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Perimenopause And IVF Preparation

by Elisa

I have just started getting off and on periods, and I was diagnose of perimenopause My husband 39 and I am 44. We have been trying over 10 years and still trying to conceive as I am writing to you.

Two years ago I had surgery with mayoma, and now I had my ultrasound done a month ago and seems that my left tube is blocked with hydrasalphinx, we are going to have the IVF soon but with my situation how can I go on with the procedure.

Can you help?


Hi Elisa,

During perimenopuase, your periods become irregular and you may not be ovulating regularly every month due to poor hormonal balance. This does not mean that you will not be able to get pregnant with IVF, the concern is the quality of your eggs.

Your reproductive endocrinologist will be able to assess your ovarian reserve after running a few tests.

To prepare for successful IVF treatment, you need to make good healthy eggs.

In order to do this, I would recommend taking 3 months before doing your IVF treatment to build good egg quality and create a healthy uterine environment for embryo implantation.

This can be accomplished by following a 2 step natural protocol.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first month follow the Fertility Cleanse Kit protocol to help your body eliminate toxins that cause hormonal imbalance.

The Fertility Cleanse Kit focuses on nourishing and balancing your uterus and your hormones. The benefits of cleansing are:

1. Support the liver in eliminating excess hormones and toxins. This creates hormonal balance.

2. Assists the uterus in cleansing out old blood, tissue debris and clots. This ensure healthy embryo implantation.

3. Supports the body's ability to reduce inflammation in the reproductive organs. This prevents miscarriage.

4. Promote increased circulation to the reproductive system. This supports embryo development and pregnancy.

Step 2: Build Egg Quality

The next 2 month (or until you begin your IVF treatment), follow the Improve Egg Health Kit

The Improve Egg Health Kit is designed to help increase the health of your eggs in preparation for conception and IVF. This kit contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fertility superfoods, and nutrients your body needs to create a healthy reproductive system, and support ovarian and egg health.

Benefits of the Improve Egg Health Kit:

1. Provide the body with all of the nutrients required for optimum fertility in their most bio-available state of whole food, so your body will have the best chance to absorb the nutrients needed for healthy egg production.

2. Provide critical antioxidants to the body to help protect your eggs from free radical damage so they will have the best chance for integrity, viability, survival, and fertilization.

3. Help to increase ovarian response rate, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients so you will have an increased chance of a successful IVF procedure.

4. Contains superfoods not normally found in the western diet, which have been used traditionally for centuries to improve egg health, increase chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Note:Do not try to conceive while doing the fertility cleanse as the toxins released may affect the baby in you do get pregnant.

You can try to conceive naturally if you want while doing the The Improve Egg Health Kit protocol. Some couples have cancelled their IVF as they got pregnant naturally while on this program.

Once you begin your IVF treatment discontinue taking any herbal products and follow you reproductive endocrinologist advise.

I hope this gives you a plan of action from where you can start and that hopefully will give you the desired results you and your husband deserve, having tried to conceive for so long.

Many Blessings!

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