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No Periods But Negative Test After Failed IVF

by S ramesh
(Manchester, UK)

I was supposed to undergo IVF last month but since my eggs didn't fertilize it was not successful.

i had my period but its delayed by 8 days now, mine has always been regular ! I took a couple a pregnancy tests but no luck.

Any idea why has there been a delay this time?


You need to talk to your doctor to get a more specific reason related to your case as the reason could vary depending on your situation.

1. Pregnancy Still Possible

If you think you might be pregnant, wait 48 hours and take another test as it could be just to early for a home pregnancy test to be able to detect hCG levels.

2. Too Much Stress

It is possible that you might be under stress as a result of the missed IVF and this stress can cause delayed periods. If you are very stressed and need a way to calm down and relax, get this IVF Mind Body ProgramCD/downloadable meditation.

Women who chose IVF have great results with this program as it really helps them get through their IVF cycles with easy and increase their rate of success. I recommend it to every woman who is using IVF to conceive because it really makes a big difference when it comes to been able to effectively release stress.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Some women do report missing their periods as a result of taking fertility drugs while going through IVF cycles. Talk to your doctor about being late with your period. Some doctor may offer a blood test, which is more accurate in detecting early pregnancy.

Many Blessings!

Comments for No Periods But Negative Test After Failed IVF

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negative blood test no period
by: Zee-R

Hi everyone, this is my 4 time to go for IVF treatment, all of them are failed, on my last tempt, after day 15 and day 18 I had blood tests both of them are NEGATIVE, On day 18 I see a little brown spotting I thought maybe my period is start but after that no blooding no spotting, before on my 1st -2nd and 3rd ivf treatment my period started on day 9-10 but this time is different, I have sour breast, dry mount and also sharp breathing when I am talking, walking or doing some work,and still no period today in day 19. Please help me what is going on.


Hi Zee-R,

You need to report your symptoms to your doctor, maybe another pregnancy test may be required. There are many reasons why you maybe experiencing those symptoms. I am sure your doctor will be able to help you.

Many Blessings!

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