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Pregnant After Sterilization

by Mariette Jordaan
(South Africa)

I need to get pregnant fast but I had a sterilaztion about 9 years ago.


Hi Mariette,

You have no other choice but to have fallopian tube reversal surgery. This type of operation can be successful in some cases, but there is a risk of increased tubal pregnancy after fallopian tube reversal. After the surgery, your doctor will be able to assess your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Some women do experience increased scar tissue after surgery that puts them at risk for having a tubal pregnancy.

You will need to monitor your cycle accurately in order to get pregnant fast after surgery. I do recommend using Ovacue to achieve this as Ovacue is the most accurate fertility monitor available to trying-to-conceive couples today because it is 98% accurate in predicting ovulation and is FDA approved.

Studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health have confirmed this. Most couples who use Ovacue end up loving it and really conceiving faster than other couples who are not monitoring their cycle.

Ovacue detects the chances in your saliva that correlates with estrogen surge on day 7 when the dominant follicle in selected in the ovary. This dominant follicle will be the one that will release the egg at ovulating. This means that you can know 7 days in advance when
you are going to ovulate helping you plan intercourse accordingly and not miss your chance each month. You can see how this speeds up your ability to get pregnant.

Your ability to get pregnant fast will also depend mainly on these factors:

1. You age: if you are under 40 your chances will be higher.

2. Your ovulatory patterns: if you are ovulating regularly your chances will be higher. FertilAid for women will help support your ovulatory patterns and increase your chances of conception after surgery.

3. Your fertile cervical mucus quality: in order to conceive you need to have lots of healthy cervical mucus. Supplementing with FertileCM will help you increase the quality and quantity of your fertile mucus. Not many women know that a lack of fertile mucus that looks like raw egg white just before the egg is released will cause infertility. Having sex the first day you detect fertile mucus and continue until ovulation is confirmed with Ovacue is key to conceive fast.

4. Your partner’s sperm quality: sperm quality can be improved naturally with a healthy diet, male fertility vitamins and a healthy life style.

Make sure to avoid alcohol, cigarette smoking, coffee and junk food as these are major causes of low sperm count and poor egg quality.

I hope this helps you.

Fertility Blessings!

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Pregnancy and sterilization
by: gp

Hi. I'm 33 years, old had sterilized 7 years ago, is it possible for me to have a child.


Hi GP,

You can talk to your doctor about the possibility of having a tubal ligation surgery to reverse your sterilization. Most wost women are successful in doing this. The pregnancy success rage in your age group can be high (about 75%). The mjour issue with tubal ligation surgery is scar tissue formation that can increase the risk of tubal pregnancy. This can be helped naturally by taking specific homeopathic remedies like thiosinaminum and silicea and supplemnting with Wobenzym,a sepecial blend of enzymes known to help helps reduce scar tissue deposits.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

Want to have a tubal ligation reversal at age 40
by: Anonymous

Im 40 and had a ligation 15 years ago. Can I have a reversal done now or is it to late. And is there anywhere in durban thats does the procedure.


Tubal ligation reversal surgery works best in women yourger than 40. A woman who is over 40 may have other fertility issues like poor egg quality. This can be assessed before doing the reversal surgery.

If you have goo ovarian function, you have a good chance of getting pregnant after doing this type of surgery.

Even if you had a tubal ligation many years ago, at least one of your tubes can be repaired.

In general, a woman is a good candidate for a tubal ligation reversal surgery if her tubes are at least three to four inches long following reversal surgery.

The succes rate of tubal ligation surgery is about 70% if you are in your 30s and 50% if you are over 40 years old.

The tubal ligation reversal specialist will will be able to tell you because it depends on the state of your tubes right now and what type of procedure was done at the time. In fact, there are many types of perocedure. Your tubes could have been cut, tied, or clamped.

Many Blessings!

Pregnant after sterilization
by: Anonymous

I am a 29 year old lady with three kids. Got sterilized after my 3rd baby in 2010.

I got shocked when I find out that I am pregnant again. I am shocked and don't know how to go about it. What do I do?


It is rare, but possible that tubal ligation fails, that's why you got pregnant. The failure rate is about two every thousand.

Having a pregnancy after tubal ligation puts you at risk of ectopic pregnancy called tubal pregnancy. I would recommend seeing your doctor as soon as possible.

The typical symptoms of tubal pregnancy are pain on the lower abdomen, most often on one side, spotting after missing the menses. You may also feel faint and dizzy.

You can have a very healthy pregnancy and baby.

Tubal ligation is 99% effective in the first year following the procedure. Studies show that the risk of failure increases with time. The failure also depends on the type of method used during tubal ligation surgery.

Many women who are sure that will never get pregnant find themselves in shock when they find out to be pregnant after tubal ligation. But I am sure that once you get over the shock, you will realize how lucky you are to be pregnant.

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