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Planning For A Baby

by Parulsaxena


We are planning to conceive so should I need to take any fertility vitamins or anything else?

I am 32 and my hubby is 33 we are planning to have a baby last one month, but we are not successful.

Please, help me out should I need some medicine help?

Answer To Planning For A Baby:

The following is a list of things that are important to apply and to do when planning for a baby:

1. Take Fertility Vitamins

It both you and your husband are healthy and have not underlining medical conditions to boost your fertility you can certainly supplement with Fertility Vitamins. Fertility vitamins for both men and women are very important in preventing birth defect and miscarriages. They also support the production of healthy eggs and sperm. Women who take fertility vitamins before conception are more likely to conceive faster and have less problems during pregnancy. Vitamins are also very important for men to increase sperm count and improve sperm morphology and mobility.

2. Improve Your Life Style
There are many things you should change in your life style in order to boost your fertility. It is also to be aware that certain life style habits do affect fertility and should be avoided when planning for a baby.

For example, make sure both you and your husband follow a healthy life style by giving up smoking, drinking alcohol and drinking too much coffee.

Avoid excess heat and electromagnetic pollution from cell phone, TVs, computers, and other devices. Electromagnetic stress is known to affect sperm and egg quality. Men should wear only 100% cotton underwear and avoid overheating the genitals by using saunas or hot tubs.

In some cases detox can be a good idea. A toxic overload can decrease sperm health in men and cause menstrual cycle abnormalities in women, and can also interfere with the healthy development of a growing fetus. The liver and intestines are constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals and, at times, are not able to eliminate these compounds before they become locked away in the fatty tissues that are located throughout the body. Because of the heavy toll toxic compounds in your life style can cause on your fertility if they are allowed to build up in your tissues, it is necessary to remove these dangerous compounds from your body before conception.

3. Improve Your Diet

Increase your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetable (preferably organic to avoid pesticides). Avoid hydrogenated fats, process and fast foods.

Drink purified water and avoid tap water, which may contain heavy metals, fluorine
and chlorine. Eat only organically raised meat and dairy.

Do not cook or warm your food in microwave ovens. If you have to, avoid plastic containers. Make sure to store your food in glass or ceramic jars and absolutely avoid canned foods. Avoid plastic and plastic food packaging as they contain Bisphenol A, a substance known to cause infertility.

Check you cosmetics and personal care product. Look for paraben and phthalates -free products. Use only natural cosmetics. Make sure you household cleaning products do not contain chemicals that can affect your health and your fertility. Absolutely avoid herbicides and pesticides in your house. If you have to paint your walls make sure to get it done 4 months before trying to conceive and use paint that does not contains heavy metals of other toxic fumes.

Also, see your dentist and make sure you get all the dental work including x-rays a few months before conception.

4. Decrease Stress

If you have a high stress life, try to find ways to decrease stress. I believe that fertility yoga is one of the best and most effective ways to decrease stress and increase fertility while following a complete exercise program that helps increase flexibility, tone your muscles and prepare for a healthy pregnancy and labor all in one.

Yoga has the ability to alter your conscious state and allows your body to heal and relax at a very deep level. If meditation follows yoga practice provides additional benefit. Also, the yoga breathing technique helps increase oxygenation to your blood and increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs. This stimulates regular cycles and hormonal balance.

5. Chart Your Cycle

One last thing, to maximize your chances of conception each month make sure to chart your cycle. Please, download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting And Natural Conception to learn get pregnant faster by detecting your fertile window.

Fertility charting involves monitoring your basal body temperature, your fertile mucus and the position of your cervix in order to determine ovulation just before ovulation occur in a such a way that love making will lead to conception. If you really want to know when you are about to conceive and want to maximize your conception effects and plan your pregnancy, I recommend Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

This is, in my opinion one of the best fertility tools available to couples who want to conceive fast when planning for a baby.

Fertility Blessings!

PS: If you have not been able to conceive on your own, even after charting and taking fertility vitamins, make sure to talk to your doctor.

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