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Pillow Under Hips To Get Pregnant: Does It Really Work?

by Vidhya
(Kerela trivandrum india)

By using the pillow under my hip after intercourse will this increase the chances of pregnancy or ?? What percentage to get pregnant by using this method??

Answer :

Hi Vidhya,

The missionary position (man on top) is often said to be the best position for conception because it allows the sperm to be deposited directly onto the cervix upon ejaculation. After sex, the woman should remain in bed laying down on her back with her hips raise by putting a pillow under her bum.

There is really no evidence that this method will increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it seems to help in the following cases:

1. Poor Sperm Quality

The male partner has low sperm count or poor sperm motility. By having sex using the missionary position, the sperm is deposited directly onto the cervix upon ejaculation. This should help the sperm get closer to the site of conception. There is really no evidence that this helps but most people think that it does.

2. You Want to Conceive a Baby Boy

Thismethis is useful for those who want to conceive a baby boy. Male sperm swims faster but do not live as long as female sperm within the woman’s reproductive tract. Male sperm carries the Y chromosome and female sperm carries the X chromosome. The Y chromosome is lighter and allows the male carrying it to swim faster and reach the egg first.

3. You Have Hostile Cervical Mucus

Hostile cervical mucus prevents sperm from swimming and also creates a more acidic vaginal environment that kills sperm and prevents pregnancy. The more sperm you receive during ejaculation the higher your chances of conception. I would recommend natural ways to helo improve fertile cervical mucus.

People recommend putting a pillow under the hips for 15-20 minutes after sex to prevent sperm to leak out, after this lapse of time leaking of sperm is Ok as by then the sperm have
already reached their destination in the fallopian tube to get ready to fertilize the egg.

Even if there is no evidence you can try it anyway. Honestly you do not even have to use a pillow, just lay down on your back will be sufficient.

When trying to conceive, there are also other issue to consider:

How Long Should You Stay

The time you need to stay in this position is in my opinion more important than using a pillow. It takes about two hours to make the entire journey to the egg. It is possible for sperm to reach the egg in 30 minutes, so the longer you can stay the better.

If ovulation has not occurred yet, the sperm will stay waiting until ovulation occurs. Sperm can remain within your reproductive tract for 3-5 days. So, the more sperm reach the fallopian tubes the higher the chances of conception.

Consider that the egg will survive for 12 to 24 hours after its release from the ovary. That’s why you need to have lots of sperm already there to make sure the egg is fertilized. You have a greater chance of conceiving if you time intercourse the day before ovulation.

Female Orgasm

Female orgasm is also said to increase chances of conception as it draws sperm towards the inside as the cervix contracts. During an orgasm contractions of the uterus help sperm swim towards the egg faster.

Time Of Penis Inside Vagina

Leaving the penis inside the vagina after ejaculation until it goes soft can increase your chances of conception as well.

Chances of Conception And Your Age

Your chances of conceiving using these techniques vary depending on your age and medical history. In general women who are younger than 35 have 20-35% chances of conceiving every month, women who are 40 have low chances of conception as low as 5% each month, but this depends on the quality of their eggs.

I hope this answers your questions.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Pillow Under Hips To Get Pregnant: Does It Really Work?

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If uterus is retroverse?
by: Anonymous

Regarding the "pillow under hips" technique, does this also go for when your uterus is retroverse? Should you have another position?

Conceiving Position For Tilted Uterus
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Lying on your stomach for 15-20 minutes after ejaculation to allow the semen to reach your cervix nay be better than laying on your beck if you have a tilted uterus.

Lying on your stomach, with a pillow under your pelvis, can help.

Also, making love from behind may allow the sperm an easier path to your cervix if you have a retroverted uterus.

Fertility Blessings!

by: trying now for first baby

Omgosh! Finally someone who explains it all in "SIMPLICITY"
Im was so tired of reading all these medical terms that I get confused about and the way u explained the sperm waiting on the ovulation was gr8! Now y is it so difficult to say it so simple. Ur simplicity was very clear. Thx hun and God bless :-)


I am glad that my explanation helped you!

Many blessing!

Help me
by: Ezra

We have married for 8 years without babay,for the past 7 mouth my wife has not pass her mensess and we are not seeing anything, we are vegetarians pleas what should we do, help us and God will bless you.


Hi Ezra,

There are many things to consider:

1. Are you ovulating?
2. Are you supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs in your diet?


The best way to know if you are ovulating is to chart you cycle by taking your basal body temperature BBT) every day and see if you notice a temperature increase during the second part of the month.
Get my FREE guide to help you understand how this works.

2. You say that you are vegetarian. The vegetarian diet is very healthy and I believe that if you are up taking all the nutrients that you body needs, you should be fine, but if you are underweight or not in taking enough proteins your body may shut down the menstrual cycle.

Please, review your diet by doing a daily journal to see if you have all the nutrients that your body needs to support life. Look online for vegetarian pregnancy and follow those guidelines.

Other causes for amenorrhea (missing periods) besides low body weight are early menopause, PCOS, stress, and hormonal imbalance.

I would recommend seeing a doctor and get some testing done, just to make sure there are no underlining causes that needs to be addressed.

Remember, natural health with diet, herbs and homeopathy offers a lot of help for example Vitex agnus castus is often used in herbal medicine to bring on the menstrual cycle and re-establish balance.

Many Blessings!

Age Factor gap
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the explanations! In the Age, section you explain the percentages for women under 35 and over 40. Is there a percentage range for the 35-40 age? This is where I am currently.


The percentage is just a guidance. These percentages come from studies done on women in these ages groups. I would like to point out that your age is relative to the health of your eggs and the balance of your hormones. There are woman over 45 who have healthy eggs and balanced hormones and can get pregnant with ease.

To know your chances of conceive, consider charting your cycle to see if you are ovulating regularly. If you are, your chances are good.

Many Blessings!

pillow positioning
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the advices you give here on understanding the body and conception. Can you please briefly describe how to place the pillow during intercourse to increase our chance of getting pregnant? Thank you.

Simply place a pillow under your hips to raise the angle so that your pelvic bones are higher than you ribcage. This way the sperm will not flow right out after love making.

If you need a visual image, search:

"pillow under hips during missionary"

online, you will get lots of feedback.

HELP !!! Ovulating The Day After!
by: Anonymous

Hello me and partner made love last night and I am ovulating today so does this mean I could get pregnant I also put a pillow under my pelvis and didnt move for about 10 minutes could this help me to get pregnant thanks for reading hopefully I can get some answers x


Your Changes of conceiving this month are high. The best time to make love in order to conceive is 24-48 hours before ovulation provided that you have lots of fertile mucus the sperm will live within your reproductive tract 3-5 days waiting for the egg to be released from the ovary.

All the best!

Want to get pregnant
by: Deepika

We are trying from last 3 months and I don't get pregnant. I am too much worry now.wats the reason behind it.


Hi Deepika,

It is very normal for couple to take a few months to conceive. Most couple under 35 conceive within 6-12 months.

Make sure to monitor your fertility and detect your most fertile time of the month to increase your chances of conception.

I would recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor.

Fertility Blessings!

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