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Non Dormant Ovaries

by Nicole Burns
(Olathe Kansas)

My name is Nicole and I am only 22. For the past three weeks I have been having some abdomen pain not to the point where I'm keeling over but the only way that I can describe the pain is mild contractions. The pain will be there for 30 sec to 1 min then gone for about five min then they return. Also I have been experiencing breast swelling to where I went from a B to a D in three weeks and they are in constant pain to where I can’t wear anything but a wire free bra. Well I went to the doctor and she had done an internal ultra sound and she told me that both of my ovaries are non-dominant. My question is what does it mean when you have non dominant ovaries, and am I still fertile? And will I have problems conceiving? Also can I do anything to increase my chances to get pregnant with both ovaries being non dominant?


Hi Nicole,

Non-dormant ovaries means that the ovaries are producing follicles. When one matures at ovulation, an egg will be released and you can get pregnant. You need to ask your doctor to explain more on what she means by non-dormant ovaries as this may also refer to the production of many follicles that cannot mature. Ask your doctor to give you a full explanation of her findings and what this means to your ability to conceive. If she has recommended a full hormonal profile, she will be able to correlate your symptoms with your medical history, menstrual cycles and ultrasound report.

In general during the first half of the menstrual cycles, many eggs respond to the increase of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). While normally a number of follicles would start developing but most die, leaving only one to grow to maturity, it is possible for
many follicles continue to grow but do not develop to full maturity.

After growing to an intermediate stage of development they stop growing and begin to produce estrogen. The increased levels of estrogen stimulates the body to produce luteinizing hormone (LH) by the pituitary gland to stimulate the rupture of the egg form the ovary, but there is no mature follicle ready to release an egg. The reason the estrogen levels are high is because there are many follicles making estrogen. This condition is referred to as estrogen dominance.

In order to help you learn more about your ovulatory cycles, you should begin monitoring your cycle by doing fertility charting.

To learn more about how to chart your cycle and get pregnant, download my FREE guide here.

If you are ovulating regularly each month you should be able to conceive.

If you are preparing for conception, the best way to start is by following the fertility diet guidelines and following a complete fertility cleanse for at least 2-3 months before trying to conceive.

A fertility cleanse is one of the best natural ways to create hormonal balance and support your body eliminating excess estrogen that is at the base of many infertility issues. Women with ovulatory disorders find great relief from cleansing and notice that within 3 months they cycles begin to regulate with less pain and inflammation.

Of course, you should not try to conceive while doing a fertility cleanse and you should not take fertility drugs. If you are on any other prescription medication, talk to your doctor before doing a cleansing.

To ease abdominal pain and ovarian pain, the best natural therapy is doing self-fertility massage with castor oil therapy.

These safe and easy to perform techniques help increase blood flow to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes, helping women ease menstrual and ovulatory dysfunctions and prepare for pregnancy.

Fertility Blessings!

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will fertility cleanse help bring back my period?
by: Anonymous

I have not had my period for 6mnths- now I am 46 years old, but they had been pretty regular and they abrubtely stopped. I had no other symptoms except my period kept me lubricated and now there is no mucus at all. My FSH is very high but I do not feel like I'm in menopause and would like to bring my periods back to keep my cervical mucus coming. I have been under lots of stress. Will this help at all?

Missed Periods At 46
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

The fertility cleanse helps any woman who has hormonal imbalance and needs to bring balance back into her body. If you are meant to get your periods back, cleansing will help eliminate excess hormones that cause poor hormonal balance and supress ovulation. At 46 your hormonal production begins to fluctuate naturally. When to this delicate balance you add stress and toxicity, your period may stop altogether.
Since you reported having high FSH, this is an indication that your ovarian reserves are decreasing as it takes higher levels of FSH to stimulate the ovaries to mature an egg.

After the cleanse it is often a good idea to support the menstrual cycles with herbal remedies like Maca that supports the endocrine system by increasing libido, fertility and even helping during the phase of transition to menopause naturally.

Another excellent herbal remedy that is very safe and well tolerated by most women is Vitex agnus castus, known for its ability to balance FSH/LH and support progesterone production in relation to ovulation. Many cases of missed periods have been successfully addressed using this herb. Of course this herb needs time to act and will only support the body naturally.

Poor vaginal lubrication is also an indication of hormonal fluctuation, possible low estrogen and progesterone. This is common during peri-menopause. FertileCM is a natural supplement designed to stimulate increased cervical mucus production, it also improves the lining of the uterus helping prevent stagnation in the pelvic area.

If stress is the cause of you missing your periods, consider that you may need to seek advice from a qualified practitioner as this is a symptom of a more rooted issue.

Many Blessings!

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