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Perifimbrial Contrast Loculation And Conception


I am 37 and DH is 45.TTC for 8yrs .I had uterine fibroid surgery in June last year and after the surgery I went for HSG. The result of the HSG shows:

1. The cervical canal is normal.

2. Focal irregular synechiae are noted at right uterine body.

3. The fallopian tubes are demonstrated bilaterally with spills but perifimbrial contrast loculations.

IMPRESSION: focal uterine synechia and perifimbrial adhension. The synechiae has been removed.

My doctor said the tubes are ok that I will conceive naturally with them, am not too comfortable with the result because I googled online and saw that perifimbrial contrast loculation is not too good.


What every woman wants to hear is free spillage guaranteeing clear opened fallopian tubes. Loculated spill may indicate small pockets of fluid that can possible indicate tubal adhesions causing a dilated appearance of the tube. This is not ideal, but it does not tell you that the tube is blocked and you cannot get pregnant.

My advice is to go back to your doctor and voice your concerns with him or her. Your doctor has access to the images and full report, plus he or she knows your case and can really tell you everything you need to know for your specific situation.
This makes a huge difference when you are worried about your prognosis.

What you can do naturally to help improve your situation is to follow the Fallopian Wise Remedy Kit to support your body in the healing process after surgery and prevent adhesions, toxins, and scar tissue from affecting your fallopian tubes.

The Fallopian Wise Remedy Kit is the most comprehensive natural treatment I know that addresses the problem of fallopian health form may many fronts like toxicity, infections, scar tissue, adhesions, low immunity, poor hormonal balance and poor blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

This kit when done in conjunction with fertility cleanse and self-fertility helps remove all the debris, fibrotic tissues and debris form the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries increasing the chances of conception.

By following this protocol you will learn how to apply self-fertility massage and castor oil packs to help break down scar tissue form your pelvic organs (uterus and fallopian tubes), decrease any adhesion and reduce pelvic inflammation.

Most women notice a great improvement of their situation after three consecutive months of usage. Some women may need more time, depending on the severity of the case. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the kit and regular use and consistency is key to obtain success.

Fertility Blessings!

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Perifimbrial Adhesion
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your response. I am already on FertilAid for women, FertileCM, Fertili Tea & Fertile Detox for the past 2 weeks. Do I still need to combine with Fallopian Wise remedy kit? I am scared of taking overdose & consuming too much drug at the same time.
Thank you for your quick response.


The Fallopian Wise kit is more specific for clearing the fallopian tubes, while the fertilaid products are more specific for increasing your overall fertility and helping you get pregnant.

The FallopianWise kit is a great addition to the fertilAid products you are taking because it includes different types of natural health therapies like self fertility massage and castor oil therapy that at very important in helping your body decrease and eliminate adhesions to the reproductive organs in order to help unblock the fallopian tubes.

The FallopianWise Kit also contains enzymathic therapy remedies and herbal remedies which are needed by your body in order to stimulate the removal of fibrin, responsible for scar tissue build-up and inflammation.

FertilAid products contain different remedies and vitamins, which are meant to support ovulation, hormonal balance and cervical mucus production to increase your ability to conceive.

Fertility Blessings

perifimbrial loculation
by: Anonymous

Can I take FallopianWise remedy kit while I am on fertilAi?
We are on little bundle for couple of fertilaid product.


Yes, you can follow the FallopianWise Kit in conjunction with all the fertilAid for women products.

Many Blessings!

Any side effects?
by: Anonymous

While using the fertility wise kit to unblock the fallopian tubes, does the fluid, debris and any other thing being expelled from the body via the vagina hurt like cramps, inflammation or do they get expelled from the body with painful side effects?


The herbal remedies and the self-fertility massage may stimulate a cleansing effect that can result in mild cramping. Reduce the frequency of this therapy for a week. This should go away in 7-10 days. If this continue, stop using this kit and talk to your doctor.

Many Blessings!

perifimbrial contrast loculation and conception
by: Mrs Nuhu

thanks for this good encouragement, I now one day I will become a mother.
thanks may God bless u.

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