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Preconception Planning & Bad Habits

by Jane
(Portland, OR)

I was taking solo slim for about six months to loose weight. My husband and I would like to get pregnant now and I am concerned about how this pill will affect my baby or chances of getting pregnant. How many months do you think my body needs to clear any traces of this supplement? I have already stopped taking it, started using natural deodorant and toiletries, and I'm taking vitamins. I also work out and eat healthy. This solo slim pill is my only concern. Thank you for any advice that you can offer me. Sincerely, Jane

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Detox Before Conception
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Jane,
Many practitioners recommend that every woman that wants to get pregnant should have at least a 120 days period of preconception care.

Preconception consists on taking vitamins, following healthy diet, practicing fertility yoga and relaxation.

The supplement you mentioned does not usually pose any danger as log as you discontinue before trying to conceive and should live your system within 30 days after stopping it. If you need more information contact the manufacturers of this product, they should be able to provide more information.

Herbal remedies should not be taken during pregnancy unless they have been specifically designed for pregnant women, like prenatal tea.

If you are trying to conceive herbal remedies can help increase your changes of conception without posing any risk if you get pregnant. Fertility Tea is very popular because it contains 100% organic herbs.

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