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Ovarian Cyst Signs Symptoms

by Lori
(London, ON)

I am 27 years old and I had an ovarian cyst on the left ovary that was removed 3 years ago. I am now trying to conceive and I feel disconfort during ovulation. It is mostly on my right side. It is not necessary painful, but I am afraid about having an ovarian cyst again on the other side. What are the ovarian cyst signs, symptoms and concerns for somone who is trying to get pregnant naturally.

What prevetive therpies should I do to help my situation. Please advice.



Hi Lori,

Most women with ovarian cysts have no symptoms. In fact, most ovarian cysts are benign and small in size and pose no issues to fertility.

Usually ovarian cysts signs and symptoms begin to manifest when the cyst starts to grow and reaches a large size. As a cyst increases in size, the ovary becomes heavier and may feel pressure.

This can cause the cyst to rupture, burst, bleed and twist the ovary or fallopian tube. In all these cases you will feel intense pain and possible other symptoms, like bloating, lower back pain, pelvic pain during intercourse and during menses.

A large size can cause symptoms of:

1. Irregular menstrual periods

2. Heavier periods.

3. Infertility

4. Difficulty urinating

5. Constipation

6. Breast tenderness

7. Weight gain

8. Headache

9. Abnormal hair growth

Serious symptoms of ovarian cyst include fever, vomiting, acute pain and bleeding. In this case it’s required to go to the emergency room at once. Ovarian cysts can twist or rupture causing infections. Symptoms of fever, vomiting, nausea, shoulder pain, spotting, are signs of shock that require immediate medical care.

As far as infertility is concerned, having an ovarian cyst can cause problems with hormonal secretion by the ovary. This can cause problem with the menstrual cycle. Estrogen dominance can cause ovarian cyst to grow, so it’s important to prevent excess estrogen by following a healthy diet.

Avoid eating dairy and meat containing hormones and antibiotics. Avoid produce grown with pesticides and avoid drinking tap water that often contains by-products of drugs, chemicals and heavy metals.

I would recommend using the Ovarian Cyst Kit to help your case. This natural protocol should be followed for a minimum of 3 months in order to see improvements.

Fertility Blessings!

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