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Ovulation & Pregnancy Calculator Wheel

From Ovulation To Pregnancy Using The Nine-Month Pregnancy Wheel

A pregnancy calculator wheel can help you get pregnant while tracking your ovulation day and then to keep track of your pregnancy once you get pregnant. A pregnancy wheel is a simple but useful tool to keep track of your pregnancy.

It is mostly used by obstetrician or midwife to determine your due date, but it has so many uses for the pregnant woman as well.

Using a pregnancy calculator wheel helps you know in advanced what it will happened with your pregnancy and be informed about what prenatal tests you are expect to be doing and when.

The pregnancy wheel provides day to day information on your pregnancy milestones and it is also useful if you are trying to conceive. It points out the following information based on each individual women's cycle length :

1. Peak fertility and ovulation

2. Implantation

3. Expected date of missed periods

4. Best Date to take a home pregnancy test

Many women report saving money on pregnancy and ovulation tests because, the pregnancy calculator wheel helps them determine the best time to take the test. This is especially useful for those who have irregular periods and do not want to use too many ovulation tests.

Once you get pregnant, the pregnancy calculator wheel guides you though the many important dates and doctors' visits throughout your nine months of gestation.

You will know in advance the following information:

1. The best time you will be able to have fetal viability.

2. When you should be able to feel movements.

3. When you should be able to ear the heartbeat.

4. When you should have your ultrasounds.

5. When you should have important tests like Nuchal Translucency, the triple screen and amniocentesis.

6. Tells you the weight and length of your baby's development on a weekly bases.

The pregnancy wheel that has an ovulation calendar and a nine month pregnancy guide is the Pregnancy Calculator Wheel you should get.

This pregnancy and conception wheel is a must for every pregnant woman. You will be surprised how much your will be able to use it.

By using the pregnancy wheel, you can know in advance what your next prenatal visit is going to be about. If you have to do tests you can have someone with you for support.

This wheel is very useful for dad, too because he can know what to expect during your pregnancy and be able to connect with the baby and support you.

If you have questions for your doctor or midwife about certain medical procedures, you can read about them in advance and make sure to get the appropriate information at your next prenatal visit.

You can carry your pregnancy wheel with you anywhere you want. It is definitely a great pregnancy companion!

I would recommend getting the Pregnancy Calculator Wheel and Ovulation Calendar.

This is an ovulation calendar and pregnancy wheel in one. It shows peak fertile days and adjusts for short or long cycles. 9-month pregnancy wheel shows baby's development, predicts due dates and tracks important doctor visits.

Many Blessings!

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