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Ovacue Question

by Laura
(Pue, Pue Mexico)

It's the first month using Ovacue, my readings go from 64 the lowest to 124 the highest it says I was fertile when I have 96 is it normal, 'cause I see in the charts of the web page that it used to be between 250 -130 do I have to see a doctor...?


Hi Laura,

Make sure you have used Ovacue for an entire month before analyzing the results. It takes 1-2 months to really be able to tell if there is a problem with the readings. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly. If you are not sure, contact Ovacue customer support and get help.

They will be very happy to assist you. It is important that you are using the unit correctly.
There is not normal range in the electrolyte levels. Readings will vary from woman to women. What matters is detecting the peak fertile time.
You eventually want to see a high value around day 8-11 (depending on the length of your cycle). This value is your Cue Peak and indicates that your ovary has selected the dominant follicle that is preparing to release the egg in about a week. This is the time to begin having sex at least every other day until ovulation is confirmed.

Around day 14 you will the vaginal rise indicating that ovulation is now complete. If you have sex between these two values during the blue days your chances of conception will increase for that month.

The pink day is ovulation day. The best time is to have sex on or before this day.

If the vaginal reading should stay high for the entire cycle. If this does not happen, Ovacue will display a purple box telling you that there is a potential low progesterone issue. If this happens each month and you know you are using Ovacue properly, go see your doctor and have fertility testing done to check for hormone levels.

The first month is when the Ovacue measures your unique electrolyte pattern. The second month it will be easier once these data has been collected and stored.

I would recommend using Ovacue one more month before thinking of a problem.

Fertility Blessings!

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