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Pain During Sex Infertility

by Mrs.Reddy
(Hyderabad AP)

I have problem in intercourse. It's very painful. I have shown to lot of Drs but I did not get proper solution. What can I do?

Please think like a friend not doctor like money minded.


Proper Lubrication During Inrecourse While Trying To Conceive

The first advice I want to give you is to use lubricants. Inadequate lubrication during the arousal stage may cause painful intercourse. I would recommend using Pre-seed lubricant, which is sperm friendly and really great for trying-to-conceive couples.

There are some medications like Clomid that may cause drying up of the cervical mucus. If you are taking Clomid consider using Pre-seed to increase conception and prevent pain during intercourse.

Increase Vaginal Mucus During Intercourse And Ovulation

If you know you do not produce enough cervical mucus during ovulation and are not on fertility drugs, consider supplementing with FertileCM.

This supplement facilitates conception and can be taken with fertility vitamins.

FertileCM supports the production of cervical fluids naturally and safely. It also increases arousal and sex stimulation and hydration of the lining of the cervix. It also promotes healthy endometrial lining for successful implantation of the embryo.

Cause Of Painful Intercourse

If lubrication is not the problem, painful intercourse can be cause by many reasons. Your doctor should be able to evaluate your situation for conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, tilted uterus, undiagnosed chronic UTI, yeast infections, other types of infections.


In most cases, when doctors don’t seem to be concerned, the woman suffers from vaginism.

I will give you my wholehearted support based on my knowledge, but my answer is not meant to substitute medical advice. Please, make sure to go back to your doctor and ask for a diagnosis of your situation. Write down your symptoms in order to better guide your doctor to a proper diagnosis.

Here you find the support and the education you need to ultimately make the best health decision in partnership with your health care provider.

Vaginism is a condition that is not always spoken about and even properly diagnoses because there are no specific drugs for it.

The best type of treatment can be found in alternative medicine like homeopathy.

Vaginismus is a condition that consists
of involuntary spasm of the vagina that causes pain during sexual intercourse. Some women also feel pain during a vaginal examination.

Homeopathy For Pain During Sex

Homeopathic remedies, when appropriately prescribed by a qualified homeopath can really help this situation.

Consult with a homeopath, a healthcare professional experienced in the use of homeopathy for guidance on selection of the homeopathic remedy and dose that is appropriate for you.

The homeopath will ask you questions about the type of pain. For example, the pain is worse on entry and it can be described as sharp, deep, tightness, burning, etc.

It is also important to notice that a woman may experience pain during intercourse without any physical problem. In this case, the homeopath will ask you questions about your mental and emotional state to find the best remedy for you.

Good homeopathic remedies for veganism are:

Thuja for sensitive vagina and pain during sex due to polyps, venereal warts, and pelvic infections.

Magnesia phosphorica for spasms of the vagina.

Platinahelps those with extreme pain duringintercourse and vaginal examination. Constant pressure of the genital organs.

Sepia for pain during intercourse with tightness and bearing down pains and mental aversion to sex.

Staphysagria for pain during penetration even medical speculum with recurrent UTI and yeast infection that occur after marriage.

Kegel Exercise

Besides homeopathy, I would recommend practicing Kegel exercises to help tone the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles of the vagina.

Your pelvic floor muscles are those that stop the flow of urine while urinating. If you place your finger inside your vagina you should feel tightening while your pelvic floor moves a little upward.

Twice a day for 10 minutes tighten these muscles while sitting on the floor. Hold for 10 counts and relax. Repeat 50 times. Build up to 100 times. Then do quick Kegels by doing 10 Kegels in a row as fast as you can and then relax. Repeat 20-30 times. Increase the repetitions each day.

Some women may find help from the use of graduated dilators, which are inserted in the vagina to help increase the ability of the vagina to accept penetration without spasm. Your gynecologist should be able to provide more information on these devices.

Fertility Blessings!

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