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Poor Egg Quality: 5 Ways To Reverse Poor Egg Quality Naturally

Poor egg quality is one of those problems women deal when trying to conceive either naturally or when going through IVF.

Have you ever asked yourself why women in their early thirties have poor egg quality, while other women get pregnant naturally in their forties and give birth to healthy children?

Is There A Secret Only Few Seem To Know?

The truth about poor egg quality is a complex matter and scientists are still trying to understand how it works, even if more and more evidence is suggesting that there is a lot a woman can do to improve her egg quality through life style changes, diet, supplements, herbs and homeopathy.

How to improve poor egg quality:

1. Balance Your Hormones.

2. Detox Your Liver

3. Support Your Ovaries with Diet and Antioxidants.

4. Counteract Xenoestrogens and Synthetic Hormones.

5. Eat Fertility Foods.

1. Balance Your Hormones

What About Egg Quantity and Hormones?

The eggs develop in a female embryo in large numbers, millions! This is before girls are even born. By the time they reach puberty the eggs decrease in number and continue to decrease until menopause.

But not matter how many ovulation cycles you have in your life time, you will still have lots of eggs left over.

Poor ovarian reserve does not mean that you do not have any eggs left, it means that they simply that they are no longer capable of maturing every month in order to be fertilized. This is referred to as poor ovarian function.

Poor Ovarian Function, IVF and Donor

One of the most frustrating problems in IVF today is that of poor ovarian response. IVF success depends on the quality and number of embryos transferred.

In order to have successful IVF cycles, women need to be able to grow good eggs in order to be able to select better the embryos to be transferred.

This is why women with a good ovarian response have much higher pregnancy rates than women with a poor ovarian response.

When even your fertility specialist tells you that your eggs are not good enough for IVF, you really have very few options left but egg donor.

Conventional medicine has no solution to poor egg quality. Natural health instead has a lot to offer and can help women in their 30s and 40s with poor egg quality improve their ovarian response and finally make good eggs.

Can You Conceive After Age 40?

Fertility specialists are really not interested in your chronological age, but rather they care more about your ovarian age. The ability to achieve conception at age 40 to 50 depends on hormonal fluctuation. Hormones are necessary to stimulate ovulation to occur.

The follicles contain immature eggs, these eggs need to mature in order to be released during ovulation. So, most of the time it is the hormonal fluctuations that cause poor ovarian response, not your age unless you are close to 50 and heading to menopause.

But many young women ages 30s and 40s are now diagnosed with poor ovarian response. These cases are not age related, they are hormonal related.

The first issue is to regulate the hormones. Levels of FSH go up because it takes a lot of hormone to stimulate an egg to be released. It is as if the communication system in the ovaries is impaired.

How To Balance Hormones Naturally For Improve Ovarian Response

When follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels are high, the ovaries becomes sluggish. One of the main functions of FSH is to regulate the ovulation cycle by stimulating the maturation of follicles, which contain the eggs.

As FSH from the pituitary gland begins to reach the ovaries in increasing amounts, many follicles are stimulating and start to grow. After a few days one follicle begins to become dominant and grows on the surface of the ovary.

At ovulation, this follicles releases the egg.

High levels of FSH are the result of or poor ovarian function, because the ovary requires higher and higher amounts of FSH in order to stimulate follicle development. This is what fertility doctors called poor ovarian response.

A natural approach to high FSH consists of herbal remedies like Vitex, known to lower FSH and help restore regular ovulation cycles by stimulating the pituitary gland in producing luteinizing hormone (LH). When LH increases sharply FSH decreases and ovulation is triggered.

2. Detox Your Liver

How Toxins Affect Poor Egg Quality

A very important issue is toxins in the body. As women grow in age, they accumulate toxins that can affect cells and tissues including the ovaries. In fact, your hormones are processed in your liver, which also has a detox function within the body.

If your liver is busy dealing with toxins everywhere else, it cannot make hormones effectively. The liver also regulates blood sugar balance and protein production. Proteins are necessary to make enzymes, which are necessary for every function in your body, from digestion to gene expression. Blood sugar fluctuations causes high levels of insulin in the blood in women whose ovaries are sensitive to this hormone stimulation leading to PCOS and poor egg quality.

So, can a Fertility Cleanse help women with infertility get pregnant? Yes, because the liver needs help so it can capable of metabolizing hormones, regulating blood sugar and make important enzymes.

3. Take Antioxidants and Improve Your Diet

Older Eggs and Genetic Defects?

The DNA in the eggs becomes less stable with age. But what about women who have been diagnosed with poor ovarian response at 35, while women at age 46 are giving birth to healthy babies and got pregnant naturally?

The difference is often in the level of antioxidants. Antioxidants keep the eggs younger and healthier.

If you do not have lots of antioxidants in your diet until now, can this be changed? Yes, it is possible to improve poor egg quality by changing your life style and eating specific fertility foods and most importantly by taking specific antioxidants.

Can You Reverse Poor Egg Quality?

New evidence from the scientific world is now showing that female mammals can actually make new eggs.

For a very long time, scientists have believed that every female mammal is born with all the eggs she needs. This is why women are told that their eggs age with them and the older a woman is, the lower the availability of healthy eggs.

This concept has been recently puzzled by a study at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, where it was discovered that female mice can actually make new eggs throughout their life.

Now we can ask, does this apply to all mammal females or only to mice? To answer this questions more studies need to be done, but more and more evidence is showing that it does.

More Scientific Evidence

Epigenetic is the science that studies the expression of genes, shows that the life style habits of parents and grandparents can actually affect the genetic expression in subsequent generations.

So, what you eat and what your ancestors ate is affecting how well your genes are expressed. Everyone knows that there are genes that relate to aging.

So, how fast you age depends on your life style and on the life style of your grandparents. Epigenetic means "On top of Genes." In fact a chemical process called mathylation manipulates the genes and their expression.

DNA methylation can be inherited either from the mother or from the father and contribute to a particular trait. This is why identical twins may have differences! Even if they have the same genome, they can exhibit non-similar characteristics, depending on whose parent epigenetic effects they have inherited.

Studies have shown how many epigenetic effects on children come from the mother's activities (stress, diet, exercise, etc.) during pregnancy. If mom is overweight, for example, the child's metabolic control to weight gain can be affected putting the child at risk for obesity or diabetes in the future.

This is why prenatal conception is very important!

Reversing Poor Egg Quality Naturally

The interesting and encouraging news is that the aging process can be reversed in most cases simply by following a certain life style, eating certain foods, and takings specific vitamins.

Another important point needs to be made. When I look at things poor egg quality from a holistic perspective, I can tell you that even if it takes a lot of research to convince the scientific community about what many alternative practitioners of acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine have been saying all along.

This is based not on scientific findings but on sound clinical observation. That's what they see in clinical practice: women in their forties, been told that they do not have enough eggs and that are not suitable for IVF unless they use an egg donor, getting pregnant again and again after following a special diet and doing specific things.

Most older women do not have a good supply of eggs, not because the eggs are old, but because they suffer from hormonal imbalance due to what they eat, how they live (toxins), and if they have been on ovarian suppressive medication like birth control pill.

Of course ovarian health cannot be increased beyond natural laws, but a woman, just like our grandmothers, should be able to get pregnant until she goes into natural menopause.

This is what they are biologically designed to do. Taking antioxidants specific for poor egg quality like, Wise Kit, is a very effective way to increase support ovarian health and increase egg production in number as well.

4. Counteract Xenoestrogens and Synthetic Hormones

Birth Control Pill And Poor Egg Quality

Since birth control pill has been introduced women have been able to avoid pregnancy simply by suppressing their ovaries.

Ovarian suppression makes your ovaries lazy because they are chemically stimulated by hormonal manipulation not to ovulate!

Bleeding when on birth control pill is called anovulatory bleeding and it is caused by the drop in estrogen and progesterone.

It has nothing to do with ovulation. In fact when a woman has been on birth control pill for years, it is as if she has been pregnant for all that time! It is no wonder that the ovaries have a hard time to kick back into gear.

Estrogen Dominance: Poor Egg Quality & Low Sperm Count

Many women also experience estrogen dominance due to high level of excess estrogen leading to poor egg quality.

This is a widespread condition that impairs ovulation and makes women's egg age faster. It is very important to avoid Xenostrogens while trying to conceive at any age.

Synthetic hormones can have a negative effect on gene expression. Unfortunately, many are constantly been exposed to hormones or hormone-like compounds in non organic dairy products, meats and produce.

Reports are showing how young girls are exhibiting signs of puberty at eight and nine years. Also, women are experiencing early menopause as a result of poor egg quality and hormonal abnormalities. These same hormone metabolites can cause breast, uterine and prostatic growth.

Another sad aspect of these is that men are affected as well and we see many young men suffering from hormonal disorders, low sperm count, poor sperm motility, erectile dysfunction, etc.

5. Eat Fertility Foods

Not many women know that what they eat can help increase the quality of their eggs. These type of foods are called fertility foods because they increase egg quality and production. Visit this page to get a list of Fertility Foods.

Fertility Blessing!

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