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Natural Pain Relief For Labor With Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can be used as natural pain relief for labor. They help you stay focused, relaxed during labor and take the edge off, so that you can deliver your baby w it gout the need of medications.

Your body was designed for natural childbirth, there is no doubt about that.

If you learn how to trust the wisdom of your body and the wisdom of nature, everything will be fine and natural childbirth will be a beautiful experience, which you will treasure for year to come.

Let's talk about the pain of childbirth because modern women have been brain washed to believe that the pain of natural childbirth is unbearable and that it is impossible to endure natural childbirth.

"The true is, childbirth is not a walk in the park, but with preparation and some help with natural health you can achieve happily your goal to give birth naturally"

Relaxation Is A Natural Relief For Labor

The best pain relief for labor is your ability to relax. Labor pain can be very intense, but it is transient, it all goes away when the baby is born.

When you learn to deeply relax and focus on each contraction without fear of the pain, you can easily give birth naturally.

Make sure you have skilful support at your side while giving birth.

Hire a professional Doula or labor support expert and learn a little more about homeopathy and natural remedies for childbirth.

Here, I will give you what I know to work really well. I have given birth naturally twice only using homeopathy.

Homeopathy For Labor Pain

Homeopathic remedies can help you go through the birthing process with confidence and with ease. Homeopathy will not take the pain of natural childbirth away but it will make it bearable and it will give you the strength and energy to allow a gentle entry of your baby into the world.

Homeopathic remedies will speed up the process of labor and prevent complication and give you power.

Here is a list of the main homeopathic remedies that can help you go through labor with ease.

I advice you to prepare a homeopathy for labor kit with this remedies. 

This is a list of good homeopathic remedies that can help alleviate labor pain. Please, consult with a professional homeopathic practitioner. 

Arnica Montana

Arnica is the remedy mostly recommended during childbirth because it is very specific for tissue trauma and provides natural pain relief for labor.

When taking during active labor, it prevents heavy bleeding. It speeds up healing, controls bleeding, and decreases swelling and redness. This remedy should be taken during labour and after giving birth to help with after pains.

Bellis perennis

This remedy can greatly help during natural childbirth and also for C-section because it has an affinity for trauma to the soft tissue. If you have a tear or had an episiotomy, this remedy will greatly help heal the damaged tissue.


Calendula is a great homeopathic remedy for speeding up the healing of cuts, wounds and laceration of natural childbirth. It also prevents infections in the area of trauma and pus formation.

This is the best antiseptic remedy available and can be used in tincture form by adding 15 drops in 1 liter of water for washing the perineum if you have stitches.

Taken during labor in homeopathic form, it can help prevent postpartum infections.


This remedy may help establish strong productive contractions in first stage of labour if the contractions are short, spasmodic, unstable and the cervix fails to dilate.

Caulophyllum is said to work best when taken early on during labour and should not be given routinely to establish strong contractions. It should be given only if there is dysfunctional labour.

This remedy helps if the contractions are ineffectual, very weak and felt low in the pelvis (groin and tights) rather than at the top of the uterus.


This is the remedy for a laboring woman that is hypersensitive to the labor pain. She becomes irritable, angry, with crying and out of control during each contraction. Chamomilla can be used as natural pain relief for labor when the pains become unbearable and the woman wants to quit.

In this remedy will helps if you experience despair with screaming and inability to focus and calm down. A woman needing Chamomilla becomes like a child. Everything bothers her and she says: "I cannot do this!" Taking Chamomilla will certainly help to give her a sense of control.


This remedy is commonly used during transition when the woman enters a stage of contractions which are stronger and closer together (every 2 minutes). Sometimes this phase of labor is entered with fear and weakness.

The woman has chills and tremors, becomes exhausted. This remedy also helps if stalled labor as a result of weakness, fear with lack of confidence.

Kali carb

 As natural pain relief for labor, this remedy is the number one remedy for back labour. The contractions are felt in the back rather than in the front and are very painful and ineffectual.

The child position can be posterior and this remedy can assist the head rotating. This remedy helps when the woman walks or sits with her hand on the back. She desires hard pressure on her back, she is worse at night and experiences false labour pains between two and four a.m.


This remedy is useful to turn a bridged baby or a baby that is malpositioned. In 40% of the cases, Pulsatilla can help turn a bridged baby before labor.

This remedy halps when the mother has a frightful feeling about the baby's health (keeps asking the question: "Is my baby Ok?").

She becomes very clingy to her male partner or to her mother; she wants to be constantly reassured that everything is going fine. She wants constant attention.

She is thirstless and wants the window open. The contractions are very changeable, the intensity goes up and down, labor is prolonged and never strong to give effective labouring contractions.


This homeopathic remedy is derived from opium and is an excellent natural pain relief for labor.


This remedy is great if you feel angry and violated in some way during a traumatic labor experience, which resulted with medical intervention, episiotomy, c-section, or use of forceps. Staphisagria is also a great remedy for urinary tract infection of bladder problems as a result of labor.

Magnesia Phosphorica

As natural pain relief for labor magnesia phos helps during painful contractions.

Tissue Salts For Natural Childbirth

Kali Phos 6X

This cell salt is great for energy and can be taken throughout the labor to help give the mother's stamina. This remedy is especially useful for nerves, brain, blood cells, muscles and body fluids. It helps carry oxygen to the blood and muscle cells more efficiently.

Mag Phos 6X

This remedy can be taken with warm water to easy the contractions' pain.

Ferr Phos 6X

This remedy can be given if the mother is anemic and there is a fear of heavy blood loss. It also helps prevent and infections and inflammation with loss of blood.

Taking Homeopathic Remedies

The best way to take homeopathic remedies during labor is to have someone helping you. Do not expect to be able to do this on your own. Have your labor support person read the indication of the remedies in advance.  

Take 1-3 pellets of remedy each time needed.

If you do not know which remedy:

Arnica 200CH, or even 1M can be taken at every contraction.

Magnesia phos. 200CH is really good when the contraction become stronger or you have back labor.

Papaverus 200CH works as natural pain relief for labor towards the last stage.

Note: Use these remedies under the supervision of a professional care practitioner. Always talk to your doctor before taking any natural products during pregnancy or labor.  

I hope you have a wonderful natural childbirth!

Many Blessings!

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