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OvaCue Fertility Monitor is 98% Accurate!

Detect Ovulation 7 Days In Advance And Get Pregnant Fast. Ovacue Fertility Monitor is FDA approved as medical device to detect fertility and help achieve conception naturally.

The OvaCue has been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in predicting and confirming ovulation.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor can be very helpful if you have been trying to conceive for a while and are getting a little worried about your fertility. If this is your case, Ovacue can help you determine your fertile days with 98% accuracy and give you a sense of power over your fertility.

"During my first month of using the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, I realized that I had been miscalculating my fertile days for over 6 months. I could have conceived a lot sooner!"

OvaCue is a very popular ovulation fertility monitor that helps detect the subtle changes in your hormones before ovulation occurs.

I honestly prefer OvaCue to the traditional urine ovulation tests because it measures your estrogen surge more efficiently and it lets you know way in advance when your body is preparing to ovulate.

Even if traditional urine ovulation tests are useful because they measure your luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, they cannot confirm ovulation and many women, depending on when they measure their LH during the day may miss the LH surge because it is sudden and short-lived. 

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

When you are trying to conceive you only have one chance a month as the egg is viable for only 12 hours. By the time when you notice the LH surge, it could be too late and you can easily miss your window of opportunity for that month.

Remember you need do have sex just before the egg is released, not after. You do not want the egg to be too old and you want to have lots of healthy sperm to be able to fertilized it.

Don't get me wrong, measuring your LH surge is a useful piece of information and you can use this method in conjunction with OvaCue Fertility Monitor if you like, but if you are struggling with your urine fertility monitor or if using fertility sticks is not for you, Ovucue Fertility Monitor is a much better way to detect your fertility window as far as five days in advance.

This gives you lots of time to plan intercourse, especially if you have a busy schedule. This is often key in many couples.

Many women prefer Ovacue because there is no need to keep buying strips each month, even if traditional urine ovulation monitors like Clear Blue is also a good fertility system.

The problem is that most women need to test more often during the day (morning and evening) in order to ensure not to miss the LH surge. This is not often very practical.

Whatever fertility monitor you choose, you should also monitor your basal body temperature and chart your fertile mucus changes during the month.

If you are using Ovacue Fertility Monitor, you do not need to do this extra work, but I recommend that you do.

No device on this planet will make up for you learning how your body and your fertility works! In order to be successful, you need to use Ovacue or any other ovulation monitor as a tool and not as a short cut.

How Does Ovacue Fertility Monitor Work?

OvaCue Fertility Monitor works by detecting the steady increase of estrogen before ovulation.

By monitoring the gradual raise of estrogen, you have more time to prepare for intercourse. Here are the differences between OvaCue Fertility Monitor and Traditional Urine Ovulation Tests:

1. Urine ovulation tests measure the LH surge that lasts only for 24-48 hours.

2. Ovacue measure estrogen increase, which occurs gradually over a period of 5-7 days.

3. Uterine ovulation tests use urine, while OvaCue uses saliva making it easier for many women.

4. With OvaCue Fertility Monitor you need to test once a day only.

5. Ovacue is very accurate (98.3%), affordable and portable.

OvaCue is a quite sophisticated piece of equipment which is portable, small and very easy to use. It measures the chances of the estrogen content in your saliva on a daily bases by measuring electrolyte changes which are caused by an increase in estrogen.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor can tell you when you will be most fertile right as your estrogen levels start to increase giving you enough time to plan intercourse and allow lots of healthy sperm to be deposited before ovulation occurs.

Visit Ovacue Website

Because luteinizing hormone (LH) is always present in your urine, you need to detect when it surges.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor provides clear digital results so it does not require any guessing or interpretation. With urine ovulation tests that measure LH surge you will be always double guessing yourself in how thick the LH surge line is and this value will often change within the same day.

It happens quite often that you have a very big line in the morning and then absolutely nothing in the evening telling you that you have missed your chance. This is very frustrating for many couples because they cannot get together right away!

OvaCue is a type of ovulation predictor method that shows you when your estrogen level is rising, when it reached its peak and when it starts to decline.

In fact, with OvaCue Fertility Monitor, you can learn your daily fertility status (Low, High, Or Peak).

How to Use OvaCue Fertility Monitor

Simply place the OvaCue oral sensor on your tongue for five seconds. It will take only about one minute to view the test result. Your daily results are stored digitally in a memory storage database that allows you to analyze your fertility chart and detect any problems that need addressing.

The beauty of OvaCue is that your personal fertility data is electronically tracked for instant recall. In effect, OvaCue is both fertility test and electronic ovulation calendar!

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor requires no urine sampling and can be used for many years with no additional purchases required and it comes complete with the base unit, sealed oral sensor, carrying case, owner's manual, battery and a free pregnancy test. Ovacue is also a natural family planner.

During Conception, Timing Is Everything

Ovacue Fertility Monitor allows you to accurately detect your "peak fertility." This is very important because sperm should be present in your reproductive tract before the egg is released.

Since sperm lives for up to 5 days, you can time intercourse and never miss your ovulation!

As your estrogen levels increase you know that you are getting closer and closer to ovulation, you can continue to have intercourse until the estrogen levels start to decline and be sure to have covered you entire fertile window for each month.

Did you know that, even when you do everything correctly, you have only 20-30% chance of conceiving each month? With OvaCue you will have a greater advantage.

Many urine ovulation tests tell you when ovulation is about to occur or has already happened. Most couples need more sufficient notice to plan a pregnancy.

One of the reasons why I think OvaCue Fertility Monitor is indispensible for any woman trying to conceive is that its reliability takes the guesswork and the stress out of identifying your most fertile time.

You can plan your sexual activities well in advance for the best possibility to get pregnant.

The OvaCue tracks your hormonal changes and keeps a record of your data so that you can retrieve this information with a simple touch of a button. You can also download the information to your computer and use the OvaGraph software to track your cycles.

If you want to confirm the time of your ovulation you will want to use the optional vaginal sensor. This is great when you want to know if you have ovulated or if you want to avoid pregnancy.

The OvaCue Advantage

OvaCue is the most accurate fertility monitor and provides clear information that is very reliable. This will save you a lot of time and help you achieve pregnancy sooner. Each monitor comes with the oral sensor and you may purchase the optional vaginal sensor if you like. You can start using the oral sensor on the second day of your cycle, while you have to wait until your period is over to use the vaginal sensor.

The best time to test is in the morning before any drink or food. It is best to test everyday at the same time for consistency reading. After using the oral sensor for a couple of days as you get closer to your ovulation time, you will be alerted of your "Cue Peak," which is the highest value followed by a couple of low readings. This tells you that you are at the peak of you fertility curve.

If you use the vaginal sensor, make sure your period is completely over and try to used it each day at the same time either morning or evening. The vaginal sensor measure a low and a high value and you will see the vaginal sensor exactly telling you when ovulation has occurred.

This is very, very important!

I recommend buying this extra piece because you need to know if and when you ovulate, especially if you have low feertility or suffer from PCOS, short luteal phase, low ovarian reserve, or delayed ovulation due to stress, shift work, or frequent travel.

The Vaginal Sensor

I think that this part should not be optional but part of the entire system. This additional tool gives you the highest level of accuracy and what I like to call it: The OvaCue Advantage!

OvaCue Fertility Monitor is also very useful for women have long or short cycles.

If you suffer from irregular cycles due to PCOS, OvaCue Fertility Monitor can help you know if you are ovulating and when. Women suffering from this condition may have anovulatory cycles and when measuring only the basal body temperature, the chart looks very erratic with no clear temperature shift.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor is the solution for many other cycle irregularities and for women who travel or do shift work and cannot consistently measure basal body temperature. These factors can compromise you biorhythm and cause ovulation to happen either earlier or later than expected.

I hope you decide to get Ovacue to monitor your fertility, it is the best and easiest tool to use when it comes to natural family planning. It will save so much time and you cannot go wrong.

The Ovacue monitor is FDA-approved and it has also been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation in studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health.

This is why it is the most recommended fertility monitor by fertility specialists.

Many couples who have used it have been able to achieve conception in very little time. It is also a great tool for natural family planning and birth spacing.

"I am a firm believer in the OvaCue system to track ovulation. This tool can help any couple with a variety of fertility issues conceive naturally in a short period of time"

It will help you get pregnant even if you have endometriosis, irregular cycles, PCOS, or if regular temperature charting is difficult or impossible. OvaCue is so easy to use and very accurate. With this method for predicting ovulation most women achieve conception is as little as two months. I highly recommend it to every woman who desperately wants a baby, it will save you time and stress.

Happy fertility monitoring!

For more information visit Ovacue Website

Fertility Blessings!

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