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No Menses

by Donna
(Birmingham UK)

I haven't had a period for 2.5yrs I have spotted occasionally for a day I am looking into IVF.

Is there anything that I can do to help my menses.
I am 46 and my husband is 38.


Hi Donna,

Being 46 your and not having had a period in over 2 years, the chances of ovulating naturally at this time are low. Also, a natural treatment would take 6-8 months to show results and I am not sure if you should wait that long.

The best herbal remedies used to stimulate ovulation is vitex agnus casutus. This herb is present in many fertility products like FertileXX. This remedy works best in women who have irregular periods, high FSH levels, luteal phase defect, absent periods after birth control, etc. It takes time to stimulate ovulation (3-6 months), but if you are 46, I honestly don't know if this type of treatment will work for you.

The best option would possibly be egg donor with IVF.

Talk to your reproductive endocrinologist about your options. Your fertility tests will reveals more information about your ovarian reserves, hormonal levels, etc.

If IVF is your best option, you can do many things to ensure success.

The most important one is to relax. I would recommend listening to the IVF Mind-Body Program.

Next, it is recommended to follow a detox program like the fertility cleanse kit to prepare your uterus for healthy implantation and pregnancy.

Also acupuncture will help increase your odds of having a successful IVF cycle.

I hope this helps you.

Fertility Blessings!

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