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Non Obstructive Azoospermia

by Har

I am 29 yrs old. I have non obstructive azoospermia and my FSH is 33.9 and I have small testis.

I had a bilateral varicoceles surgery 6 months back, but as my FSH is very high and allopathy doctors have told I may never become father. I want to try homeopathy is there any treatment for my problem in homeopathy?

If yes I want to know what is the treatment.

Thank you


Non-obstructive azoospermia accounts for 60% of all cases of azoospermia and it occurs when there is a problem with the production of sperm. It is often the result of hormonal imbalances.

Homeopathic medicine may be able to help in stimulate sperm production and help regulate high FSH levels.

Within the testes, the sertoli cells, whose function is to support the spem cells in their development is activated by FSH. FSH levels are tested in order to assess testicular function. When serum FSH are high, the reason for the azoospermia is testicular failure.

High levels are due to the inability of the testes to produce inhibin, a hormone which normally suppresses FSH levels in order to maintain normal levels. A high FSH level is usually diagnostic of primary testicular failure, a condition in which the seminiferous tubules in the testes do not produce sperm normally, because they are damaged.

Varicocele can cause this type of damage. Primary testicular failure can be partial or complete.

Partial testicular failure is when there are areas of sperm production in the testes, even with high FSH. Homeopathic medicine can potentially work in this case. If primary testicular failure is complete, the prognosis is very poor.

My advice is to find a qualified homeopath near you that can take your case (entire medical history, constitutional make up, symptoms, libido, and other) in order to best
suit the homeopathic treatment to your specific situation.

Consider that homeopathic treatment should be followed for a minimum of 4 months before noticing a significant increase of sperm count necessary to be able to achieve pregnancy. Best results are obtained when homeopathy paired vitamins and healthy life style are maintained for 6-9 months. Please note that not all cases can be successfully resolved with homeopathy, but in my opinion it is definitely worth trying.

Non obstructive azoospermia is a dysfunction within the testes causing difficulty in producing viable sperm.
The production of sperm depends on the following:

1. The presence of the germinal cells in the testes

2. Proper hormonal support: FSH and testosterone

The inability to produce sperm depends on:

1. Undescended testicles

2. Vascular trauma to the blood vessels of the testes

3. Varicocele causing the veins in the testes to enlarge and become swollen.

Homeopathic medicines can address all of these condition with specifically selected remedies. To learm more about possible homeopathic remedies to treat azospermia and varicocele, read my article on Increase Sperm Health With Homeopathy.

Besides homeopathy you should also make sure to follow a healthy life style by eating a diet that helps and supports hormonal balance.

For example, supplementing with fertility vitamins like FertilAid products can help support sperm production and support health hormonal production.

Also avoid chemicals, electromagnetic pollution by not carrying a cell phone or a laptop computer close to your genitals. Avoid high temperature and constrictive underwear. Avoid process foods, hydrogenated oils, alcohol and cigarettes.

Eat lots of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables (stay away from pesticides). If you eat meat, make sure it's antibiotic and hormone free.

Take a tablespoon of bee pollen daily and take maca supplements. Read my article on making a fertility smoothie to increase fertility.

Fertility Blessings!

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Azoospermic patients with primary testicular failure
by: Sorina

Nothing works for primary testicular failure. It is a condition that cannot be healed.

non obstrctive
by: raaja

I have 2 to 3 sperms in my semen I getting FNAC testies which smear shows dispersed sertoli cells admixed with leydig cells and germs cells and differentiation upto the stage of spermatids and no sperms seen please help.


Hi Raaja,

The problem is in the maturation of the sperm. This situation is often called incomplete spermiogenesis. The low sperm and immature sperm is often related to congenital problems or hormonal issues related to many causes including:

Poor hormonal balance
Toxic environment
Poor diet
Trauma to the area
Lack of zinc, vitamin C, E and selenium in the diet.

Consider consulting with a good homeopathic doctor in your area to discuss treating the underlying cause of your problem. If the cause cannot be found talk to your doctor and discuss your options. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be utilized in cases of immature sperm.

Many Blessings!

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