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Ovarian Polyp And Fertility

by Mukta

I am 32 yrs old & wanted to conceive I have a polyp in my left ovary due to which I get spotting regular now my doc has given me contraceptive pills to get this controlled but of no use also I got my ultrasound done that shows on left side a bowl is there which may be a intestine or a fallopian tube that has wrapped around. My doc has suggested laparoscopy.

Will I be able to conceive or not?


Hi Mukta,

An ovarian polyp is abnormal growth of tissue that develops on the surface of the ovary. There are two main types of ovarian polyps:

1. Pedunculated polyps that attach to the ovary through a stalk called pedicle

2. Sessile polyps attach themselves directly onto the ovary

Most of the time a woman who has an ovarian polyp will present no symptoms. This is usually the case when the polyp is small in size. They are most likely benign and are better left alone.

To keep them small it is important to follow the endometriosis diet.

If the polyp grows in size, it can expand causing cramping and bleeding.

Other symptoms may be excessive menstrual bleeding, PMS, bloating, back pain, bleeding during intercourse and in between periods.

Managing Of Ovarian Polyps

An existing polyp should be checked periodically, but that does not necessarily mean that it has to be surgically removed.

Surgical removal is an option for those who may have
a large ovarian polyp that it is causing abnormal bleeding.


Laparoscopy may be a good idea as the doctor will be able to go inside a really see what's happening. In some cases during laparoscopy, the doctor should be able to address any issue during that time, removing the polyp any endometriosis or abnormal masses.

I would not recommend birth control medication to treat your situation, but a more natural solution like natural progesterone therapy, herbal or homeopathic medicine.

Please, understand that abnormal growths in the reproductive organs and breast tissue may be triggered by high estrogen levels or by high xenoestrogen in your food, water and in your environment.

Because of this it is important to avoid excess estrogen present in commercial meat, dairy and eggs. Cleansing is also a very effective way to eliminate excessive estrogen and xenoestrogen from the body.

Please, consider consulting with a natural health practitioner in your area for support on this matter.

I believe you will be able to conceive, as you other ovary will produce healthy eggs, but a diagnosis by your doctor is necessary at this time. He or she will be able to check for endometriosis or endometrial cyst.

These type of condition can be treated naturally successfully.

Let me know how you are doing. Once you know the result of the laparoscopy, it will be easy to find a solution to your situation.

I am very positive that it will be easily solved.

Fertility Blessings!

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