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Pregnancy Meditation for a Healthy and Stress Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy meditation can help you reduce stress and alleviate many physiological symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), heartburn, lack of sleep, and more. If you choose to practice a daily meditation throughout your pregnancy, you will increase your connection with your baby and you will feel more empowered as a mother to be able to raise and nourish your little angel.

I personally found that just taking some time everyday to focus on your pregnancy, can make a big difference. During each one of my three pregnancies, I meditate daily especially in preparation for birth.

Pregnancy meditation is very useful in preparing your for childbirth and many women use meditation during labour to help them focus, release fear and find power. Also, while you practice pregnancy meditation, you learn how to use deep breathing to help you reach a deep state of relaxation, which is the key in achieving an easy and empowering birthing experience.

What is Pregnancy Meditation?

Pregnancy meditation is the ability to focus the mind to achieve a state of peace, stillness and deep relaxation, though imagery and breathing techniques. Meditating during pregnancy is the most important thing you can do for you and your baby because when you take the time to feel fully relaxed, the oxygen supply to your baby increases.

The time you spend during a meditation is also important in helping you connect to your unborn baby. It is a time of nurturing, a time of peace and a time of allowing. This is the time were you are not in control, you allow life to unfold itself in its most magnificent way.

Your pregnancy is a time of love, reflection and care. Take fifteen to twenty minutes a day to take care you your whole body, mind and spirit, to renew and let go of worries and stress.

Why Pregnancy Meditation

The physiological benefits of pregnancy meditation are transmitted directly to the baby in your womb. When you are meditating and feel at ease, peaceful and relaxed, you communicate theses very same feeling to your unborn baby.

Meditation influences the production of beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters. Pregnancy meditation should be part of your prenatal health because it has the ability to contribute to hormonal balance and immune system support.

Benefits of Pregnancy Meditation

1. Decreasing stress.

2. Producing endorphines which reduce physical pain.

3. Increasing production of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which stimulates the production of T and B lymphocytes, thus supporting the immune system. DHAE also makes you feel better and enhances brain biochemistry, preventing sadness and depression before and after birth.

4. Decreasing the production of adrenalin and cortisol.

5. Increasing the levels of melatonin, thus supporting the immune system, increase quality of sleep, and improved mood.

6. Increasing the production of endorphins, which have a very strong pain-relieving effect in preparation for childbirth. The more time devoted to the practice of prenatal meditation the higher the level of endorphines at birth. Endorphin production is important to a woman in avoiding the risks of medical intervention.

7. Preventing pre-eclampsia. Meditation can be very effective in lowering blood pressure and hearth rate, lowering the risk of pre-eclampsia and potential preterm brain damage.

8. Eliminating negative emotions, which if prolonged can affect your baby's development in uterus.

9. Releasing fear of labour by empowering you though the process of childbirth. You learn that each contraction is the biological way your baby communicates with you to tell you when he or she is coming. Facing each contraction with the power of deep relaxation and not with fear is the key to achieving natural childbirth.

10. Increasing milk production, and preventing postpartum depression. It is important to learn how to be present, be in the moment and love yourself and your baby unconditionally. 

Preparing for Labour

There is no doubt that a relaxed, confident woman can give birth with ease. When you practice pregnancy meditation daily, you are actually setting your body to reach a deep state of relaxation and you reinforce the positive powers of deep breathing, which will help you during birthing.

Allowing all your fears to be released and just experience the powerful moment of creation, you will be able to be more relaxed during labour and more confident in your body's ability to deliver your baby as you desire.

If the fear of the pain is what holds you back, just tell your body that you are so relaxed and that's why your birth will be easy.

Mantra and Chanting

Mantra or chanting is often practiced during the meditative state and it can help you focus during labour. You may choose a single word or sound that when repeated over and over, occupies your mind, gives you strength and creates a vibration that permeates your entire being.

Chanting during pregnancy also prepares the baby from the sound and vibration he or she will recognize and respond positively to.

I like to repeat the sentence: "I love you" over and over. Your baby will know how much love he or she will be receiving after birth and this will increase the quality of your relationship from the start. Baby's born from mothers that practice daily meditation are said to have less complications after birth and during postpartum.


While you practice your daily meditation, you can use a picture or visual image that helps you collect your thoughts and stay present in the present moment. Imagine something that immediately puts you in a peaceful state. Use meditation music, candles and essential oils like Lavender and Jasmine to induce calm and a sense of wellness. You can use the same techniques during labour as well.

Pregnancy Meditation: Meeting you Baby

During this meditation you will learn how to connect to your baby and how to feel completely relaxed and at peace with your pregnancy.

1. Take a deep breath in and out as slowly as you can.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Take another deep breath in and out counting slowly up to 4 and than back down to 0.

4. Continue breathing by focusing on a gentle inhalation followed by a long, slow exhalation. As you inhale, feel your abdomen expanding and as you exhale feel your abdomen deflating.

5. Now, as you inhale visualize the energy of your breathe going down to your belly and to the baby.

6. In your mind repeat the following sentence very slowly: "I Love you." Take this moment to talk to your baby, speak to him or her with kind, gently and loving words.

7. As you breathe in and out visualize a beautiful white and pink light surrounding you and your baby. This light is protecting, clearing and caring. Surrender to the power of your breathe and to the flow of energy while you visualize the light moving in and around your body.

8. Relax and allow. Every sell within your body is filled with this very powerful white and pink light. You and your baby are safe and very, very loved.

9. As your mind's chatter becomes less and less active every second that goes by, your worries and anxieties about your pregnancy are completely gone and a sense of renewed strength is filling your mind and body.

10. Say to yourself: "I am safe and my baby is safe. I am well and my baby is well. I am loved and my baby is very, very loved." "As I move further and further into this pregnancy, I feel my power as a woman and as a mother-to-be grow each day stronger and stronger."

11. When you feel ready, open you eyes and gently return to your normal daily activities.

Many new moms fear for their health and the health of their baby, during their pregnancy. If you experience anxiety for not known how things will turn out. Please, remember that pregnancy is a very natural process and your body is very capable of carrying and delivering a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Meditation for Protection

The following pregnancy meditation is very soothing to your soul and will assist you in feeling protected and guided by the Angelic Beings that surround every human being who needs their help. Do not fear, your guardian Angel is very near. Protection is here for you, you just need to ask! This meditation will help you connect to your Angelic Helpers.

1. Take a deep breath in and out as slowly as you can.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Take another deep breath in and out counting slowly up to 4 and than back down to 0.

4. Continue breathing by focusing on a gentle inhalation followed by a long, slow exhalation. As you inhale, feel your abdomen expanding and as you exhale feel your abdomen deflating.

5. Now, as you inhale visualize the energy of your breathe going down to your belly and to the baby.

6. Visualize a beautiful Angel. This angel is bringing you courage, love, and protection.

7. Here is the time to ask a question about your specific situation. Listen carefully for the answer. If it does not come right away, wait a little and then pay attention in the next couple of days, you will find your answer in the most unexpected way. Be vigilant!

8. Ask for protection, healing and guidance by saying: "My Dear Guardian Angel, thank you for being here to assist me and my baby during this pregnancy. Please, protect me and my baby all the time. I am safe."

9. Allow the power of life to manifest within you.

10. Continue breathing rhythmically and when you feel completely at ease say thanks to your visiting Angel and open your eyes.

Pregnancy meditation when practiced daily can help you achieve a deep state of relaxation similar to self-hypnosis which will prepare your mind and body to an easy birthing experience. Practice slow, deep breathing counting up to 4 and then back down to 0. This breathing pattern, when practiced for 3-5 times in a row, simulates the length of a contraction and prepares your birthing muscles for labour.

Pregnancy And Delivery Program

If you want to follow a more specific designed for pregnant moms, I recommend. The Healthy Pregnancy And Delivery Program. This unique mind-body program gives you a little time per day for yourself to use proven meditation techniques to reduce stress during each trimester of your pregnancy and delivery.

Did you know that high levels of stress during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and premature labour? The program uses a combination of music and relaxation words that induce optimum physical relaxation and mental stress release in your body and mind.

The visualizations included in this program are an excellent way to bond with your baby and prepare you mind and body for a pain free delivery.

Many Blessings!

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