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Postpartum Natural Care

Postpartum can bring some challenges and many new mothers are not prepare to deal with postpartum discomfort and symptoms. Your postpartum care right after birth is very important.

Make sure to take it easy, rest as much as possible and eat very nutritious meals, especially if you are nursing your baby.

Healing After Giving Birth

Your first postpartum period will arrive about a month after your lochia has stopped, unless you are breastfeeding. In that case you should not expect to have a period during the first 6 month of nursing, Some women do experience light periods or irregular period during breastfeeding and you can still get pregnant. This article talks about the most useful herbal and homeopathic remedies to heal after giving birth.

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Postpartum Yoga For Mom And Baby

Postpartum yoga helps get in shape faster after giving birth. Yoga helps release stress, improve your mood and soothe your back and shoulder pain while nursing. You should wait at least 6 weeks postpartum before starting a yoga program if you had a vaginal birth. If you had a C-section, you need to wait longer.

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Postnatal Massage After Giving Birth

Having a massage is the beast way to get postpartum care. Massage has so many benefits and helps restore the uterus to its original position. Your registered massage therapist will be able to assess your needs and work on healing your body from birth. You should have your first postnatal massage session after 12 week of birth.

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Losing Baby Weight After Birth

Losing baby weight can be very challenging for may moms. Follow these 10 easy steps to speed up your postpartum weight loss naturally. There are natural remedies that can help you losing weight faster.

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Meditations for Fertility

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