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Pregnancy Symptoms On FertilAid

Does Fertilaid cause a lot of pregnancy symptoms? I’ve noticed a huge change since taking them, but pregnancy test says negative :(


I am not aware of the fact that FertilAid can give pregnancy symptoms. If you are really sure that you are 100% not pregnant (test in 48 hours just in case you are pregnant but not enough to have a positive home pregnancy test) and have noticed these changes while on FertilAid you may want to talk to your doctor before continuing with this supplement.

FertilAid contains the herbal remedy Vitex agnus castus that supports ovulation and balances the hormones.

This article talks about Vitex as an ingredient of FertilAId

If you had irregular periods or hormonal imbalance before taking fertility, this herb will produce similar symptoms of pregnancy because it supports the production of progesterone during the second phase of the menstrual cycles.

Progesterone is also the hormone in change of pregnancy. In fact after ovulation the corpus luteum produces progesterone and continues to produce progesterone up until the end of the first trimester when the placenta takes over until birth.

If you were not ovulating regularly before and now you are, your body is responding to this stimulation of increased progesterone production. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Many women who experience estrogen dominance may experience a deficiency in progesterone for an extended period of time; an increase in progesterone production will temporarily enhance estrogen breast receptors sensitivity.

This is why some women may experience breast tenderness due to water retention. These effects should be temporary as hormonal balance is reached.

Even if Vitex is perfectly safe and well tolerated by al women, you have to consider that Vitex also cause side effects like upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea. In rare cases, some women experience tiredness, dryness mouth insomnia, weight gain due to water retention, headache, body ache, and irregular bleeding during menses.

Vitex should not be taken in conjunction with fertility drugs or prescription medication as there can be interactions.

If FertilAid is the only supplement you are taking and you are positive it is causing your pregnancy-like symptoms, I would recommend calling FertilAid customer service and ask for advice. Of course FertilAid also contains other herbal remedies and vitamins that may be responsible for your symptoms.

Every woman is different and so not all respond at the same way to the same remedies. These symptoms may be temporary and go away once hormonal balance is reached. For example, if your periods were irregular or you suffer PCOS or missed periods, Vitex is actually stimulating ovulation after months by balancing FSH/LH levels and supporting progesterone production.

Make sure to eat a very healthy diet and avoid xenoestrogens in your life as much as possible as they can disrupt hormonal imbalance. Check your cosmetics, your shampoos and especially your hair dyes.

If have never done a detox, this could be the time to consider doing one. FertilAid has FertileDetox, which can be taken together with FertilAid for women.

I hope my answer helps you. If you need more help don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Pregnancy Symptoms On FertilAid

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I need help on fertilaid
by: precious

Please I need to know this, I just stated taking FertilAid 5 days ago and for the past three days I have been having this stomach pain that comes and stops at every interval, when it comes its usually painful could it be FertilAid?
Should I stop it?


It is hard to say if your stomach pain is caused by FertilAid or not. You best choice would be to stop taking it for 5 days and then begin again. If the stomach pain stops and then comes back, it is probably due to FertilAid.

Make sure to take fertilaid as recommended. Also,take it only with water, no carbnated beverages, milk or other types or drinks.

Take it with food to help prevent stomach pain.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I have been taking fertilaid for one week, but I noticed milk in my breast and am not pregnant, is that normal?


FertilAid contains Vitex, which is used to stimulate breast milk in women after birth.
In non-pregnant women, breast milk production is related to increased levels of prolactin.

Vitex should not cause this effect. In fact, it is known to suppress high levels of prolactin by increasing LH hormone levels.

Are you taking any other medication?

If yes, consult with your doctor because there could be an interaction.

If not, there are two possibility, FertilAid is not for you or you need to wait until your hormones regulate under the effect of this remedy. Vitex is a slowing acting herb and most women should see results between 3-6 months.

This study was done in Germany and shows a positive effect of using a vitex to treat luteal phase defect due to high prolactin levels:

Fertility Blessings!

hormone imbalance
by: Anonymous

Been on fertileaid for a full cycle, I had an hormonal profile test on day 21. It says normal hormone levels except high levels of LH. End of cycle, no period yet after 4days. Can fertileaid cause delay in period? Can it also balance my LH hormone? Lastly, is it possible dat I might be pregnant? Been ttc for over 3yrs now for a second baby. Pls reply asap. Thx


You could be pregnant and it would be wise to test. This has happened before. Women who have taken FertilAid and gotten pregnant right away.

FertilAid contains Vitex agnus castus which is some clinical studies has shown to lower high levels of FSH, but stimulates LH to support ovulation. When you begin taking FertilaAid, your body is stimulated to respond naturally. The inner body's ability to heal itself are now set in place and the body works really hard to find and create balance.

Within the first 2-3 months, it is normal to have a fluctuation of hormones while your body adjusts and reaches a balance. Your delayed period may be part of this adjustment.

High levels of LH is often associated with PCOS. Talk to your doctor about your test results and what this means to your fertility.

Vitex is considered to be a slow acting and very gentle herb and can be taken for long periods of time to help support healthy ovulatory patters.

The only time FertilAid can cause a delay in periods is if you had a short luteal phase before and now your luteal phase has been lengthened to 14 days. Do you know when you ovulated? From the day of ovulation add 14 days. This is when your period is supposed to come.

Many Blessings!

Fertilaid cause prolactin level to be elevated?
by: Anonymous


I've been taking fertilaid for over a month now. My period should be due in 3 days but I'm not getting any period symptoms as of now. Even the cramps I ususally get from my period is lessen. Please advise if it will delay my period or my period won't show up. I also just had a day 21 blood test done just few days ago. I got my blood test result which shows I have good progesterone level 13.8, for some reason my prolactin is elevated and it's at 29.7. Is this the cause of fertilaid?


FertilAid contains Vitex, which is known to help lower prolactin levels. Vitex also helps treat and decrease PMS.
This scientific article can help understand these findings: Pharmacology and clinical indications of Vitex.

My experience and opinion is that increased symptoms after taking FertilAid can be related to the need to detoxify. It is possible that you need to detoxify and what you are experiencing is a detox effect from the product.

You can chose to stop taking the product and see what happens next moth. Or if you want to learn more about doing a fertility cleanse before conception, read my article here.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I started taking fertilaid and fertile cm on March 21st 2014
I stopped taking them for like 2 weeks after I noticed that my breast were tender and starting feeling like i had already achieved pregnancy. I have taken 2 HPT both are negative.
And recently I noticed I have breast milk. Only coming out from the left side. Now my questions are why am I having breast milk? And I have been feeling pregnant. But of course the HPT is negative. So I'm not too sure what is going on. Could it be the fertilaid? Or could it be possibly pregnancy? I'm confused.. All the symptoms of pregnancy occurred and still I'm getting a negative.. Something is wrong.. And yet last month on March I had 2 periods. Now I'm still waiting on one.. And of course i am irregular ..


If you had two periods last month and no period yet this months, something is off. I think is would be a good idea to talk to your doctor. It is possible to have pregnancy symptoms and not been pregnant until the period come. This is called PMS. Your doctor will run some hormonal tests to see if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance and which specific hormones are out of balance.

In most cases women with PMS have low progesterone and high estrogen levels. High estrogen can cause to ovulate later than normal and have a delayed period. This condition is often called estrogen dominance. It is best detected with saliva hormonal testing than blood tests.

FertilAid has been studied to help support and maintain hormonal balance naturally. The product stimulates the body to respond and in the beginning it is possible to have a rough start before reaching balance. This may take 3 months.

Detox is a good way to help ease many symptoms related to high estrogen levels in the body.

Next comes diet. Pesticides in fruits and vegetable contain hormonal disruptors chemicals, meat treated with antibiotics and hormones contributes to estrogen dominant conditions, and eating too much soy products can stimulate estrogen receptors.

When TTC there are many things that go together and diet is the most important.

Many Blessings!

Fertilaid And Breast Milk
by: Anonymous

Does fertilaid cause u to have breast milk?
Only because I have been taking this for 2 weeks and I just recently noticed I have breast milk. My boobs are much more fuller and I have taken 2 HPT. Both are negative. . So as a result I am thinking that it could be from fertilaid. Anyone know?


I can only give you the same advise I gave the others with similar problems.

1. Pregnancy could be a possibility.

2. Your body is trying to reach a balance and this can take 2-3 cycles.

3. Consider stopping and wait one month and see how you feel. Detoxing can help.

4. FertilAid may not be right for you.

5. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Many Blessings!

by: poppyblossom

Hi there,
I started Fertileaid last May 4 and after that I got my period around 13. Got positive opk on Cd13/14. After 2 days I got light brown spotting. Lasted about 3 days. What is that?


I could be ovulation bleeding, which is a sign of ovulation. This is normal and most women do not even notice unless it is very noticeable or a TTC and are paying attention to their cycle. When you tested positive with your OPK you detected the LH surge. This is the Luteinising Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland just before ovulation. The LH surge occurs 24-36 hours prior to the release of the egg. When the egg is released, it is possible to experience ovulation bleeding when the egg ruptures away from the follicle.

When you ovulate, luteinizing hormone causes the surface of the follicle to form a hole called stigma, through which the egg will ultimately exit. The egg will them be captured by the fimbria of the fallopian tubes and hopefully be fertilized there.

If you had intercourse during these time, your chances of conception are very high.

Ovulation bleeding is often accompanied by light cramping in some women.

The amount of bleeding is really minimal. It is not read like a period, it is more pinkish mixed in with fertile cervical mucus or brownish if the fertile mucus has already turn to a more pasty consistency.

Ovulation bleeding should not be confused with implantation bleeding which usually occurs a week after ovulation. This is due to the fertilized embryo implanting in the lining of the uterus. This is a sign of pregnancy. Not all women experience implantation bleeding, but if you do, you might be pregnant.

Many Blessings!

by: Sasha

I started taking ovaboost two weeks ago and see spotted blood at CD18, nothing yet just when wiping it see blood. I used to have regular cycles and went through successful ovulations but not pregnant yet, think it might be guality of egg as I'mmover 35. What shall I do please.


Hi Sasha,

OvaBoost provides excellent natural support to help improve egg quality by stimulating ovarian function and it is specifically designed for women with PCOS.

Having spotting may be related either to ovulation on implantation bleeding. So, if you are charting your cycle go back see when you ovulated. Having spotting that lasts for a few days and it is very scanty may not be a problem, but if not related to ovulation or pregnancy it may indicate an infection, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

If the bleeding or spotting does not stop, see your doctor.

The ingredients of OvaBoost are Vitamin Bs, Vitamin Es, CoQ10, Melatonin, grapeseed extract. These ingredients have powerful anti-oxidants powers.

Many Blessings!

Please help
by: Michelle I am in the middle of my second month of taking FertilAid I'm about to order my third bottle....Any who I still haven't had a period since the period I had one week before starting fertilaid and it was an extremely heavy period so bad I thought I was having a miscarriage but I wasn't. But ever since I haven't had one is that of if I'm taking FertilAid for the middle of the second month already? I been having pregnancy symptoms for the last 2 weeks hard and sore nipple and vaginal discharge and exhaustion....8 just took a hpt and I got a negative.....what do you think the problem is? And what's causing the period delay?


Hi Michelle,

My advise is to do a home pregnancy test and see a doctor. You could be pregnant!

If you are not pregnant, ask your doctor for hormonal testing.

Many Blessings!

Brown spotting.
by: Nicole

Hi, I've been using fertilaid for exactly a month and few days.

My last Menstrual cycle was a provera induce cycle. Which was August the 21st. I had been on metformin for three months prior to starting the fertilaid. On the 21september I immediately stopped taking the metformin. And started The fertilaid. I had on off cramps almost as if I was about to start my periods.

I took a pregnancy test a day after I started the fertilaid. To make sure I was not pregnant. And again two weeks afterwards. I decided I'll test every second weekend. (just as a precaution). Well. Last week thursday. I had brown spotting. Which stopped.

Than Saturday I experienced brown spotting again. It only covered 1/3 of a panty liner. And up until now. I'm still experiencing spotting. Is this normal? I also have pcos. Other symptoms I'm experiencing is, sudden throbbing sensation near my temples. On and off Tender breast aches. With a few twinges on the side of my ovaries. Mostly left side. Is this normal? Should I skip the HPT and see my Gynae instead?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, That would be a good idea, just to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Spotting with PCOs is not uncommon due to poor hormonal regulation. Your doctor will be able to assess your case and give you piece of mind.

Many Blessings!

Fertilaid to lower LH
by: Anonymous

I just came off contraceptives 3 months ago and now I'm trying for a baby. My LH is too high and AMH is 0.1 when I tested this month. All other hormones are within normal range.

Can fertilaid lower the LH alone? Also do you have any product for low AMH?


There are no specific natural products for AMH. This test is an indication that the egg reserves are diminishing, but after contraceptive use, it can be due to the suppression of the ovarian function. Your ovaries may need time to start functioning again.

Other factors that contribute to this are:

1. Age

2. Life Style

3. Stress

4. Lack of nutrients

5. Toxicity

6. Poor circulation to the ovaries.

Vitex is a great herb that has been used to help balance FSH/LH ration and to increase progesterone levels during the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Hormonal balance is very important and FertilAid contains Vitex and has helped many women achieve conception. Vitex stimulates LH production by stimulating the pituitary gland.

If your levels of LH are high, Vitex may not be the best choice right now.

The best way to begin is to do a

Fertility cleanse
and learn how to do self-fertility massage to increase blood flow to the ovaries.

Cleansing after contraceptive is a must as your imbalance right now can be your body's attempt to regain balance after been supressed during contraceptive medication. What you are experiencing can be simply a side effect of this. Give your body time to detox and re-adjust.

After doing the cleanse, consider the other factors on the list that you may think are related to you and work on them one by one.

Also, talk to your doctor about re-testing in a few months to see how your body is doing.

Many Blessings!

prolonged bleeding
by: Anonymous

I started taking Fertileaid 3weeks ago after missing my period for 2months and not being pregnant. I started spotting on the 5th of this month till 6th and still flowing heavily till date. which sums it up to 8days of menstruation. I am worried when it will stop and if I should discontinue taking FertileAid.


It is possible to have a healing crisis, when symptoms get worse before getting better, when beginning a new natural protocol. Having heavier menses is possible has the body is stimulated to eliminate toxins. This is common if you have been missing your periods for two months before beginning FertilAid.

This is a sign that it is helping bring on your cycle. Women who suffer from irregular menses will need 2-3 cycles of adjustment when taking natural supplements like FertilAid. If this is uncomfortable for you, see a doctor and discontinue the product.

Many Blessings!

Fertil Aid
by: Anonymous

Ihi im so confused
I need help 😳 please
TTC about 2 yrs.
Used to get my AF every month but my doctor long time ago told me I have PCOS.
Last period 3/9 ... Start FertilAid on 3/12 finish AF on 3/13
I was suppose to get my AF ON 4/4 and nothing... took a test same day and was negative. 4/6 1 am intercourse with my hubby and at noon I had pink reddish dos hard then at night it was ligth brown and on 4/7 ligth brown during the morning and then nothing. Today at night I started with some cramps (4/9)
I don't know what to think or what to do? I don't want to discontinue FertilAid ....what do you think?
Thanks in advance for your help 😘


If you have PCOS you may need additional support. Have you ever had an ultrasound and hormonal profile testing to know how your hormones are doing? Talk to your doctor.

FertilAid can support your body's natural cycle. It takes at least 3 months for this type of remedies to provide balance. Sometimes the body goes through a period of adjustment.

Begin charting your cycle and also do not forget to follow a diet for PCOS for additional life style support.

Many Blessings!

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