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Natural Progesterone Vs Wild Yams Extract

I have recently purchased Fertilica natural progesterone cream to help lengthen my luteal phase, but I have been reading information stating that progesterone derived from wild yam does not work in the same way that authentic natural progesterone works. And Fertilica says it is made from wild yam, so I am very confused if this is the right choice for me. I also want to make sure it does not contain any estrogenic ingredients.

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What's In Natural Progesterone Creams
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Natural progesterone is derived from wild yams. This is how natural progesterone is made in the lab. Wild yam extract that has not been processed in the lab is not natural progesterone.

Some companies use wild yams extract and put it in creams as progesterone. This is not the same thing. In fact, wild yam extract contains diosgenin, which is not convened into hormones in the body.

By reading the ingredients of your progesterone cream, you will clearly see that you have 20mg of USP natural progesterone. USP grade is a key word in the ingredient list because it identifies that the correct amount will be delivered by each pump and that it is made following the United States Pharmacopeia.

Products or ingredients labelled USP are produced in accordance with the principles of FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. The USP label on progesterone cream also means that the cream contains a natural progesterone that the human body can assimilate. This is not the case with all "progesterone" creams, especially creams made from wild yam extract.

Also, it's important that your cream does not contain stearal konium chloride which is highly toxic, or any parabens, which studies show they possess mild estrogen-like qualities.

To answer your question about estrogen and Fertilca in particular, I would like to point out that in Fertilica ingredients list there are herbal extracts that are meant to deliver a hormonal balancing effect. This does not mean the same as estrogenic effect on the body caused by synthetic estrogen or xenoestrogens.

For example, angelica sinensis is known to balance estrogen levels, while saw palmetto and sarsaparilla balance testosterone levels. These herbal blends work together in a synergistic action to stimulate the body reach balance naturally.

Another label fact about progesterone creams in the California Preposition 65 warning. This comes from California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, which contains a list of chemicals identified as carcinogens.

This list is based on synthetic progesterone or progestins, which end up in drinking water as by-products of urine of women who take birth control pills.

There is a huge difference between synthetic progestins and natural progesterone when it comes to causing cancer. In fact natural progesterone may even protect from certain cancers like breast, ovaries and uterus by counteracting the effects of estrogen.

If natural progesterone cream companies don't add this label in California, they become vulnerable to lawsuits. That's why it's in there (just in case you were wondering).

Find out more about Fertilica Natural Progesterone.

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