies, most women will notice increased production of fertile mucus around the time of ovulation. The presence of fertile cervical mucus is key in maintaining sperm cells healthy.

The egg is only be viable for 24 hours during each menstrual cycle. In order not to miss this very small window of opportunity, a couple should have intercourse 24-48 hours before ovulation. What keeps the sperm alive and healthy during this time is the fertile mucus.

7. Does your partner have low sperm count, poor sperm quality and morphology?

It the male partner is experiencing fertility issues related to sperm problems, natural remedies can assist in increasing the number of sperm and their quality.

Certain indicated remedies for male infertility are derived from the mineral world like selenium and zinc, which are required as constituents of seminal fluid and to support sperm cell formation. In fact clinical studies have proven that low sperm count is related to deficiency in these minerals.

Natural fertility therapies are the most comprehensive and holistic system of healing available especially when used in conjunction with fertility charting. This is why many couple are choosing it over medical fertility treatments with successful results.

Many couples resort to assisted conception treatments too soon in their journey to pregnancy. If they only had taken the time to research what natural and alternative medicine has to offer they probably would have been able to save time, money, and avoid painful procedures.

I know now, after years of practicing as a homeopathic practitioner and holistic fertility coach that when the body is given a chance to gain balance and strength, miracles are really possible! I truly believe that many couples are rushed into medical fertility treatments and assisted conception way to early.

If you are having difficulty conceiving and contemplating IVF, please give homeopathy and natural health a chance first, you will be glad you did!

Couples who do try a natural fertility treatment before anything else are most likely to conceive naturally and if they end up choosing IVF treatments, they usually succeed within a few cycles saving emotional and financial stress.

If you think that a natural approach can help you, I strongly recommend making an appointment to see a homeopathic practitioner, herbalist or naturopath that can help you. He or she will take your case and develop a program specific for your situation.

Fertility Blessings!

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