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Organic Whole Food Vitamins

by Heather

How do I know my vitamins are made of organic whole food vitamins?


Organic whole food vitamins have the following properties:

1) They have no synthetic or isolate ingredients.

2) They contain only organic whole food vitamins derived from plant and mineral sources.

3) Organic whole food vitamins include minerals that are not made from rocks.

4) They do not include any chemical, fillers, additives.

5) They use a vegetarian formula.

Vitamins should be only a way to supplement your diet, not a way to substitute your diet. In order to have whole food vitamins in your diet you should eat lots of organic fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts. You can make organic dried fruits and add organic cereal and organic nuts and seeds for power snacks.

Avoid process foods, drink healthy herbal teas (herbs are rich in minerals) and take tissue salts to help your body absorb the minerals you intake. Also taking digestive enzymes ensures that you can actually metabolize and properly absorb all the healthy food and vitamins that your are taking.

Most vitamins are made using synthetic ingredients, which are chemical substances that have been produced in laboratories to have the same molecular structure of natural vitamins. I believe that the human body was built to absorb nutritional substances from food.

A good healthy diet is a must to maintain optimum health during conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Many Blessings!

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Organic Whole Food Vitamins and Healthy Nutrition
by: Maria

You can find organic whole food vitamins for fertility and pregnancy here if you are interested:

Baby & Me Prenatal Vitamins

Many Blessings!

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