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Omega 3 Fish Oil For Conception & Pregnancy

Essential Fatty Acids are Necessary for Conception, Pregnancy and Baby's Development

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are so important while TTC because:

1. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids increase fertility in both man and women.

2. Maintain a healthy pregnancy.

3. Prevent postpartum depression.

4. Ensure adequate milk supply for baby's brain development during lactation.

It is important to supplement with Omega 3 EFAs before you get pregnant and especially if you are having difficulty conceiving, because a deficiency can be critical to your reproductive wellness.

If you are already pregnant or breastfeeding, there is nothing like the present moment to start supplementing with Omega 3 fish oil and EFAs.

These important nutrients cross the placenta and are present in breast milk, so it will not take long to help your baby's development.


Omega-3 EFA help your body:

In Women:

1. Regulate hormones and your cycle.

2. Increase fertile cervical mucus quality.

3. Stimulate blood flow to the reproductive area.

4. Promote healthy ovulation.

In men:

1. Promote sperm health and motility.

2. Decrease blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

3. Support prostate function.

4. Addresses erectile problems.


During pregnancy Omega 3 EFAs are important for baby's brain, kidney, eye and hearth development. Studies have shown how baby's IQ increases if their mother supplemented with Omega 3 EFA during pregnancy.

Many neurological and heart congenital birth defects can be possibly be prevented by simple supplementation during pregnancy. There is no prove to support this but studies show how nutritional deficiencies in the mother during pregnancy can affect the baby.

Omega 3 EFAs are important for pregnant women because it decreases the risk of miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, low birth weight, and premature delivery.

How to Select a Good Omega 3 Supplement

Omega 3 is the name given to the fatty acids present in fish oil. Fatty acids are the fat building blocks your body needs. The human body can make certain type of fatty acids but not all.

Essential fatty acids are called so because the body needs them to maintain optimum health , but they body cannot make them, you need to get them from your diet or dietary supplemental. T

here are two main types of Omega 3 fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These are also called long chain fatty acids.

The reason why fish oil is the best source of essential fatty acids is because they are of this type and easily utilized by the body.

Omega 6 fatty acids are also very important for your diet and they are found in plants and animal fat. Modern diet is usually rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, but very low in Omega 3. Consuming only plant sources of essential fatty acids will not be sufficient because the body cannot transform then, as easily into long chain fatty acids.

When looking into Omega 3 supplementation, make sure it contains DHA and EPA with tocopherals (vitamin E) and that do not contain toxins, like mercury.

Also, it is best to look for a product that has been designed for women who are trying to conceive, pregnant and breastfeeding moms in order to make sure they are absolutely safe and that they contain the correct amounts for optimum health during this very important type of a woman's life. 

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Fertility Blessings!

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