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Pain On C-Section Scar During Pregnancy

by Rosemary
(East London)

Hi, I am 7 months pregnant and have pains on the previous scar where the c section was done is this something to worry about.


Hi Rosemary,

Probably there is nothing to worry about, but make sure to contact your midwife or your doctor’s office and mention about this. If the pain is not severe you can wait until your next prenatal appointment, but if it is really bothersome call your doctor just to be sure.

You can apply stretch mark cream to help relieve the pain. As you tummy gets bigger, your skin begins to stretch and causes pain as a result of adhesions and scar tissue due to the c-section. Also make sure to drink lots of water as dehydration can make your skin dryer.

Homeopathic remedies are very useful to women who are pregnant because safe, effective and non-toxic. To improve skin elasticity, StretchEasy Formula from Native Remedies is a homeopathic remedy containing tissue salts the body needs internally to provide balance and stimulate cellular and tissue repair. Homeopathic remedies and tissue salts are great for helping the body in its internal healing process. This formula prevents stretch marks by improving skin tone, flexibility and elasticity. This will help scar tissue even old scars because this formula contains remedies that support the body improves skin and connective tissue elasticity.

It is also suitable to prevent:

1. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

2. Water retention and swollen ankles.

For additional support to condition your skin to support elasticity and prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, adding StretchEasy Massage Oil will definitely help as it contains all natural herbal essential oils known to regenerate skin cells, while helping the skin retain moisture and nutrients necessary to promote healing.

Many blessings!

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