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Normal Thyroid Levels for Fertility

Normal thyroid levels refer to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates the body metabolism.
The thyroid gland produces two types of hormones Thyroxin (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3). In the liver, T4 is converted by using iodine and the amino acid Tyrosine into T3, which is the active form.

These hormones are very important in the human body because they regulate proper metabolic function and affect reproductive health. When the thyroid gland is out of balance, regular ovulation may not happen each month leading to thyroid infertility.

The thyroid gland is under the control of the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which is secreted by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is controlled by the Thyroid Releasing Hormone (TRH) released by the hypothalamus.

The following video shows you how normal thyroid levels control thyroid hormone production.

Thyroid TSH Levels

In order to diagnose thyroid problems, your doctor will most likely order a TSH blood test. Elevated TSH levels indicate that the thyroid gland is underactive and you will most likely be given the diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

If the thyroid TSH levels are low, hyperthyroidism is instead a most likely diagnosis. Normal TSH range levels are between 0.3 and 3.0 and when the thyroid is assumed to be functioning well.

Many practitioner, especially when fertility and pregnancy are concerned, prefer to see TSH levels less than 2.

If common symptoms of thyroid disease are experienced, treatment will be recommended. Besides TSH blood test, two more tests are also performed to measure the levels of thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

By determining the amount (total T3 and T4) of these hormones and their availability in the blood (free T3 and T4), it is possible to better understand what type of treatment is required in each individual case.

Mineral Deficiency and Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland required iodine and selenium and major co-factors in its function to regulate metabolism. If these nutrients are missing, the thyroid cannot properly function.

Hypothyroidism is often very high in populations whose diet is very low in selenium but most importantly in iodine. The diet plays a very important t role in regulating thyroid function and maintenance of thyroid balance.

If you are borderline hypothyroid, where the TSH levels are within the normal range but you are experiencing common symptoms, following a good thyroid diet may be the way to go.

Women's Health and Thyroid Function

What seems to contribute to a sluggish thyroid gland and then to hypothyroidism is estrogen dominance.

Estrogen replacement therapy, fertility drugs and estrogen dominance decrease the function of the thyroid gland.

The effect is felt in the entire endocrine system leading to female hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycle irregularity and infertility.

Normal Thyroid Levels for TSH

Thyroid function is measure base of the TSH range of TSH blood test. The normal thyroid levels for TSH used to be from 0.5 to 5.0. After clinical studies, in 2003, the TSH range has been revised to 0.3 - 3.0 as normal TSH levels.

If you are trying to conceive, a normal level of TSH for conception should be lower than 2, that is what many reproductive endocrinologists prefer to see. Hypothyroidism is present when elevated TSH levels are present.

Normal Thyroid Levels for T4

Total T4 levels should be approximately 4.5 to 12.5. A low T4 level with High TSH indicates hypothyroidism.

Free T4 normal range is approximately 0.7 to 2.0. If the value is low, it indicates f hypothyroidism.

Normal Thyroid Levels for T3

Total T3 levels should be approximately 80 to 220. Hypothyroidism is suspected when values are less than 80, while hyperthyroidism if over 220.

Free T3 levels should be approximately 2.3 to 4.2. When values are less than 2.3, hypothyroidism is most likely.

Thyroid Antibodies

When antithyroid antibodies, antithyroglobulin antibody (TgAb), are present in the blood, the thyroid gland is malfunctioning and this can affect implantation of the embryo potentially causing early miscarriage. Many women who suffer from infertility do not know that this is happening to them.

This is why it is important to test for antithyroid antibodies. This type of test is performed in cases when normal thyroid levels are present, but symptoms of thyroid disorder are present.

If you are trying to conceive and want to learn more about normal thyroid levels consider the following points:

1. Many women have borderline thyroid conditions by experiencing symptoms of thyroid disorder with normal thyroid levels.

2. Undiagnosed thyroid conditions can affect both mother and child during and after pregnancy.

3. Women who have elevated TSH levels are at increased risk of delivering preterm.

Normal Thyroid Levels During Pregnancy

During a normal pregnancy, the thyroid TSH levels should be as follow. These value apply to those that do not present autoimmune antibodies and have sufficient levels of iodine.

Normal TSH Levels during the first three months of pregnancy: 0.24 - 2.99.

Normal TSH Levels during the second trimester of pregnancy: 0.46-2.95.

Normal TSH Levels during the last three months of pregnancy: 0.43 - 2.78.

Affects On Normal Thyroid Functioning

The following are potential factors that prevent normal thyroid levels:

1. Exposure to enviromental toxins like chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, electromagnetic radiation. Mercury fillings and drinking chlorinate and fluorinated water.

Bromide/bromine present in food products like baked goods, can negatively affect the thyroid gland. An increase in plasma bromine, in fact, can cause an increase of TSH probably by inhibiting thyroid gland activity.

2. Genetic predisposition.

3. Mineral deficiency like iron, selenium, zinc, iodine, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc...

4. Autoimmune disorders.

5. High levels of stress.

6. Infections.

7. Adrenal insufficiency.

8. Estrogen dominance.

9. High levels of prolactin.

10. Diet high in refined grains, soy, alcohol, coffee, and hydrogenated oils.

Common Symptoms of Thyroid Disease


Hypothyroidism is diagnosed as a result of the under activity of the thyroid gland when high TSH levels are present.

The thyroid gland functions under its normal capacity and the pituitary gland pumps high levels of TSH in the attempt to stimulate the thyroid gland to work. Hypothyroidism is related to infertility because it causes difficulty with ovulation.

Women who suffer from underactive thyroid symptoms experience heavy bleeding during menses, anovulatory cycles, fairly long cycles. In women where the levels of serum prolactin are high, as a result of low thyroid function ,symptoms of amenorrhea can be present.


Hyperthyroidism seems to affect fertility in causing frequent miscarriages even in normal menstrual cycles.

Overactive thyroid symptoms are usually present when low TSH levels are present. The diagnosis of hyperthyroidism is made my measuring serum Thyroxine.

What Is Euthryoid

This is a medical term used to indicate that normal TSH levels are present but the woman is experiencing symptoms of thyroid disorder. This is also related to unexplained infertility cases.

Natural Thyroid Treatment: Herbal Remedies For Thyroid Problems

Herbal remedies can be very effective in treating thyroid problems especially when used in conjunction with a healthy diet that supports thyroid function.

Here you can find more information on:
Natural Thyroid Remedies and Natural Thyroid Treatment.

The Thyroid Diet

If you would like to know more about thyroid dysfunction and diet, The Natural Thyroid Diet is a great ebook and companion for thyroid health. The foods that you eat can be affecting the functioning of your thyroid gland.

By learning what food you should eat and which one you should avoid in order to balance and support your thyroid gland you will feel better and get pregnant! It is quite simple, if you know how to do it.

The natural thyroid diet e-book is a good way to start. This easy to follow program was developed by Louise O'Connor, a leading high profile Naturopath from Australia that is considered an authority on natural thyroid health. Reading these information can change your life by giving you vibrant health, energy and increase your chances of conceiving.

Fertility Blessing!

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