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Pregnancy With Varicocele Azoospermia

by Jessica C

I am 23DPO, 7 days late for AF and no sign of her showing up yet. My husband has a left varicocele, and his first SA was zero. Is it possible to get pregnant still? Could I be pregnant?


Hi Jessica,

Being 23 day post ovulation can definitely make you think of a possible pregnancy.

It is possible to get pregnant naturally with varicocele, but this possibility is very low if the previous sperm analysis was zero.

On the other hand, I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure. Even if the odds seem to be against you, I have heard of these cases, especially when the husband has been doing natural treatments for varicocele or after surgery (this took many months).

When a man has been diagnosed with varicocele, the veins which are located within the man's scrotum enlarge and blood forms a pool or collecting area.

The increased pooling of blood in the testis causes the temperatures to rise, thus making the sperm defective and very low in count.

Varicocele is basically a varicose vein, caused by poor circulation, liver toxicity, lack of exercise, and poor vitamin and nutrient in the diet.

It is possible to treat varicocele naturally with homeopathy and herbal remedies that treat relaxed veins conditions like RectoRex, which treats hemorrhoids.

These remedy can be used for the treatment of varicocele as its action is identical. It contains the following remedies:

Butcher’s broom

It has been proven by recent studies to support venous integrity. Butcher's broom has been used traditionally in herbal medicine to treat hemorroids.


Is commonly used to
support blood circulation and hearth health. Also, Hawthorn extract has shown in a randomized double-blind pilot study to treat mild, essential hypertension. This remedy has anti-inflammatory properties soothed to address local swelling caused by a varicose vein.

Gotu Kola

This remedy contains substances that increase the release of nitric oxide that allows the relaxation of veins. This allows blood to flow more freely through the body, increasing circulation to the reproductive organs as well.

Aesculus (horse chestnut )

Horse chestnut in homeopathic preparation, has been shown to be of great benefit in supporting vein and capillary strength providing vascular protection, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Natural practitioner successfully recommend it for chronic venous insufficiency

Carbo animalis

This homeopathic remedy is known to promote healthy circulation and integrity of veins and capillaries.

Also your husband should avoid tight underwear and pants.

It is also useful to soak in warm water with 1kg of Himalayan salt or sea salt for 30 to 45 minutes 3-4 times a week to help increase circulation and drain toxins.

Also, make sure he avoids talc. Aloe vera gel is great to provide soothing action to relieve inflammation.

Following a diet that is rich in selenium and zinc can make a big difference in the health of the sperm. It is important to avoid refined carbohydrates, dairy products, red meat that contains hormones and antibiotics. Also, avoid alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages, process food containing artificial sweeteners, MSG, and other toxic substances. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Many Blessings!

PS: Please, let me know the result of your pregnancy test.

Comments for Pregnancy With Varicocele Azoospermia

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AF showed up :'(
by: Anonymous

I am here at work and had to use the restroom, and realized AF showed up! I don't understand! It feels like everything is against us in this journey! We don't know what to do! It's so expensive to get help for the Biopsy, the Varicocele Embolization, everything! I just don't know what to do :'( This is heartbreaking! 8 days late, and look.........

by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I am so sorry you got your period. I know you were probably hoping for a pregnancy. Have you ever considered seen an alternative practitioner like a homeopath, naturopath or acupuncturist? In most cases, these type of treatments can provide help for varicocele before resorting to surgery.

Keep hoping, don't give up.

Many Blessings!

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