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Pregnancy Yoga Poses List

The following is a list of pregnancy yoga poses that can help you stay healthy during pregnancy. Before beginning your yoga program, make sure to double check with your doctor or midwife.

These yoga poses can be performed during all three trimesters of pregnancy.

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Mountain Yoga Pose

Mountain pose promotes the experience of stillness, strength, and a sense of relaxation. Many standing pregnancy yoga poses begin with mountain pose as starting point. This pose during pregnancy helps you maintain good posture.

1. Stand straight with your feet together.

2. Spread your toes firmly onto the floor.

3. Lengthen your spine.

4. Keep your sacrum gently tucked in.

5. Feel your chest moving upward.

6. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed.

7. Hold your hands in prayer posture at your heart level

8. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds, breathing evenly through your nose.

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Tree Yoga Poses

This yoga posture helps strengthen your joints and increases balance. Practicing the tree pose during pregnancy helps strengthen your thighs, calves, ankles and back, while increasing the flexibility of your hips and groin. Your balance and concentration can be improved with daily practice.

1. Stand straight with your feet together.

2. Place your right foot on the inside of your left thigh.

3. Find your balance.

4. Place your hands in prayer posture.

5. Breathe deeply for 10 counts and release your leg back to the floor.

6. Repeat on the other side.

Triangle Yoga Poses

The triangle pose during pregnancy helps open your chest and your hips and strengthen your neck. This yoga pose stretches your vertebrae and tones your thighs, hamstrings and calf muscles. This pose should be performed modified during your third trimester of pregnancy as your balance may not be as steady. Use a chair for support.

1. Start in mountain pose.

2. Step back with your right foot and make sure you have at least a gap of three feet between your legs.

3. Turn your right foot at 90 degrees and your left at 45 degrees. Your hips are now facing the side of the mat.

4. Inhale and bring your arms to the side with your palms facing down.

5. Exhale as you bend to the right side.

6. Keep your spine long and straight.

7. Your right arm should reach your right shin.

8. Your left arm goes up to the ceiling.

9. Turn your head to look up.

10. If you have neck problems, look down to your right foot.

11. Your right quadriceps should be contracted to support your right knee.

12. Breathe comfortably as you hold the position for 30 seconds.

13. To come out of this pose, bend your knees and lift your torso back up.

14. Circle your hand to your heart in prayer postures.

15. Close your legs in mountain pose.

16. Repeat to the other side.

Eagle Yoga Pose

Among all the pregnancy yoga poses, this one requires a great deal of focus and balance. Do not perform this pose toward the end of the pregnancy. Eagle pose stretches your shoulders and arms. It also strengthens your thighs, ankles, and calves. Do not perform if you have low blood pressure.

1. Stand in mountain pose.

2. Shift your weight into your right foot and then bend your knees.

3. Inhale and cross your right leg over your left thigh.

4. Place you left elbow on the inside of your right elbow.

5. Cross your wrists.

6. Turn your palms together.

7. Hold for 5 breaths.

8. To come out of this pose unwind your hands and arms.

9. Then uncross your legs.

10. Return to maintain pose.

11. Repeat to the other side.

Seated Pregnancy Yoga Poses

These pregnancy yoga poses are designed to support a healthy pregnancy. They are easy and safe throughout your pregnancy. Make sure to breathe gently and never strain your muscles. Yoga should make you feel at ease and relaxed.

Lotus Poses

This pose can be used for relaxation, visualization and meditation. Practice this yoga pose every time you feel tense and need to relax.

1. Sit on the floor with legs crossed.

2. Bend both legs and cross the left shin over the right one.

3. Pick up your left foot and place it on top of your right thigh.

4. Pick up your right foot and place it on top of your left thigh.

5. Move your chest upward, keeping your shoulders down.

6. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward. As a variation, you can place your hands in prayer posture next to your heart centre.

7. Close your eyes and breathe gently for a few minutes. - See more at: 

Hero Yoga Pose

This pose strengthens the arches of the feet, stretches the ankles, and improves your posture. The hero pose is also used to improve focus and concentration.

1. Sit on your knees.

2. Keep your knees together. As a variation during pregnancy, lift  your buttocks slightly so that you can move your feet apart, placing them just on either side of your buttocks.

3. Place the palms of your hands on you lap.

4. Stretch your torso up and look straight ahead.

5. Continue breathing slowly and stay in this pose as long as you want.

Butterfly Yoga Pose

Of all the pregnancy yoga poses,  this is extremely beneficial, especially if executed regularly since the first trimester. It helps opening up of the hips and the inner thighs by removing tension. Your groin area and your knees will also be gently stretched. Make sure not to push too hard.

1. Bend both the knees.

2. Bring the soles of the feet together and place them up to the crotch area.

3. Grasp firmly both feet with your hands.

4. Keep the torso above your waist and keep the neck straight.

5. Move slightly forward as you breathe normally.

Pelvic Tilt or Cat-Cow Pose

The cat and cow yoga poses help you train for birth by tilting and opening the pelvis, strengthen the abdominal muscles and stretch the upper back. If your baby is posterior, you can use this position to help your baby turn. This sequence is also helpful during labor to relieve back pain.

1. Go down to the floor on your hands and knees.

2. Keep the arms shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart.

3. Keep your arms straight, without locking your elbows.

4. Your buttocks should be pulled under and your back should be round as you inhale. 

5. The back should be relaxed and in a neutral position as you exhale.

6. This exercise should be repeated as many times as you like.

7. Make sure not to arch your back. 

Kegel Exercise

You should learn how to perform Kegel exercise early on in your pregnancy. Watch this video as it shows how to do Kegel exercises while doing yoga.

Birth Squat

Try doing Kegel exercises in this posture to strengthen your pelvic floor. Squeeze as though you are trying to stop peeing midstream. Release. Rest and repeat three to five times. This pose helps relax and open the pelvis and strengthen the upper legs. It is recommended to perform daily squats in order to prepare for labor.

1. Keep your feet somewhat wider than hip-width apart. Your toes should point outwards. Your hand are in prayer posture with your elbows supporting your inner thighs.

2. Use a chair for support.

3. Drop your tailbone toward the floor like you are going to sit down in a chair.

4. Breathe deeply and hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

5. Release and exhale and rise to a standing position.

6. Repeat for 5 to 10 times.

Relaxation Pregnancy Yoga Poses

The following pregnancy yoga poses help you achieve a deep level of relaxation. They can be performed during the entire pregnancy and also during labor, especially in between contractions.

Child Pose During Pregnancy

This is the most important pose of all the yoga postures you will need to remember for your pregnancy. This pose allows for deep relaxation. It helps a restless mom and baby during pregnancy. It can also turn breached babies. Among all the pregnancy yoga poses, the child pose is the most soothing yoga pose you can practice. You can even used it during labor in between contractions to relax and gain strength.

1. Sit on your knees.

2. Rest the forehead onto the floor.

3. Relax the neck, face and shoulders. Drop your jaw.

4. Keep the arms stretched in from of you or beside your body as you feel more comfortable.

5. Take 10 to 15 deep, slow breaths.

Side-Lying Pose

This is a pose for relaxation, which you can do at the end of your yoga practice. Try to release all the stress that you have accumulated during the day. Allow the sound of your breathe to slow down your mind and body.

Stay focused on the present moment and pay attention to the thoughts that cross your mind. Let go of worrying thoughts and allow the positive one to bring comfort to your heart. Do not forget to say "Hi" to your baby.

Repeat in your mind the sentence "I love you" as often as you want. As you do this pose, send your breath down to your baby and feel your hearth energy moving to the baby at the same time.

1. Lie on any one side.

2. Your head should be resting on an arm or on a blanket or pillow.

3. Place a body pillow or blanket roll between the thighs to provide support to the hips.

Relaxation Yoga Poses

The following video shows you a great yoga relaxation series of pregnancy yoga poses you can do daily to help you relax during you pregnancy. 

Practice Yoga Daily

Pregnancy yoga poses provide a great deal of benefits when practices regularly. I would recommend doing 15 to 30 minutes of yoga each day during your pregnancy.

You can use a prenatal yoga DVD or follow a prenatal class at a yoga studio near you. If you are looking for a good prenatal yoga DVD, that teaches all the most important pregnancy yoga poses, I do recommend "Healthy Mom Happy Baby."

This Prenatal Yoga DVD Program Includes:

1.      Warm-up: Every good yoga program begins with a gradual warm up the teaches you good breathing and builds heat.

2.      Arm strengthening: This section will become very handy when your baby is born and you will need strong arms and shoulders to carry your baby around. During pregnancy your upper shoulders and back may become stiff. Arm strengthening helps you gain a good posture and a stronger upper body.

3.      Standing Series I and II: This section teaches you all the standing pregnancy yoga poses that help build stamina, cardiovascular activity and strong legs. I love this standing series. As you move from one pose to the next, you will feel stronger and more confident.

4.      Balancing: During pregnancy, balance is an issue as your centre of gravity shifts. These yoga poses help strengthen your core muscles, your legs and thighs to give you more support.

5.      Back Bending: These poses are great to create more room for baby and to allow for blood flow circulation throughout your body.

6.      Hip Opening: This section is great in preparation for your labor. Here you will learn all the yoga poses you need to increase hip flexibility, prevent episiotomy.

7.      Final Relaxation: Learn meditation techniques to help you achieve deep relaxation and connect with your baby during pregnancy. These poses are great during labor to re-energize yourself  between contractions.

You can learn more about this DVD here.

Happy Pregnancy Yoga Poses!

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