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No sperm 4 months after vasectomy reversal


My husband recently had his vasectomy reversed. He has 2 daughters from previous relationships and we are now wanting to have children together. He had the vasectomy reversed in October of 2011.

When having it reversed he was told everything looked good and that there were live sperm on both sides when they tested the fluid. He recently went in and had a semen analysis done and it came back no sperm.

The doctors are suggesting we redo the vasectomy reversal (at our cost of course). I dont want to have to put my husband through that again if there is something else we can do.

I have ordered fertilaid for both of us to take. Is there anything else he should be taking to help this problem? We are going to have him retested in a couple of months and would love a better result.

Please help, Thank you!


FertilAid is an excellent fertility supplement that helps address any nutritional and hormonal imbalance related to sperm production.

CountBoost and MotilityBoost when taken in conjunction with FertileAid for men support the body in making healthy sperm again.

Re-testing within a period of 3 months after beginning supplementation is ideal to give the body enough time to produce healthy sperm. Please, consider that the body needs approximately 3 months to produce sperm, so there is no point in testing too soon.

If the problem is more mechanical due to the actual reversal surgery, there is very little that can be done naturally.

Having said that, in most cases the problem could be due to the formation of scar tissue as a result of surgery. This can cause a blockage for the sperm to exit. If this is the case, homeopathic remedies could help the body decrease scar tissue.

These remedies are:

Thiosinaminum 6X or 6C and Silica 6X. To work these remedies should be taken 3times daily on an empty stomach for a minimum of 3-4 months. Most health food stores in Canada carry these remedies or will order them for you. For best results, consult with a homeopath in your area.

Fertility Blessings!

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