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Natural Remedies for Miscarriage

by Omoregie Joel
(Warri Delta State)

My wife has being having a miscarriage.

Please, herbal tea would you recommend.


If your wife is having a miscarriage, the best solution is to consult with your doctor immediately.

Herbs For Threatened Miscarriage

Medical attention is required. If the doctor says that it is ok, the following herbs can help:

Wild yam root 1 oz
Pasque Flower herb 2 oz
Passion Flower 2 oz
Cramp Bark 3 oz
Black haw bark 3oz

Make a decoction using 1 oz of the above herbal mixture and boil it in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes. After straining, the woman should drink 1/2 cup, every 30 minutes to one hour until the symptoms stop.

Homeopathy For Miscarriage

These remedies can be taken in 30 or 200 CH potency every 1/2 hour diluted in a glass of water or one pellet a the time. Consult with a trained homeopath for best results.

Caulophyllum is recommended to women who have had miscarriage in the past and whose uterine muscles are weak.
It helps for bleeding from the uterus during pregnancy accompanied with severe uterine spasms. The woman may also suffer from a trembling physical weakness in the body.

Cimicifuga helps women with threatened miscarriage in the third month. Uterine cramping pains move from side to side, and tend to radiate left to right, or down to the thighs. There is often nausea and dizziness.

Secale helps those women who have heavy flows of a dark looking blood. The pain forces the woman to bear or bend down.

Sepia helps those women who have a tendency to get miscarriages during the fifth to the seventh month of a term of pregnancy. There can be extreme and severe itching sensations in the vulva which can trigger the miscarriage. The woman is exhausted all the time with aversion to company.

If she already miscarried, I would recommend fertility tea to help her regain strength and prepare for another conception.

Many Blessings!

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