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Perimenopause and Pregnancy

Hi, I'm 40 and been trying to conceive (ttc) for the past 3 year, but still nothing had happen and I was thinking of ordering the fertility kit.

Would I be able to use the fertility kit if I'm in a stage of pre-menopause and still ttc? Is there any bad side effect before or after using the kit?


During the pre or perimenopause, the menstrual periods may more irregular, either shorter or longer, but you are still producing eggs and can still get pregnant. If have not been able to conceive so far and your doctor has tested your hormone levels and everything looks normal, following a natural fertility enhancing program will be able to help increase the quality of your eggs and support regular ovulation cycles.

Perimenopause And Pregnancy

At 40 you still have 10-12 more good fertile years. Perimenopause is the period before the ovaries completely stop producing eggs. Menopause isn't technically reached until menstrual periods have ceased for one full year. Until that point is reached, Perimenopause and pregnancy is still a possibility.

The reason why many women over 40 cannot conceive or find it difficult getting pregnant is because the quality of the eggs declines with age.

The diminished egg quality with the resulting lower number of eggs often results in early miscarriages or inability to get pregnant at all.
Lower ovarian reserves can be tested by measuring FSH and estradiol levels on the third day of the menstrual cycle.
The newer antimullerian hormone test (AMH) may better indicate reproductive life. Low values in this test point to diminished ovarian reserves that can compromise your ability to conceive.

That’s why women over 40 and ttc can find help in natural fertility products.

I would recommend following these natural protocol to support your body in making healthy eggs. Consider that it will take at minimum of 3-4 consecutive months of regular use to often results.

Begin with the Fertility Cleanse Kit for 1-2 months depending on your level of toxicity. If you used to smoke, drank alcohol, lived in a polluted environment, took prescription medication, were in contact with hazardous chemicals anytime in your life, consider doing the fertility cleanse for two consecutive months for a maximum of three. Do not try to conceive during this time.

Follow the Improve Health Egg Eggs Kit to help your body make healthy eggs and get pregnant faster. If your ovarian reserves are low, follow this protocol until conception.

Follow the Self-fertility massage up until ovulation while ttc.

This easy to follow technique helps increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs. The eggs need lots of healthy, oxygen rich blood in order to make good eggs. Do not do the self-fertility massage during your period and after ovulation the months you are ttc.

Please download the FREE Guide to Fertility Charting and Natural Conception and make sure to target sex at the right time while charting your menstrual cycle.

Fertility Blessings!

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